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Anurian Erudite are ranine enemies. They are encountered in the Anurian Wetlands, the fourth environment of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, introduced in the Subaquatic Menace Mini-Campaign.


Great and wise, these Anurians need great reserves of magic and sap the power of their apprentices to cast powerful spells.

Huge orange frog-men on floating lilypads, these Anurians are infused with pink crystals and use them to cast spells. Like the Archmage Tower and the Specters Mausoleum, they can store up to three bolts and unleash them on the first troop or hero they encounter for massive damage. Being a magical attack, no armor will protect against this assault. Their moderate HP and high magic resistance means that Mages will be relatively ineffective and Archers should be used instead.

If they are close to Anurian Channeler, their damage will be nearly doubled, allowing them to make very short work of troops and heroes and causing them to leak through fast.


  • Keeping soldiers and Heroes away from their magic attacks is important. Without any magic resistance any blocking unit will be quickly obliterated. They are especially dangerous against troops who rely on armor for survival, namely Gargoyles and Dark Knights.
    • Instead, Barracks and Goonies should be used to keep nearby Anurian Channelers at bay, preventing them from boosting the Erudite's attacks.
    • Jigou can withstand an Erudite's attacks longer than other heroes thanks to his high HP, fast regen and Glacial Form ability. Also, any Hero that can keep a significant distance and use ranged attacks; such as Jun'Pai, Beresad or Doom Tank SG-11; should also be able to deal with them provided they do not get too close.
  • Good thing to note is that Erudites can not unleash their bolts when they are engaged in melee combat. Sending units to fight them melee combat is usually good idea, if player is unable to dodge their atttacks.
  • With good hero/unit micro-managment, their bolts can be also be easily dodged, since their bolts are doing single target attacks.
  • Their high magic resistance and tendency to appear with magic-resistant Anurian Channelers means that most Magic Towers should be avoided.
    • However, this can be alleviated with secondary abilities such as Specters Mausoleum's Possession, which can turn their heavy firepower against their own allies.
  • High level Ranged Towers will make quick work of them or Artillery Towers to target the wider area and hit more than one.
    • Shadow Archers and Bone Flingers with the "Got Milk" upgrade are fast and deal a good amount of damage in a short time, while the Melting Furnace can strike and stun all enemies in range.


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