A Hero is Born
was an official contest, created by Ironhide Game Studio with the goal of creating a hero based on a series of choices made exclusively by fans of the game.

The process of creation took place over several weeks where each stage of the hero was decided on by use of polls. Aside from the developers writing the poll fields themselves (with many of the entries being based on suggestions from members of the forums), they had no other influence on the voting, leaving it up to the fans to pick which option they most wanted to win. Ater voting, fans were encouraged to discuss the poll on the Ironhide Community Forums.

When the voting came to an end, the Hero would be developed and released for free in a future update of Kingdom Rush: Origins.

Every Legend has an OriginEdit

Stage 1 - Our hero will be...Edit

Poll started - February 6th 2015

Options Votes Percentage
Humanoid (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Orc... anything human like) 1581 28%
Creature (Minotaur, Medusa, Sphinx, Troll, Giant, Alien... you get the idea) 2006 36%
Construct (Golem, Robot, Elemental, Siege Weapon... if you build it, it will fight) 1918 35%

Poll finished - February 10th 2015

Stage 2 - Our Creature hero will be...Edit

Poll started - February 10th 2015

Options Votes Percentage
Gargoyle (Comes to life at night to party…and fights evil) 251 6%
Giant (Small brain and big brawn) 164 4%
Werebeast (Now in two flavors! Werewolf or Werebear) 635 15%
Gorgon (Snake haired and with a really bad temper) 236 6%
Sphinx (Loves deadly riddles and it’s not afraid of bats) 348 8%
Unicorn (Rainbows are sold separately!) 634 15%
Gryphon (Fly like an eagle, sting like a Fireball) 350 8%
Centaur (Half animal, half dude, pure awesomeness) 407 10%
Giant Insectoid (It will definitely ruin your picnic) 394 10%
Demon (Sometimes it's good to be bad!) 687 17%

Poll finished - February 13th 2015

Stage 3 - Our Demon hero will be a...Edit

Poll started - February 13th 2015

Options Votes Percentage
Fallen Angel (A divine champion fallen from grace.) 860 35%
Outworlder (From the depths of the abyss. Lovecraft Style!) 426 17%
Yōkai Oni (Ancient warrior demon from distant lands!) 315 13%
Asura Demon (Six arms, snake body, and a penchant for chaos) 264 11%
Infernal Legion (All flames. All horns. All attitude) 207 8%
Imp (Mischievous and small. A deadly prankster!) 129 5%
Succubus/Incubus (Temping enemies and claiming their souls!) 257 10%

Poll finished - February 17th 2015

Stage 4 - Our Hero will be a...Edit

Poll started - February 17th 2015

Options Votes Percentage
Female Fallen Angel 1693 56%
Male Fallen Angel 1312 43%

And prefers to Fight...Edit

Options Votes Percentage
Face to Face! (A pure melee Hero) 559 19%
From a distance! (A pure ranged Hero) 618 20%
Combining both melee and ranged! (A hybrid Hero) 1834 61%

Poll finished - February 20th 2015

Stage 5 - Our Fallen Angel uses...Edit

Poll started - 24th February 2015

Her combined ranged and melee skills to...Edit

Options Votes Percentage
Hold the Line (Good at blocking enemy units) 717 43%
Vanquish her enemies (Good at dealing damage to enemy units) 1586 56%
Control the Battlefield (Good at giving the advantage to your Towers and Units) 605 43%

Her melee Weapon of choice is...Edit

Options Votes Percentage
A Spear 532 18%
A Scythe 1504 52%
A Longsword 548 19%
A Warhammer 324 11%

And for Ranged Attacks she uses...Edit

Options Votes Percentage
Metal Feathers (Sharp like daggers) 634 22%
Unholy Blasts (A pure magical attack) 634 22%
Javelins of Light (A fast magical attack) 762 26%
Chains of Judgement (A devastating short ranged attack) 878 30%

Poll finished - 27th February 2015

Stage 6 - Our Fallen Angel has…Edit

Poll started - 27th February 2015

Joined the fight because…Edit

Options Votes Percentage
She is seeking redemption (Sometimes a great sin can be atoned through a great sacrifice) 1058 41%
She will destroy evil no matter the cost (Renegades fight by their own rules) 802 31%
She craves for the ultimate source of power (A dark path can sometimes lead to victory) 748 29%

And she will not stop until…Edit

Options Votes Percentage
The realm of mortals is safe once more (A selfless character) 676 26%
All darkness is obliterated from the land (A unmerciful character) 1308 50%
She gets exactly what she wants (A selfish character) 624 24%

Poll finished - 11th March 2015

The Stage 6 poll ran longer than the others due to the Ironhide team attending a Games Conference.

Stage 7 - Our Fallen Angel has...Edit

Poll started - 13th March 2015

A single target damage skill named…Edit

Options Votes Percentage
Reaper's Harvest (Massive Scythe attack. It has a chance to instakill) 1321 57%
Gaze of Judgement (Sets an enemy unit on fire suppressing their skills) 340 15%
Verdict of Doom (Unholy ranged attack with her chains and the Scythe) 652 28%

And it also uses a tactical skill named…Edit

Options Votes Percentage
Imprisonment (The chain captures an enemy and brings it back) 466 20%
Soul Eater (Eats the soul of a slain enemy to increase her damage temporarily) 1127 49%
Dark Miracle (Revives fallen allies with weaker stats for a few seconds) 617 27%

Poll finished - 17th March 2015

Stage 8 - Our Fallen Angel has...Edit

Poll started - 17th March 2015

An area damage skill named...Edit

Options Votes Percentage
Death Grasp (Hands rise from the ground, grappling and slowing enemies) 607 26%
Chained Fate (A chain attack that damages all nearby enemies) 736 32%
Infernal Wheel (A hellfire ring that burn all enemies that dare cross it) 935 40%

And it also has a passive skill named...Edit

Options Votes Percentage
Resurrection (The Hero has a chance of coming back to life when slain) 943 41%
Redemption (The Hero creates a deadly shockwave when slain) 872 38%
Defiance (The Hero has a chance to block melee attacks) 459 20%

Poll finished - 20th March 2015

Stage 9 - Our Fallen Angel has...Edit

Poll started - 20th March 2015

A unique Hero Skill named...Edit

Options Votes Percentage
Chained Punishment (Traps enemies. The more targets, the greater the damage) 522 23%
Heavenly Chaos (Summons a host of warrior angels or a Rain of infernal flames) 1353 60%
Shared Fate (Deals heavy damage to all enemies of the same type) 366 16%

Poll finished - 27th March 2013

Stage 10 - Time to choose the Visual Concept for our Fallen Angel...Edit

Poll started - 27th March 2013

Concept Options Votes Percentage
AHIB Concept 1
Horns, raven like wings and evil looking scythe 954 28%
AHIB Concept 2
One winged, holy mask, sceptre looking scythe 533 15%
AHIB Concept 3
Dark and faceless, demon wing, vicious looking scythe 1963 57%

Poll ended - 31st March 2015

Stage 11 - Our Fallen Angel's name will be...Edit

Poll started - 31st March 2015

Options Votes Percentage
Achera 340 12%
Lilith 837 29%
Rybyel 193 7%
Dirakiel 232 8%
Azzael 756 26%
Galya 261 9%
Shahar 173 6%
Lahash 119 4%

Poll ended - 6th April 2015

A Hero is BornEdit

HeroProfile Lilith
Lilith the finished hero created from the contest was released with the Twilight Invasion update of Kingdom Rush: Origins on June 24th 2015.
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