Aiynl Battle
The Invasion begins!

Ainyl, sister of Malicia, is the commander of the Twilight Invasion on the elvish capital of Aredhel.


Ainyl is a dark priestess that will use all of her powers to get the upper hand against you. She taunts the player and has an arsenal of rather annoying abilities to hinder their defenses.

Her first spell is an Energy Shield that surrounds a single enemy, usually at low health. This shield absorbs damage taken, similar to the Demon Lords from the original Kingdom Rush.

Her second ability is a Teleport. For a second, Ainyl's staff will glow and she will raise it up before she slams it on the ground and teleports a group of enemies forward a short distance. This is a very dangerous ability, especially if she uses it on a group that is near or at the player's main choke point.

Finally, she has the ability to disable a random tower for about 15 seconds, much like the Twilight Scourger's Banshee.


Before Wave 1 starts:

  • The invasion begins!
  • ...Muahahahahaha!!!
  • All bow to your new Queen!

During the Endless Mode:

  • The dark times commence!
  • Prepare to say farewell!
  • You can run but you can't hide!
  • Death to all who oppose us!


Notes Edit

  • Her name is pronounced Eye-nil, according to the Ironhide developers.
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