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Anoobis are massive, jackal headed warriors wearing Egyptian style armor and carrying a scythe. They serve as minibosses in the Ruins of Nas'de endless stage in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They have no encyclopedia entry.


Anoobis are massive bipedal jackals wearing armor traditionally seen in ancient Egypt. At least one Anoobis is spawned every tenth wave of the level. As a mini-boss, they are functionally identical to giant enemies and have an area attack, but possess the stats on par with true bosses, are immune to instant kills and most afflictions, and take away 20 lives if leaked.


Wave Count HP
Damage Bounty
10 1 1750 2000/2000 2500 30-70 250
20 2 2630 3000/2000 3750 49-114 350
30 2 5250 6000/3000 7500 80-186 450
40 3 7880 9000/6000 11250 130-303 500
50 3 10442 12000 75-175 500
60 3 27365 31275 150-350 500
70 3 76415 500


  • Heroes with a high damage output are great for lowering their health, but the huge health and damage scaling makes it suicide to block them in later waves. Therefore, it is recommended to use other soldiers to stall them while the melee hero heals.
    • Dante can use guerrilla tactics by constantly shooting the boss, then running far away enough to not get pulled into melee, and resume shooting, allowing him to greatly harm an Anoobis without being hurt himself.
    • Nivus is great at sniping it, but he needs a safe spot to avoid being distracted by other enemies.
    • Karkinos is incredibly useful with his Battle Hardened skill, and his Glue Shot will slow the boss down enough to let him fully heal before going back into combat.
    • Kahz can stand up to him for a long time in melee while dealing high damage to him. Be sure to leave Bull Rush nonupgraded however, otherwise he will rush to other enemies.
    • Starting from wave 30 onwards, avoid sending heroes into melee against them, as they will die within seconds.
  • An Archmage Tower is the most helpful tower against them, especially with both upgrades. Critical Mass lets it deal more damage, and the Twister moves other enemies behind the boss so that other towers will focus on it.



  • Anubis is the Greek name of the jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion.
    • The name Anoobis is a portmanteau of "Anubis" and the word "noob", a slang term referring to a bad or obnoxious player in a video game. There is no clear connection between the two aside from being a pun.

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