This page contains a list of achievements in Kingdom Rush.

Kingdom RushEdit

Achievement First Blood FIRST BLOOD Kill one enemy.

Achievement Daring DARING Call 10 early waves.

Achievement Constructor CONSTRUCTOR Build 30 towers.

Achievement Bloodlust BLOODLUST Kill 500 enemies.

Achievement Armaggedon ARMAGEDDON Use Rain of Fire 5 times in a single stage.

Achievement Home Improvement HOME IMPROVEMENT Upgrade all basic tower types to level 3.

Achievement Starry STARRY Earn 15 stars.

Achievement Whats That WHAT'S THAT? Open 5 enemy information cards.

Achievement Supermario SUPERMARIO Earn 30 stars.

Achievement Nuts and Bolts NUTS AND BOLTS Defeat The Juggernaut.

Achievement Engineer ENGINEER Build 100 towers.

Achievement Is He Dead Yeti IS HE DEAD YETI Defeat J.T.

Achievement Slayer SLAYER Kill 2500 enemies.

Achievement Death from Above DEATH FROM ABOVE Kill 100 enemies with Meteor Shower.

Achievement Tactician TACTICIAN Change soldiers rally point 200 times.

Achievement Superstar SUPERSTAR Earn 45 stars.

Achievement the Architect THE ARCHITECT Build 150 towers.

Achievement This is the End! THIS IS THE END! Defeat Vez'nan.

Achievement Terminator TERMINATOR Kill 10,000 enemies.

Achievement Die Hard DIE HARD Have your soldiers regenerate a total of 50,000 life.

Achievement G.I Joe G.I JOE Train 1,000 soldiers.

Achievement Cannon Fodder CANNON FODDER Send 1,000 soldiers to their deaths.

Achievement Fearless FEARLESS Call all waves early in a single mission.

Achievement Real Estate REAL ESTATE Sell 30 towers.

Achievement Indecisive INDECISIVE Sell 5 towers in a single mission.

Achievement Impatient IMPATIENT Call an early wave within 3 seconds of the icon showing up.

Achievement Forest Diplomacy FOREST DIPLOMACY Recruit max elves at The Silveroak Outpost.

Achievement Like a Henderson LIKE A HENDERSON Free the Sasquatch on the Icewind Pass.

Sunray psicon SUNBURNER! Fire the Sunray 20 times. This is only available on the Flash and Steam versions of Kingdom Rush

Achievement Imperial Saviour IMPERIAL SAVIOUR Complete The Citadel with at least 3 surviving Imperial Guards.

Achievement Specialist SPECIALIST Build all 8 tower specializations.

Achievement 50 Shots 50 Kills 50 SHOTS 50 KILLS Snipe 50 enemies.

Achievement Toxicity TOXICITY Kill 50 enemies by poison damage.

Achievement Entangled ENTANGLED Hold 500 or more enemies with Wrath of the Forest.

Achievement Dust to Dust DUST TO DUST Disintegrate 50 or more enemies.

Achievement Beam Me Up Scotty BEAM ME UP SCOTTY Teleport 250 or more enemies.

Achievement Shepherd SHEPHERD Polymorph 50 Enemies into sheeps [sic].

Achievement Elementalist ELEMENTALIST Summon 5 rock elementals in any one stage.

Achievement Axe Rain AXE RAIN! Throw 500 or more axes!

Achievement Are You Not Entertained ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? Have a single Barbarian kill 10 enemies.

Achievement Medic MEDIC! Have your Paladins heal a total of 7000 life.

Achievement Holy Chorus HOLY CHORUS Have your Paladins perform 100 Holy Strike.

Achievement Rocketeer ROCKETEER Shoot 100 Missiles.

Achievement Clustered CLUSTERED Drop 1000 or more bomblets with the cluster bomb.

Achievement Energy Network ENERGY NETWORK Build 4 Tesla towers in any stage.

Achievement ACDC AC/DC Kill 300 enemies with electricity .

Achievement Ovinophobia OVINOPHOBIA Kill 10 or more Sheep with your hands!

Achievement Twin Rivers Angler TWIN RIVERS ANGLER Catch a Fish.

Achievement Great Defender GREAT DEFENDER Complete all Campaign stages in Normal difficulty.

Achievement Heroic Defender HEROIC DEFENDER Complete all Heroic stages in Normal difficulty.

Achievement Iron Defender IRON DEFENDER Complete all Iron stages in Normal difficulty.

Ach SuprDefend SUPREME DEFENDER Complete the campaign in Veteran mode.

FreefredoFREE FREDO Help Fredo escape.

Arachno ARACHNOPHOBIA Defeat Sarelgaz and her minions.

Orcsmustdie ORCS MUST DIE Defeat Gul'Thak and his minions.

Lumberjack LUMBERJACK Defeat Greenmuck and his minions.

Champion of Linirea CHAMPION OF LINIREA Train a hero up to level 5.

10 LEGEND OF LINIREA Train a hero up to max level.

I am the law I AM THE LAW Do not let The Kingpin escape.

Coolrunning COOLRUNNING Defeat 10 Troll Pathfinders while they're treading on ice.

Scrat's Meal SCRAT'S MEAL Find the elusive acorn!

Plants vs Trolls PLANTS VS TROLLS Find the 5 legendary lost Ice-shrooms.

Don't Feed the Troll DON'T FEED THE TROLL Defeat Ulguk-Hai the Troll Warlord.

1We dine in hell WE DINE IN HELL! Have your soldiers survive the explosions of 300 demons .

2Army of One ARMY OF ONE Defeat 9 legions before they replicate

3Hell-O HELL-O! Defeat Moloch the Demon Overlord.

Spore SPORE Kill 25 Shrooms without them poisoning your soldiers.

Stillcounts STILL COUNTS AS ONE Have your elves deal 10000 points of damage.

Shupermush SUPER MUSHROOM Defeat Myconid, the Rotten Fungus.

Stm Ach Cowabunga COWABUNGA Find the Ninja Master Rat.

Stm Ach Nevermore NEVERMORE Capture the attention of the mysterious crow.

Stm Ach Ratatouille RATATOUILLE Kill 15 Wererats before they sicken any solider.

Stm Ach Nessie NESSIE Discover the hidden monster under water.

Stm Ach GameofCrowns GAME OF CROWNS Defeat Lord Blackburn and preserve peace between realms!

Achievement Solutions

Self explanatory achievements have been omitted from this list, unless the circumstances of receiving them are more difficult than usual

    • The waterway of Twin Rivers has fish leap out at various spot. Tap it when one emerges.
    • Fredo is bundled up in web at the cave mouth of Sarelgaz's Lair. Tap until he falls down.
    • In Glacial Heights, next to the exit is an acorn trapped in ice. Tap the acorn until it breaks free.
    • In Ha'Kraj Plateau there are five crystalline mushrooms hidden in the level. Tap them all.
    • In Rotwick, near the top eft corner is a manhole cover with a slice of pizza beside it. Tap the pizza.
    • In Ancient Necropolis; beneath the crypt with the glow inside; is a black bird sitting on a gravestone. Tap the bird.
    • In Nightfang Swale, bubbles appear in three spots in the water. Tap one of these when they appear.

Kingdom Rush: FrontiersEdit

Achievement First BloodFIRST BLOOD Kill one enemy.

2AND SO IT BEGINS Complete stage 1.

3LAND OWNER Build on all holders on any given campaign stage.

Achievement DaringDARING Call 10 early waves.

5GENIE IN A BOTTLE Defeat Nazeru, the red efreeti.

6BIRTH OF A HERO Level up any hero .

Achievement ConstructorCONSTRUCTOR Build 30 towers.

Achievement BloodlustBLOODLUST Kill 500 enemies.

Achievement ArmaggedonARMAGEDDON Use Rain of Fire 5 times in a single stage.

Achievement Home ImprovementHOME IMPROVEMENT Upgrade all basic tower types to level 3.

Achievement StarrySTARRY Earn 15 Stars.

Achievement Whats ThatWHAT'S THAT? Open 10 enemy information cards.

Achievement FearlessFEARLESS Call all waves early in a single mission.

Achievement SupermarioSUPERMARIO Earn 30 stars.

Achievement EngineerENGINEER Build 100 towers.

Achievement SlayerSLAYER Kill 2500 enemies.

Achievement Death from AboveDEATH FROM ABOVE Kill 100 enemies with Meteor Shower.

Achievement TacticianTACTICIAN Change soldiers rally point 200 times.

Achievement SuperstarSUPERSTAR Earn 45 stars.

Achievement the ArchitectTHE ARCHITECT Build 150 towers.

22KONGICIDE Defeat Quincon, the Jungle King.

Achievement TerminatorTERMINATOR Kill 10,000 enemies.

Achievement Die HardDIE HARD Have your soldiers regenerate a total of 50,000 life.

Achievement G.I JoeG.I JOE Train 1,000 soldiers.

Achievement Cannon FodderCANNON FODDER Send 1,000 soldiers to their deaths.

Achievement SpecialistSPECIALIST Build all 8 tower specialisations.

28DIVIDE AND CONQUER Build a specialist tower of each type on any stage.

You shall notYOU SHALL NOT PASS! Defeat the Dark Lord and save the realm.

FroggyONE FROGGY EVENING Find the singing frog.

BantaORGANIC IMPULSE Make a Desert Bantah move.

4MUA'DIB Complete stage 4 without losing any soldiers to the Sand Worm.

MoneytalksMONEY TALKS Hire 10 or more mercenaries.

StuffoSTUFF 'O' MAKER Have a genie polymorph 10 enemies.

7THE BLACK PEARL Kill 30 enemies with the pirate ship cannons.

8SPLASH Find a mermaid.

9MUMMY AT THE GATES Kill a Sand Wraith before it summons any Fallen.

TwnShTWIST AND SHOUT Have the Spear Maidens perform 50 whirlwinds.

11SOS TO THE WORLD Find the secret message.

12FEED ME, SEYMOUR Feed over 50 creatures to the Snapvines.

13SAVE THE PRINCESS! Save a captive princess.

14ONE *UGLY* $%@# Find all 3 alien hunters.

1LandLAND MANAGER Clean debris from 10 holders.

2ColonialCOLONIAL MARINE Kill 30 Parasytes or Reapers.

3WalkingTHE WALKING DEAD Kill 100 Savage Zombies.

4WilhelmIS THAT WILHELM? Defeat 10 climbing enemies.

5HenryDR. HENRY WALTON Help Indiana find the secret passage .

6AliALI BABA Have your assassins steal 10000 gold.

7DodgeDODGE THIS! Have your assassins dodge 1000 attacks.

8HawkHAWKEYE Apply one Falconer bonus to 4 towers.

9SpearsBOLT OUT THE SUN Have the Crossbow Forts shoot 10000 bolts.

10BelowDEATH FROM BELOW Kill 100 enemies with the drill.

11BBQPOPULAR BBQ Set 20 enemies on fire at the same time.

12FujitaFUJITA #5 Pick up 500 enemies with the Twister spell.

13ChargeOVERCHARGED Deal over 30000 damage with Critical Mass explosions.

HighHIGHLANDER Have one templar revive 5 times a row.

BleedLET IT BLEED! Kill 100 enemies by letting them bleed to death.

1sielnceSILENCE PLEASE! Silence 70 spellcasters with the Spirit Totem.

2cullCULL THE WEAK Weaken 100 enemies with the Totem of Weakness.

3nceroNECROPOLIS Have 20 skeleton minions active at the same time.

4grimGRIM REAPER Have your Death Knights claim 99 lives.

5mechaMECHWARRIOR Build 3 mechas on any one stage.

6primeOPTIMUS PRIME Have your Mechas defeat 500 enemies.

Champion of LinireaHERO OF THE DAY Level up any hero to level 5.

10LEGEND (WAIT FOR IT) DARY Level up any hero to max level.

9sandSAND WARRIOR Complete a desert stage without the hero dying.

10tarzanTARZAN BOY Complete a jungle stage without the hero dying.

11caveCAVEMAN Complete an underground stage without the hero dying.

12navyIN THE NAVY Sink 5 enemy Gunboats.

13stormPERFECT STORM Kill 3 Bluegales while under a storm.

1JawsJAWS Kill 20 Sharks before they reach the shore.

2WaterworldWATERWORLD Kill 50 swimming enemies.

3SquidSQUID IN ITS INK Defeat Leviathan, the Underwater God.

4MoonwalkerMOONWALKER Survive 13 full moons without losing a single life.

ZomwalkZOMBIE WALK Destroy 100 zombies under a full moon.

5GhostsGHOSTBUSTERS Complete the Desecrated Grove without any ghosts escaping.

6ISeeDeadI SEE DEAD PEOPLE Defeat 6 Phantom Warriors before they harm any soldier with their aura of death.

7DeadLoveDEAD AND LOVING IT Defeat Vasile, the Everlasting Prince

KombatYOU'VE FOUND ME Find the hidden mortal reptilian combatant .

OakenOAKENSHIELD Have a single dwarf soldier heal a total of 500 life.

LizardkingI'M THE LIZARD KING Defeat Xyzzy, the Saurian King.

Ach YouApesCOME ON YOU APES! Survive 30 waves in the Temple of Evil.

Ach PieceofmeWANT A PIECE OF ME? Kill 300 aliens in the Temple of Evil.

Achievement Great DefenderGREAT DEFENDER Complete all Campaign stages in Normal difficulty.

Achievement Heroic DefenderHEROIC DEFENDER Complete all Heroic stages in Normal difficulty.

Achievement Iron DefenderIRON DEFENDER Complete all Iron stages in Normal difficulty.

Ach SuprDefendSUPREME DEFENDER Complete the campaign in Veteran mode.

Achievement Solutions

Self-explanatory achievements have been omitted from this list unless the circumstances of receiving them are more difficult than usual

    • By the oasis of Sape Oasis, a small miserable frog will appear. Tap him for a short song and dance.
    • Sape Oasis is home to two Bantahs. Tap one repeatedly to make it move.
    • Play Dunes of Despair and avoid the Sand Worm. Play with music off and effects on full, so you can hear the pre-emptive rumble of the worm and move your troops away from it. Avoid using Reinforcements as you will not be able to move them if they are in the catchment area.
    • Besides the Pirate's Ship in Buccaneer's Den, a Mermaid will appear. Tap her before she escapes.
    • A bottle will float down the river of Snapvine Bridge. Tap it before it is carried away.
    • A Savage Brute will emerge from a hut in the corner of Ma'qwa Urqu. He carries a captive towards the volcano. Defeat him before he reaches the main bridge to save the princess.
    • Spend gold to clear Overgrowth in the Jungle levels, or Rubble in the cave levels.
    • In Temple of Saqra, a fanfare will announce the arrival of Indiana on the right-hand side of the temple. Tap the symbols below him in the order 2-1-3 (center, left, right) to open the secret passage. An incorrect answer will spawn Parasytes.
    • Well hidden in Darklight Depths, near the east most torch, is your quarry. Tap him.

Kingdom Rush: OriginsEdit

OrAchP1 1Party GET THE PARTY STARTED Win stage 1 with 3 stars.

OrAchP1 2Gnoll GNOLLBUSTER Defeat 900 gnolls.

OrAchP1 3Shez SHENZI, BANZAI & ED End stage 3 without scaring more than 3 hyenas.

OrAchP1 4Dwarf DWARF FALLS Save 13 barrelled dwarves.

OrAchP1 5Tail BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR Don't let the hero die against an Ettin on Stage 4.

OrAchP1 6George GEORGE FALL Find George!

OrAchP1 7Sciss SCISSORFINGER Find the matching bushes.

OrAchP1 8Ace ACE OF SPADES Complete stage 5 without building any barracks.

OrAchP1 9DogF DOGFIGHT ACE Have your Gryphon Riders defeat 25 Perythons.

OrAchP1 10Magic GATHERING THE MAGIC Defeat 80 enemies with the Magic Blossoms.

OrAchP1 11Rabbit FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT Scare 11 idle white rabbits!

OrAchP1 12Srs WHY SO SERIOUS? Defeat Hi-Hi Enha, the Gnoll Chieftain.

OrAchP1 13ElfWd ROBIN OF ELFWOOD Earn 3 stars on each Elven Woods campaign stage.

OrAchP1 14Starg STARGAZER Earn 15 stars.

OrAchP2 1Peek PEEKABOO Find the three playing friends.

OrAchP2 2Candy CANDY RUSH Save Hans and Ethel.

OrAchP2 3FeeFi FEE-FI-FO-FUM! Grow the beanstalk to the clouds!

OrAchP2 4JurLk JURASSIC LAKE Crystallise a single creep for more than 10 seconds.

OrAchP2 5Garg GARGAMEL Squish 10 gnomes!

OrAchP2 6Shroom SHROOM SAYS Complete a 9 tap challenge of the Shroom Game.

OrAchP2 7Gloom GLOOMICIDE Defeat 100 gloomies before they duplicate.

OrAchP2 8KillTm KILLER TOMATOES! Defeat 500 enemies with the Venom Vines.

OrAchP2 9GrdSng GARDEN SONG Activate 50 magical plants.

OrAchP2 10Vorpal VORPAL BLADE Defeat 5 Bandersnatchs only by dealing them damage.

OrAchP2 11RedWr I MEANT THE RED WIRE Have your soldiers avoid 50 blasting spell explosions.

OrAchP2 12Pix PIXIEBELL Earn 3 stars on each Faery Grove campaign stage.

OrAchP2 13GoThr GAME OF THRONES Defeat Malicia!

OrAchP2 14Stard STARDUST Earn 30 stars.

OrAchP3 1MoveIt I LIKE TO MOVE IT Entertain the funny lemur.

OrAchP3 2MrPig CALL ME MR. PIG Make the Razorboars trample and kill 20 enemies.

OrAchP3 3SorAp SORCERER'S APPRENTICE Find the three apprentice relics!

OrAchP3 4DnD D&D Have Beresad and Ashbite defeat 100 enemies.

OrAchP3 5Trap IT'S A TRAP! Prevent Mactans from webbing at least 8 towers.

OrAchP3 6Bros BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER Have your Renegades defeat 50 twilight elves.

OrAchP3 7Wint WINTER IS COMING Freeze 100 enemies with the Sorcerer's Stones.

OrAchP3 8Bigg THE BIGGER THEY ARE... Defeat 7 Twilight Golems before they walk past half the stage.

OrAchP3 9Splen CITY OF SPLENDORS Earn 3 stars on each Ancient City campaign stage.

OrAchP3 10Champ WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS Defeat the Spider Goddess!

OrAchP3 11RockSt ROCKSTAR Earn 50 stars.

OrAchP3 12Starc STARCRAFT Earn all stars.

OrAchP3 13ArtoW THE ART OF WAR Read all tip cards.

OrAchP3 14SimC SIMCITY Build a level 4 tower on every Strategic Point of a stage.

OrAchP4 1GrnAr GREEN ARROW Defeat 500 enemies with reinforcements' projectiles.

OrAchP4 2WarCh WAR NEVER CHANGES Have 1500 of your own soldiers defeated in battle.

OrAchP4 3Ding DING! DING! DING! Raise all 3 basic heroes to level 10.

OrAchP4 4Bone THE BONE COLLECTOR Collect 100000 gold from defeated enemies.

OrAchP4 5TorD TRUTH OR DARE Call 13 or more early waves on any given stage.

OrAchP4 6OnlyC ONLY COUNTS AS ONE Defeat 10 enemies with a single Thunderbolt.

OrAchP4 7Giga 1.21 GIGAWATTS! Cast 1210 Thunderbolts.

OrAchP4 8Hero I NEED A HERO Complete 3 stages without the hero dying.

OrAchP4 9NotTdy NOT TODAY! Complete 7 stages without the hero dying.

OrAchP4 10Tribt I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE Deploy 500 or more reinforcements into battle.

OrAchP4 11Footl FOOTLOOSE Perfect Parry for a total of 1000 damage.

OrAchP4 12Taurl TAURIEL APPRENTICE Make 600 Blade Dance moves.

OrAchP4 13Plant 1, 2, 3... PLANT! Grow 100 barbed vines!

OrAchP4 14Kingsf KINGSFOIL LEAVES Give regeneration 25 times to the same soldier.

OrAchP5 1Rambo RAMBO STYLE Defeat 50 flying enemies with Burst Arrows.

OrAchP5 2Lull LULLABY! Defeat 50 sleeping enemies.

OrAchP5 3Phant PHANTOM ZONED Keep enemies out of time for a total of 1000 seconds.

OrAchP5 4RedFv RED FIVE Complete any stage with 5 active Arcane Sentinels.

OrAchP5 5Kindof IT'S A KIND OF MAGIC Defeat 50 enemies with Eldritch Doom explosions.

OrAchP5 6Count COUNTER MASTER Defeat 250 silenced enemies.

OrAchP5 7Valar VALAR MORGHULIS Mark a total of 5 targets simultaneously.

OrAchP5 8Killtc KILLTACULAR! Crimson Sentence 10 enemies in a single wave.

OrAchP5 9Beorn BEORNINGS Have 8 or more Runed Bears in any single stage.

OrAchP5 10PnGn NO PAIN, NO GAIN Deal over 100000 damage with Sylvan Curse.

OrAchP5 11Heavy HEAVYWEIGHT CLASS Stun 10 or more enemies with a single clobber.

OrAchP5 12WildF WILDFIRE HARVEST Throw 1000 burning nuts.

OrAchP6 3HoldLine HOLD THE LINE! Survive 10 waves in Valor's Rest.

OrAchP6 4Notyet NOT YET... NOT YET... Survive 20 waves in Valor's Rest.

OrAchP6 5NeverTell NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS Survive 30 waves in Valor's Rest.

OrAch ComeGet COME AND GET THEM! Kill a total of 10000 enemies in Valor's Rest.

OrAchP6 7WithShield WITH YOUR SHIELD OR ON IT Have 300 soldiers die in a single Valor's Rest run.

Ach SYGrndSTAND YOUR GROUND! Survive 20 waves of the Twilight Invasion.

Ach RSunRA RED SUN RISES Survive 40 waves of the Twilight Invasion.

Ach DCountTHAT DOESN'T COUNT! Kill 43 Twilight Brutes.

OrAch Gnollum GNOLLUM Defeat 100 Bloodsydian Gnolls.

OrAch MItHew MITCHELL-HEDGES Collect the 3 strange skulls.

OrAch Malik MALIK UNCHAINED Help Malik escape.

OrAch WilE WILE E. Help Wile E. capture the elusive bird.

OrAch Behead OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Defeat Bram the Beheader.

Ach PestControl PEST CONTROL Kill 100 Mounted Avengers.

Ach Nimloth NIMLOTH THE FAIR Stun 200 enemies with the white tree's power.

Ach BagRice MY LORD BAG OF RICE Defeat Baj'Nimen the hateful warlord.

Ach BanSaga THE BANNER SAGA Have Bolverk kill 100 enemies

Ach PickofD THE PICK OF DESTINY Defeat Godieth the Dark Balrog

OrAchP5 13GDefn GREAT DEFENDER Complete the Campaign on Normal difficulty.

OrAchP5 14Heroc HEROIC RUSH Complete all Heroic Challenges.

OrAchP6 1Iron IRON RUSH Complete all Iron Challenges.

OrAchP6 2Suprm SUPREME DEFENDER Complete the Campaign on Veteran difficulty.

PeerlessDefPEERLESS DEFENDER Complete the Campaign on Impossible difficulty. (Steam version only)

Achievement Solutions

Self explanatory achievements have been omitted from this list, unless the circumstances of receiving them are more difficult than usual

    • Keep your Hero away from the Ettins, or come back to the level when your Hero is at a higher level.
    • In the top right of the screen a thin vine is draped across the corner. Tap it a few times for George to swing into the tree (ouch).
    • There are three hedges in the garden portraying gaming characters. Tap on them until they all appear as a T-Rex. On the Steam version, the bushes are random. The mutual type changes each time the level is started, therefore the player has to experiment a bit.
    • The row of houses in the bottom right corner of Grimmsburg is home to three fairytale friends. The Big Bad Wolf, Red Riding Hood and a Little Pig. When they appear, tap them. You need all three in one play of the level.
    • Tap the candy house in Grimmsburg an a witch will come out. Tap the witch repeatedly to kill her. If she goes back inside, just tap to bring her out again. When she disintegrates, Hans and Ethel will be free.
    • In the top left corner of Grimmsburg is a small plant in an open space. Tap it a few times to grow it up and off the top of the screen. A chest for 150 gold will fall down as an extra reward.
    • Minding their own business around the edges of Neverwonder are tiny purple gnomes. Tap them to make them vanish. If you run out before the achievement is awarded, don't worry, as they will come back after a short time.
    • Play the Shroom Game 9 times in a row without losing. You can only play after the first wave has been called. Come back to this level after you have a high level hero and lots of Upgrades so you can build a sufficient defense, allowing you to play the game without being distracted.
    • In the space between the ruins at the bottom of the map, a number of vines stretch across the sky. Every so often a funny lemur will wander across. Tap him once for him to stand up and dance away.
    • Use Teleport Scrolls to shift a Razorboar back behind other enemies. Place Reinforcements just ahead of it to encourage it to run through the enemies. This may take several tries. The Ascent is the best place, as the Razorboar often spawns alongside Sword Spiders
    • Three artifacts can be found in the Arcane Quarters. A blue wizards hat, a mop and a magic book. Tap all three to make them vanish.
    • Group two or more Forest Keepers together and give them all the first stage of Circle of Life. Keep a Hero near them so it is always in range of their healing, and don't let the hero die.
    • Play Mactans' Retreat on Veteran. Defend your exists with high level Barracks, and fill every other spot with a Golden Longbows. Upgrade each with level 2 Hunters Mark. Call waves early, and avoid using Thunderbolt. Do not worry about leaking enemies, unless you are at risk of losing the level before it is up. This may take several tries as it relies on luck, and being near the final waves.
    • Use Teleport Scrolls to shift groups of enemies back along the path so there are several clumped together. The Iron Challenge of The Unseelie Court is also a great place to get the achievement.
    • From the start of wave 2 in Blood Quarry, the enslaved Malik will emerge from the north-east cave alongside two Gnoll Gnawers. Aim a Thunderbolt over them, to allow Malik to break free of his chains, pick up a neat hammer that falls from the skies, and join you in battle.
  • WILE E.
    • Tap the bushes in the middle of the level a few times to coax roadrunner out of the bushes.

Kingdom Rush: VengeanceEdit

VAch Feels FEELS GOOD TO BE BACK (30 gems) Win the first stage with 3 stars.

VAch Baldo FAR OVER THE MISTY MOUNTAINS (30 gems) Help Baldo sneak into the mountain.

VAch Morph MORPHBALL (30 gems) Find all the armadillos

VAch Carts FINAL DESTINATION (30 gems) Destroy 3 mine carts before they reach their destination.

VAch DK MINE CART CARNAGE (30 gems) Help DK through the mines.

VAch Guac GUAC-A-MOLE (30 gems) Get rid of those annoying pests and whack 3 moles.

VAch SurvI NO SURVIVORS I (40 gems) Slay 500 enemies.

VAch Borney BUUURP! (30 gems) Put Borney to sleep.

VAch T800 I'LL BE BACK (30 gems) Melt the T-800

VAch Bollum MY PRECIOUS! (30 gems) Take the ring back from Bollum before it's too late.

VAch Green GO GREEN OR GO HOME (30 gems) Sell 20 towers.

VAch Build WE CAN BUILD IT! (30 gems) Build 80 towers.

VAch Gofast GOTTA GO FAST (30 gems) Call 15 waves early.

VAch Mouser MOUSERTHON (30 gems) Destroy 50 Chompbots.

VAch Touch CAN'T TOUCH THIS (30 gems) Kill 13 Engineers before they can repair a Machine.

VAch Kilts CURSE ME KILTS! (30 gems) Find Scrooge McDuck.

VAch DKPart NO MORE PARTIES IN DK (50 gems) Get 3 Stars in every Stage of the Dwarves Kingdom.

VAch IMan I AM IRON MAN (50 gems) Defeat Bolgur, Lord of the Dwarves.

VAch Tempo NOT MY TEMPO (30 gems) Make the horn whisper a song.

VAch Troll OH MY GOD! (30 gems) Hire 5 Trolls.

VAch Peng YOU DIDN'T SEE NOTHING (30 gems) Find the secret agents.

VAch Olav LET IT GO! (30 gems) Find Olav the magical iceman.

VAch Hodor HOLD THE DOOR (30 gems) Fend off the Draugrs.

VAch Draug MY WATCH BEGINS (30 gems) Slay 300 Draugrs.

VAch SurvII NO SURVIVORS II (80 gems) Slay 3000 enemies.

VAch Call WE ARE LEGION! (30 gems) Spawn 1,500 Reinforcements

VAch Ice ICE SCULPTOR (30 gems) Break the ice from 25 frozen towers.

VAch Bonhrt ETERNAL BONES (30 gems) Help Bonehart to come back.

VAch Jokull HOW TO TAME YOUR DRAGON (30 gems) Defeat Jokull, mother of Wyverns.

VAch North LORD OF WINTER (30 gems) Get 3 stars in every stage of the Frozen North.

VAch Veruk CHAMPION OF THE ARENA (50 gems) Reach level 10 with Veruk.

VAch Asra MISTRESS OF SHADOWS (50 gems) Reach level 10 with Asra.

VAch Oloch MISCHIEVOUS DEMONS (50 gems) Reach level 10 with Oloch.

VAch Leeroy KILL JOE JENKINS (30 gems) Kill Leeroy Jenkins' brother.

VAch Pumpk SMASHING PUMPKINS (30 gems) Destroy the farmer's crops.

VAch Gommi CORAGEOUS AND CARING (30 gems) Find the Gommi Bears.

VAch Spider BROODMOTHER (30 gems) Spawn 200 Spiderlings .

VAch Lamp JOIN THE DARK SIDE (30 gems) Turn off all the streetlamps.

VAch Root I'M ROOT (30 gems) Find the hidden Root.

VAch Mercs SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE (30 gems) Hire 50 mercenaries.

VAch Denas THE TRUE KING (30 gems) Defeat Denas, King of Linirea.

VAch Kingdom RIGHTFUL OWNER (30 gems) Get 3 stars in every stage of the Kingdom of Linirea.

VAch SurvIII NO SURVIVORS III (120 gems) Slay 10,000 enemies.

VAch Vezn UNLIMITED POWER! (30 gems) Kill 5,000 enemies with Vez'nan's powers.

VAch Crow THEY'RE COMING! (30 gems) Make your crows deal 30,000 total damage.

VAch 666 NUMBER OF THE BEAST (30 gems) Teleport 666 enemies.

VAch Orcs SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE (30 gems) Summon 50 Captain Orcs.

VAch RRide 2FAST 2FURIOUS (30 gems) Launch 500 Nitro powered Rocket Riders.

VAch Exec FEAST ON THIS! (30 gems) Execute 81 enemies with the chainsaw sword.

VAch Presto PRESTO LOGS (30 gems) Use the advanced burning fuel on your furnaces 88 times.

VAch Garg DEFENDERS OF THE NIGHT (30 gems) Summon 13 Gargoyles.

VAch Bees NOT THE BEES! (30 gems) Kill 200 enemies with the bee hives.

VAch Skelt THE SKELETON WAR (30 gems) Spawn 500 skeleton warriors to battle

VAch Harrs ULTRA INSINCT (30 gems) Make Elite Harassers dodge 800 attacks

VAch Struck THUNDERSTRUCK (30 gems) Deal a total of 5000 damage to enemies with the basic attack

VAch Iron IRONBORN (30 gems) Win all the Iron mode challenges

VAch Heroic FROM ZERO TO HERO (30 gems) Win all the Heroic mode challenges

VAch Kermit NONE OF MY BUSINESS (500 gems) Make Kermit take a sip of tea.

VAch Hypno GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD (500 gems) Find the Hypnotoad and obey.

VAch Frogger CROSSY FROGGY (500 gems) Make the frog cross the road.

VAch Muchto MUCH TO LEARN (500 gems) Defeat Polyx the Wise.

VAch Cap FIND CAP (500 gems) Find the First Avenger.

VAch GetAway GET AWAY FROM THAT! (500 gems) Find out why the dog is barking.

VAch SkiFree SKI FREE (500 gems) Help the yeti have a decent meal.

VAch MoreLegend MORE THAN A LEGEND (500 gems) Defeat The Winter Queen of the Frozen North.

VAch Slender TOO LATE? (500 gems) Find Slenderman, the old-fashioned horror creature.

VAch Gillman THE GILL-MAN (500 gems) Sink the girl in the Black Lagoon.

VAch Blackburn BLACKBURN RETURNS (500 gems) Collect the five pieces of Blackburn's Armor.

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