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DanQZ DanQZ 11 July

why is there a blog section

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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 5 September 2021

The dark tower but it’s a little longer

Vez'nan will start to disable some of your towers starting at Wave 9 at an interval of 16 seconds. The number listed is based on the maximum number of strategic points being used.

After the final wave, Vez'nan will step down from his tower to attack personally. This is not counted as a wave.

Vez'nan will summon enemies out from the circle at an interval of 10 seconds, starting from Wave 6. He will do this up to 3 times per wave.

At Wave 6, Vez'nan will start summoning Demons from one of the three Summoning Circles (never the one closest to the exit). Summoned Demons will grant players gold for killing them, and will be reanimated at the Graveyard.

At Wave 8, Vez'nan will start summoning Demons from the top two Summoning Circles.

At Wave 12, Vez'nan…

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Fuzzo the fuzzy bee Fuzzo the fuzzy bee 3 September 2021

The Dark Tower but it’s a little harder

"Our troops gather around the dread wizard Vez'nan’s tower. It is time for a reckoning... time for the final fray. This is the ultimate battle for our kingdom's safety. Every step has brought us to this moment, and there is no turning back.
Now it's time to show our mettle!"

The Dark Tower is the twelfth stage in Kingdom Rush, and the final one in the main campaign. Beating it unlocks Sarelgaz's Lair, Ruins of Acaroth, Rotten Forest, Hushwood, Glacial Heights, Rotwick, Pit of Fire, and Kingdom Rush.

Upon completion, the end credits will play.

  • Gold 300
  • Strategic Point x5
  • Graveyard
  • Vez'nan

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The Crimson God The Crimson God 7 April 2021

Poll 1

What is your favorite Kingdom Rush game?

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Mewk, spot, and socks Mewk, spot, and socks 30 June 2020

Origins is easy and unbalanced...

I love the KR series, but I can't help feeling sad about Origins. It's got great music, great ideas, and great heroes, but it's just too unbalanced. The mage towers are just about useless compared to the archers, which are OP, due to the wide variety of magic-resistant enemies. 

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Felixrr Felixrr 13 October 2019

Grindy achievements


does anyone here have the Wildfire Harvest and No Pain, No Gain achievements from KRO? If so, how did you get them (level, setup etc.), because I'd love to hear some tips on getting them. Too bad KRO doesn't have a progress counter like Vengeance...

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The samurai oni The samurai oni 21 July 2019


uhh i just wanted to recommend the best heroes of every game , u know just to help out a lil bit. for KR original it would probably be oni , i would recommend him cuz he deals the most damage of all them , is fast , and his attacks deal true damage, he is protected by good armor and has quite a bit of health actually, for kr frontiers , i would recommend sha'tra because he is amazing at dealing damage and destroying entire groups of enemies. for KR origins for me is lynn, she is very very versatile , cursing enemies , dealing true damage , weakening enemies and so on, for KR vengeance ,i still can't decide because there's still 2 more new heroes to be out. so yeah maybe u enjoyed it, peace!

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Digichef Digichef 1 June 2019


Wow, Wiki-ing is hard work!

I noticed just now that when I tried to add a gallery to the Spider Goddess, not every relevant image popped up when I searched "RiftBoss". This seems like it needs fixing, but it is completely beyond my ability. Is it worth a look into?

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Iamveryhappyagain Iamveryhappyagain 24 May 2019

Random blog

I am bored right now, I I will add:


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SeniorWojtasek SeniorWojtasek 17 February 2019

Your favourite bosses ?

I wonder what are your favourite bosses in kingdom rush series ? I personally liked Lord Blackburn, Spider Goddess and Baj'Nimen the hateful the most

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Hmmmmmmmmm2673u373 Hmmmmmmmmm2673u373 28 December 2018


Is interesting how both of the fastest level characters both have there weapons explode does anyone notice it in kingdom rush Origen

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Alex5432000 Alex5432000 26 December 2018

Kingdom Rush

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Gamingandphone Gamingandphone 18 November 2018


  • Kingdom Rush
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers
  • Kingdom Rush Orgins
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance
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Gamingandphone Gamingandphone 18 November 2018

Favorite Towers

  • 1 Archers
  • 2 Barracks
  • 3 Mage
  • 4 Artillery/Stone
  • 5 Opinion

  • Kingdom Rush:Rangers
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers:Crossbow Fort
  • Kingdom Rush Orgins:Golden Longbows
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance:

  • Kingdom Rush:Holly Order
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers:Knight Templar
  • Kingdom Rush Orgins:Forest Keepers
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance:

  • Kingdom Rush:Arcane Wizard
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers:Archmage
  • Kingdom Rush Orgins:Wild Magus
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance:

  • Kingdom Rush:Tesla x104
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers:Battle-Mecha T20
  • Kingdom Rush Orgins:Weirdwood
  • Kingdom Rush Vengeance:

That I is based on my own opinion. You don't have to agree on that. I was just showing you my perspective.

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Gamingandphone Gamingandphone 18 November 2018

I love this wiki

THIS IS SO MUCH A GOOD WIKI. I like it even though I don't edit a lot. I played Kingdom Rush sometimes and I like it. So what you waiting for, join the wiki and be in the comments!

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RaZoRLeAf RaZoRLeAf 30 October 2018

Testing testing.. one two one two...

  • 1 Missing sections from trivia page
  • 2 Research needed
    • 2.1 Mercenary Camp
    • 2.2 SCUMM Bar

  • Unit names reformatted and added to most Barracks towers
  • Boss quotes reformatted and added to most sections, entry missing from Kingdom Rush Origins
  • Better wikipedia/youtube links needed along with correct dates.


  • Alain
  • Andreani
  • Armand
  • Chevalier
  • Jaques
  • Jean Claude
  • Lawrence
  • Philippe
  • Pierre Le Noir
  • Rene


  • Achaiah
  • Damabiah
  • Haziel
  • Iah-Hel
  • Jeliel
  • Khuddam
  • Nith-Haiah
  • Qorrash
  • Sayatin
  • Yerathel

  • Barbarossa
  • Black Bart
  • Calico Jack
  • Davy Jones
  • Guybrush
  • LeChuck
  • Morgan
  • Sparrow
  • Will Turner
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Charmand3r505 Charmand3r505 8 July 2018

Hero Concept-Ezekiel

Ezekiel the Angelic Guardian is a fake hero for the Kingdom Rush series. This is practically an original hero, he has various references to other characters but he is basically my own.

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Skills
    • 2.1 Primary
    • 2.2 Secondary
  • 3 Stats
  • 5 Gallery

Ezekiel is an angel from the heavens, he is here to protect the kingdom and smite evil. He was Lilith's commander before she fell, he is well known throughout heaven.

He is a huge golem-like beast with two wings, he looks like walking armor. He has gold and white or beige. He fights with his fists.


Increases armor and magic resistance by X%, X% chance to grant invulnerability for 4 seconds when low on health.


Reduces respawn time with an X% chance to r…

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Metalmagic03 Metalmagic03 7 July 2018

Kingdom Rush Hearthstone Card Game

Hey, so I've been making a Kingdom Rush Card Game, and the game is basically Hearthstone, but there are a lot more unique stuff about the card game.

If you are interested, we've pretty much added most of the KR and KRF cards as I write this, and I did 1/4 of the KRO cards. So, you acn still contribute!

Here is the card game link:

Here is our discord server:

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Charmand3r505 Charmand3r505 1 July 2018

Hero Concept-Achilles

Achilles the Greatest Warrior is a fake hero for the Kingdom Rush series. This is a concept of what I believe Achilles would be like if he were a hero in Kingdom Rush.

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Skills
    • 2.1 Primary
    • 2.2 Secondary
  • 3 Stats
  • 5 Gallery

Achilles, son of the mortal Peleus and the Nereid Thetis, is the mightiest of the Greeks, famous for his role in the Trojan War, and the hero of Homer's Iliad.

Achilles would look like how he does in the image above. His weapon is a spear made from the ash tree on Mount Pelion and has a golden spear head.

Two of his skills came from IronHide's Clash of the Olympians and the rest were my ideas based on his legends.


Who needs to wear armor when your skin is as strong as steel? Raise Achilles' armo…

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Charmand3r505 Charmand3r505 23 June 2018

Hero Concept-Heracles

Heracles the Lion of Olympus is a fake hero for the Kingdom Rush series. This is a concept of what I believe Heracles would be like if he were a hero in Kingdom Rush.

  • 1 Description
  • 2 Skills
  • 3 Stats
  • 5 Trivia
  • 6 Gallery

The son of Zeus and a mortal woman. A paragon of masculinity, the ancestor of royal clans who claimed to be Heracleide and a champion of the Olympian order against chthonic monsters.

Heracles would look like how he does in the image to the above but would also have the head of the Nemean Lion on his shoulder (the one that isn't holding the log). His weapon would be the giant log/club he is holding.

His skills are based on his Smite moveset but with some modifications so that they fit KR. I chose the Smite moveset because it fits Hera…

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RaZoRLeAf RaZoRLeAf 23 March 2018


  • 4 TOWER
  • 6 Hero at your command!

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Vertroyer Vertroyer 9 July 2017

Hello... (awkwardness intensifies)

I'm new to the wiki, but I've played the KR games since they came out except origins. Anyway, hello, hi, greetings, here's an extra noob for your wiki bois.

Cringy introduction aside, what this blog really is for is sharing something with y'all. I've started writing a series of short stories on Wattpad under the name "Heroes' Beginnings". Not the best name, I know, but I tried >_>

Basically, each supposed "chapter" is actually a whole story for each of KR: Frontiers' heroes. I've finished Alric by now and started working on Mirage. Just wanted to come here and share it with you people, thought it'd be a nice thingie I can do for the KR community. The main purpose of this story series is a tribute to Ironhide Studios for their awesome effort …

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RaZoRLeAf RaZoRLeAf 16 January 2017


  • 1 Kingdom Rush​
    • 1.1 Tower and Level Units
    • 1.2 Reinforcements
    • 1.3 Hero Related

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Violet Dreemurr3 Violet Dreemurr3 19 May 2016

Bugged Achievement "Supreme Defender"

I just finished Kingdom Rush's Campaign on Hard mode and i didn't get the Supreme Defender Achievement.. can anyone help?

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Umarumarumar Umarumarumar 3 December 2015


Bladesinger's have lower stats than a paladin other speed but it also asks for 275g while Paladins ask for 230g. It seems they have dodging chance and attack twice for chances without the upgrade. What do you think

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Umarumarumar Umarumarumar 29 November 2015


About Artilleries /Druids, how do I know how many enemies can each tower effect in the area. Does the given dam in the stats deal each and every enemy that dam. And the area of splash dam a tower can do also depends right.

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RaZoRLeAf RaZoRLeAf 8 August 2015

FrontSlider Archive

  • 1 Levels
  • 2 Heroes
  • 3 Towers
  • 4 Enemies & Bosses
  • 5 Other

  • Twilight Invasion - FocusOn_TwiEndless.png
  • Dwaraman Gates - FocusOn_FTreasures.png
  • Nightfang Swale - FocusOn_Nightfang.png
  • Gray Ravens - FocusOn_GrayRavens.png
  • Vez'nan's Tower - FocusOn_Tutorial.png
  • Subaquatic Menace - FocusOn_SubAqua.png

  • Lilith - FocusOn_Lilith.png
  • Wilbur - FocusOn_Wilbur.png
  • Vez'nan - FocusOn_VeznanHero.png
  • Malik Hammerfury - FocusOn_Malik.png
  • Sha'tra - FocusOn_Shatra.png
  • Elora Wintersong - FocusOn_Elora.png
  • Razz and Rags - FocusOn_RazzRags.png
  • Thor - FocusOn_Thor.png
  • Oloch - FocusOn_Oloch.png
  • Jun'Pai - FocusOn_Junpai.png
  • Murglun - FocusOn_Murglun.png
  • Eiskalt - FocusOn_Eiskalt.png

  • Forest Keepers - FocusOn_FKeeper.png
  • Barbarian Mead Hall - Foc…

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Plasmaster Plasmaster 26 January 2015

A Kingdom Rush Fan-Fic

Hello fellow Wikians and Kingdom Rush enthusiasts! I am Plasmaster, a big fan of the Kingdom Rush series and infrequent editor on the Wiki. I edit mainly on the Nitrome Fan Fiction Wiki, where I write articles about unofficial and imaginary games released by mobile and indie game developer, Nitrome. I really enjoy writing those types of articles as they allow me to come up with new and interesting elements for a game or game series that I really enjoy. I have decided to do this with the Kingdom Rush series as well! So, this blog post will be an expansive database for an unofficial Kingdom Rush game. I already have a plot worked out and will adding tower, map, enemy, and hero information over time, but if you have something you want to add …

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Manijure Manijure 26 November 2014

Enemy Stats

Quick question: how do you create new enemy stats in pages? Thanks!

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Manijure Manijure 23 November 2014

Tear of Elynie

I was wondering why the Tear of Elynie page was deleted. I understand it has nothing to do with the gameplay, but it has played a major role in the story, and directly mentioned in Kingdom Rush: Origins.

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MasterKnight MasterKnight 30 August 2014

DPS VS Dark Knight and rally Troll values

I thought I would do these two tables because Dark Knights and Trolls are notable enemies with defenses. Dark Knights for being cluster DEF enemies, and Trolls for having regeneration. I will use rally-buff defenses for Trolls as well.

(This stuff isn't complete. It's a WIP.)

For Dark Knights (80% DEF):

As for rally Trolls (50% DEF, 4 HP/Seconds Regen):

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MasterKnight MasterKnight 14 June 2014

Tower attack rates and cost effectiveness

I thought I'd make a table of DPS values to help make points in the future. Especially the one where it's sound game design to make more expensive units have less cost-effective (though still not useless) DPS.

True DPS multipliers for Barracks soldiers against the given ATK values:

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Big Bad Bug Big Bad Bug 16 January 2014

RPG Personality Test

<a target=_blank href=></a>

I went on the forums, and there is apparently a test available there to see what type of fighter you are in a medieval situation. I think I will get mage, but I don't know for sure.

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Big Bad Bug Big Bad Bug 13 January 2014

Grim The Reaper

I drew this and came up with all of these ideas myself. If you want to submit this to the Ironhide forums, be my guest! Please use my name so I can get credit, though, please.

Grim the Reaper is a hero in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers and can be unlocked by paying $9.99 as an in-app purchase.

Grim is a dark knight who has dwelled in the Underworld for over a thousand years. He has fought his way through the most powerful warriors in Pandaemonium to win his soul back from Moloch. He is now on a quest to obtain every soul of every known creature to man, and no force in the world can ever stop him from killing.

  • 1 Skills
    • 1.1 Primary
    • 1.2 Secondary
    • 1.3 Order of Importance
  • 2 Statistics
  • 3 Strategies

  • Pentagon Strike(Cooldown:8 seconds)(1/2/3 Hero Points):

Grim pe…

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Zareothos the Sylvian Warlock Zareothos the Sylvian Warlock 7 January 2014

Fan Fiction Heroes

Anybody have any ideas for this -made up hero- MSG me :)


Zareothos summons demonic circle at his feet , lasting 2/4/6 minutes.


Zareothos teleports to the demonic circles that he has created.


Zareothos opens a demonic gateway summoning one/two/two lesser demons to block the enemies in his path and aid him in the battle.


Zareothos goes invisible , and moves between the enemies without being detected , and slashes a target from his back dealing 75/150/300 demonic -true- corrupted damage.


Zareothos releases the demon inside him causing chaos in the battlefield.

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MasterKnight MasterKnight 29 August 2013

Enemy stats table

Before I make the tower analysis, I ought to at least make a table of enemy stats. Version 1.13, by the way.

(Note that I'm obviously unsure of the premium content enemies' Speed and Magic DEF values. Everything else (other than HP * SPD) should be on track.)

Addendum (September 3, 2013): a table for enemies with above 0% Magic DEF:

(This is obviously for my viewing interest. Still, it might be handy to know the weaknesses of enemies with Magic DEF as a way to help keep the archer level low.)

Kingdom Rush Frontiers enemies (using HP values for Normal Mode):

And for Kingdom Rush Origins (stats will be shown as in-game for Normal):

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MasterKnight MasterKnight 17 August 2013

Armor and armor busting stuff

Some time back, I recorded Icewind Pass on the No Star Upgrades Challenge. (I am not doing the challenge on Hard Mode because certain scenarios are virtually impossible to handle there without losing lives.) And I need to talk about Wave 12, because I find that to be the pinnacle of the game's level design. (Although the Premium Content could leave me to stand corrected.) Why? Well, I'll get to that.

First, let me tell you the enemy makeup for that wave: there are 18 Dark Knights and 12 Shadow Archers that come from the north. 4 of the Dark Knights and 6 of the Shadow Archers will go through the mine passageway, while all of the other baddies will move through the open path. The wave before involves Gargoyles and Spider Matriarchs, so you w…

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MasterKnight MasterKnight 27 June 2013

Soldier Matchups

I thought I'd do a list of how well soldiers fare against baddies. Most of them are lopsided in favor of the baddies, but it helps to know how well the baddies can be stopped.

If you're wondering, each guy on foot (both friend and enemy) attacks every 80 frames (1 1/3 seconds), and when damage is applied, ATK is multiplied by (100 - DEF) / 100 and then it gets truncated. Yeah it is truncated, a blatant example being that Rangers Hideout can't damage Dark Slayers without Wrath of the Forest because both their regular arrows and Poison Arrows fail to deal more than 19 damage in a single hit, and 1/20 of 19 is 0.95, which is below 1.

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TheRealJuiceBox TheRealJuiceBox 18 June 2013


Hey, whateveryournameis. I'd just like to commend you for those freaking great pictures you made!

Can I ask what program you used to make them? 'Cause, well, you get it. Freaking great.

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SJBlood SJBlood 2 June 2013

Hero Background

I wrote these some time ago, so I thought I'd post them here as well ...

King Denas: He grew up in Otil with his younger brother, Bolin and their parents. At the age of 18, he left to train, in Lazagon. Five years later, the Great War broke out and he had to fight for the nation. When the king of Linirea fell to his death and the throne was taken by the enemy, he gathered the remaining men and planned the attack that would bring victory to Linirea. He was then crowned as king and he proved his worth to the people time and time again, mostly through his legendary parties and feasts and misplaced, though hilarious jokes. 

Present day: 48 years old

Bolin Farslayer: He is Denas' younger brother. When his brother left for Lazagon, he decided to tr…

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MasterKnight MasterKnight 21 May 2013

Level 12 NLLed without Stars

I didn't mean to highlight the Tesla X104, but it is the highlight. I got it rolling around Wave 5 or 6, so it even got rid of the Rocket Riders. This means that I could focus on individual threats for the rest of the level. Honestly, I think that the left upgrade is a little OP. It ultimately trivialized the usage of the end of path Barracks.

At least it reduces worry to the wave 1 Necromancer. Him and his random chance of spam-spawning Skeleton Knights. Good luck getting sufficient defenses for that stupidity out at that point.

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MasterKnight MasterKnight 3 March 2013

So Campaign level 10 has been NLLed without stars

Here's an outline of my strategy:

  • Starting towers are L2 Mage SE, L1 Mage nearby, L1 Barracks to keep enemies within range of both towers, L3 Archer to grief the Graveyard. The 800G should cover for that.
  • Other two Barracks and near-Graveyard Cannon are built to keep the west path under control. L1 Archer is built to soften up flying enemies.
  • Tech north Archer tower and Cannon to Rangers Hideout and Tesla X104 respectively as soon as feasible. West path still has to be kept under control, so watch it carefully.
  • Focus on east path defenses. Tech first L1 Mage to Sorcerer Mage as soon as feasible, and build the second Cannon, which will also cover the second path. Ultimately, you wan…
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MasterKnight MasterKnight 8 February 2013

Tower DPS values

Wanting to keep this. Could be useful for enemies like Yetis.

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MisterWendell MisterWendell 7 February 2013

Felt like an Admin.

Sometime, as I scout around this small wikia, looking for stubs and vandalism to wendellize, I have always thought of being an admin, even though such an event to happen to an amateur editor like me might be pointless and redundant.

In the time I have been here, I started editing the Hero Pages, which in that time was largely protected by myself against any bad edits/vandalism that attacked my edits. From there, I started to venture out to delete spam/redundant pages as stated by my very own Operation:Cleanup to keep the wikia clean. I felt a sense of pride and achievement in duly making this small wikia my home for my hobby, which is the love on Kingdom Rush.

Recently, I have started to make changes to the wikia. I have renamed some pages t…

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MisterWendell MisterWendell 7 February 2013

Achievement: My Custom Signature!!

NOTE: This blog post is meant to be silly, and does not relate to any edits of Kingdom Rush TD Wikia.

I have finally done it! I have made my very own custom sig! Well although people might question the motive of me changing my sig to this, I felt that it's a sense of achievement since to me, a signature is to show your pride literally to others. 

Posted below is my new sig, if you guys would like to obtain your own custom signature, follow this link. This link would be useful for editors to show off their unique attributes.

Wendellism, At it's Finest!! (talk) 06:01, February 7, 2013 (UTC)

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MisterWendell MisterWendell 6 February 2013

Reorganization: Levels.

Hey there, this is Wendell.

I've always felt the Levels category hasn't earned much love lately since not many editors stopped by to edit, thus there are wikia stubs around this category.

So here's what I'm going to do. In my free time I will devote myself to adding Campaign, Heroic and Iron enemies into the page in the form of a table. For Iron Challenge, this is going to be a really difficult feat as you cannot miscount or you might have to restart the level, not to mention defending and playing the game. So far I have always been used to using Visual mode when Editing, thus if anyone is experienced in Source Mode and knows how to utilize templates, I humbly ask of you to teach me in that aspect since, as my profile have stated, I'm merely …

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MisterWendell MisterWendell 1 February 2013

Operation: Cleanup!

Hey, this is Wendell. I've noticed many pages are simply covered by our featured wikia pages over here. However, as I look on, I've noticed some pages are full of spam and opinions.

So this is what I will do. Everytime I find a page that is misleading, spamming or pure spectulating, I will simply list it in the Candidates for Deletion for Chimto to moderate/delete. Many users might disagree with me, but trust me, this is for the wikia's good.

And while I was deleting unneccesary pages, a user named Kilele came in, and undid those pages. Naturally I've tried to talk sense into him, yet he acts like he's one hotshot in the official forums. Heck, In my opinion, if Chimto saw those pages, he would have probably deleted them anyway. But anyway, it…

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Lord Arcana 5151 Lord Arcana 5151 27 January 2013

Lots a posts

11 posts for me? Wow thats alot, Chimto may be amazed -- Lord Arcana 5151

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EmoTank EmoTank 13 June 2012

I need help

I am planning to do a massive photoshop project of Kingdom Rush/Kingdom Rush: The Sequel. Because I don't want to have to buy a spriter or screenshot taker, and I need sprites of towers and melee units, does anyone know a place that displays KR sprites? I've seen some sprites in enemy infoboxes, where did those come from? Help!

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EmoTank EmoTank 1 June 2012

Am I the only one who sees this?

Okay, first, instructions:

1. Go to the official Kingdom Rush website.

2. Click on the small bar that says Game Features.

3. Look for the "Tower Abilities" promo image. It is in the top right.

4. Check the right of the group of icons. There is a 19th one that does not match any ability of any tower. It looks like three bloody scratches on a dark brown background. WTF?

Does anyone have any idea what it is, or what it means? Is it a hidden reference to the sequel? Something that was not implemented and for some reason was not removed from the promo? If you know, or have ideas, reply here, because I have been puzzling over it for several days so far.

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