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KROBastion.png Ready, willing, and able!

Bastions are special towers in Kingdom Rush: Origins in the form of ballistae mounted on Galadrian's Wall.


Two Bastions initially appear in Campaign mode: one is active and fully upgraded, while the other is broken and requires 250 Gold to fix. The first one does not last long, as it is torched by a Gnoll Burner in wave 5, while the other stays during all three modes.

Bastions fire 2 razor stars that spin on the ground for 1 second, hitting enemies that walk over them. This potentially allows them to deal high area damage and clear foes very fast (especially when combined with a Barracks), but the first Bastion's early destruction and the second one's small coverage does limit their usefulness.

Bastions do not have a turret, meaning they can only fire in a fixed direction, though they have a small firing margin so that they can hit enemies more effectively.


Razor Stars[]

Icon Bastion.png Sharper means deadlier.

Sharpened razor stars deal more damage each.

Level Cost Damage per Razor Star
1 200 20-30
2 200 30-40


The intact Bastion is yours for free for the first five waves, during this time it can kill most Gnolls coming from the bottom path; but afterwards it will be inevitably destroyed by a Gnoll Burner. Hence, it can be ignored tactically, as it is gone before the Blood Ogres appear.

The broken Bastion costs 250 gold to repair and can be upgraded twice, so its full cost is 650 gold. It is recommended to repair and upgrade this Bastion early on, so it can help dispatching Gnoll Gnawers and Ettins from the uppermost path. Use your units to stop enemies in its range for the tower to deal huge damage.



  • "Ready, willing, and able!" (built)
  • "Fire for effect!" (Razor Stars)

It is bugged they don't have spoken lines in the iOS version.


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