"Like a charm!"

The Adept Tower is the Level 2 version of the basic Mages Guild. Casting enhanced bolts, adepts make short work of armored foes. You can already upgrade your Mage Towers into Adept Towers in Stage 2. The tower is the same in both Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, with only a change in appearance.


"Adepts cast enhanced bolts, tearing through armor, flesh, and bone."

Having passed the initiation rites, adepts are more capable of conjuring orbs of energy which tear through all physical armor. Although the damage of the Adepts is higher than those of the basic Mage, no specific skills have been developed yet. Like the Mage Tower, Adepts are also capable of targeting both air and ground units. Adepts can be upgraded into Wizards in stage 4.

Be wary that while most armored troops will quickly fall beneath the magical rampage, some beasts or soldiers of evil are resistant to magical attacks, limiting the effectiveness of the Adept.



  • After upgrading the Mages guild, the tower damage more than doubles! Thus, when building Mages guilds, upgrading them one level is gold well spent.
  • Try to combine Magic Towers with Barracks soldiers; the soldiers stall the enemies, even fast ones, to buy time for the mage to unleash his barrage.
  • Adept attacks ignore physical armor, dealing full damage to all creatures with no magical resistance.
    • However, a single Adept can still only barely defeat one Brigand in time. Build more towers or upgrade your towers into Wizard towers to deal with greater numbers or foes with more HP.
  • Units with low health which come en masse should not be dealt with by Magic Towers. Use artillery!


  • Just like Mage towers, Adept towers are generally strong against the early tougher creatures with low speed, like Ogres. Since their damage has risen so dramatically, faster enemies with low to mid health (e.g. Orcs, Bandits)  will also not survive the Adept's attack.


  • All creatures with magical armor should be dealt with by other towers. Also, foes with large HP pools or regeneration are relatively unharmed and hordes of creatures are also likely to rip through your magical defenses.

Related upgrades

Kingdom Rush

  • KR Up SpellReach Spell Reach (1 Star): Increases wizard's attack range (by 10%).
  • KR Up ArcShatt Arcane Shatter (1 Star): Magic attacks destroy a potion of enemy physical armor on every hit. (-3 armor level)
  • KR Up Heremtic Hermetic Study (2 Stars): Mage Towers construction and upgrading costs are reduced by 10%.
  • KR Up EmpMagic Empowered Magic (2 Stars): Increases wizard's attack damage. (about 15%) (27-50 damage)
  • KR Up SlowCurse Slow Curse (3 Stars): Magic attacks slow enemies by half their speed for a moment (half a second, Arcane Wizard the whole one-second beam duration. Also disables Rocket Rider Turbo boost).

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

  • Up KRF Rune Rune of Power (1 Star): Increases mages' attack range (by 10%).
  • Up KRF Penetration Spell Penetration (1 Star): Mages' bolts have a chance to ignore magic resistance.
  • Up KRF Eldritch Eldritch Power (2 Stars): Increases mages' attack damage (by 10%). (26-48 damage)
  • Up KRF Academy Wizard Academy (2 Stars): Reduces mages' special abilities costs by 10%.
  • Up KRF Brilliance Brilliance (3 Stars): For every other mage tower built, each mage tower gets a bonus to damage (+5% per tower beyond the first, to a maximum of +30%).


  • "Might and Magic "
  • "Like a charm"
  • "I put a spell on you"