TwrIcon BFling "Got a bone to pick!?"
The Bone Flingers are the third Ranged Tower to be introduced in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, and is unlocked at the start of Jokull's Nest.


"The only thing more terrifying than their insidious laughter is the incredible speed at which these skeletons fling bones at random enemies."

Rather than targeting the last or first enemy in range, Bone Flingers will randomly target any enemy in range.


Level Damage
(With Upgrades)
Fire Rate Range Build
BFling I 1



0.6s Short 60
BFling II 2



0.6s Short 110
BFling III 3



0.6s Short 150
BFling IV 4



0.6s Short 180


The Walking Dead

TwrSkill BF 1 "Never stop walking"

Spawns a clumsy Skeleton/Skeleton Warrior that walks through the path.

Level Cost HP* Damage Armor Cooldown
MiniBox Skel 1 180 (153) 80 10-20 None 16s
MiniBox SkelWr 2 180 (153) 160 15-25 None 12s

*: War Rations does not increase their health.

Got Milk?

TwrSkill BF 2 "Milk grows stronger bones"

Increases basic attack damage by 5 on each upgrade.

Level Cost New Base
1 110 (93) 19-39 (20-42)
2 110 (93) 24-44 (26-48)
3 110 (93) 29-49 (31-53)

Summon Bonem

TwrSkill BF 3 "That's a big bone to chew"

Summons a giant skeleton golem that will fight and shoot enemies

MiniBox Bonem Cost HP Melee Damage (1.3s) Ranged Damage (1.0s) Armor Respawn
300 (255) 300 (390) 17-41 17-31 None 10s


This tower is an extremely versatile tower. Its random targeting is a blessing in disguise; enemies such as the Ice Witch and the Devoted Priest can be removed relatively quickly with this tower. If this tower is placed far from the exit, upgrading base damage is advisable in order to wither down incoming hordes of unarmored enemies. In contrast, upgrading the tower's "Summon Bonem" and "The Walking Dead" is better at the end of the lane for two reasons; first, because the bone golem and the skeletons summoned can be fully used in conjunction with back-line barracks to stall enemies, and second, because the bone golem has a ranged attack that can be used against flying enemies which slip past your magic and ranged towers. Note that the skeleton walks down the path; placing this tower at the back will make full use of the skeletons.


Related Upgrades

  • KRVUp GXR1 GXR-1 TARGETING SYSTEM (2 souls): Improved with Goblin technology, Archery towers gain extra range. (5% additional range)
  • KRVUp Guild GUILD OF MERCHANTS (2 souls): Costs of towers' special skills is now reduced. (15% cost reduction)
  • KRVUp Master MASTER ARCHITECTS (2 souls):All towers gain extra bonus damage. (10% additional basic attack damage)

Related Achievements

VAch Skelt THE SKELETON WAR (30 gems) Spawn 500 skeleton warriors to battle


  • "Doot doo-doot!"
  • "Spooky and scary!"
  • "Who let the dogs out?"

Tier 4:

  • "Got a bone to pick!?" (When built)
  • "Bone appétit!" (The Walking Dead)
  • "Got milk?" (Got Milk?)
  • "Big ol' pile of them bones!" (Summon Bonem)


  • Doot doo-doot!
    • Reference to the Skull Trumpet meme where a skeleton plays a trumpet making a "Doot" sound.
  • Spooky and Scary!
    • The song "Spooky Scary Skeletons" performed by Andrew Gold, often used in several skeleton-related memes.
  • Who let the dogs out?
    • A lyric created by Baha Men.
  • Big ol' pile of them bones!
    • Lyrics from the Alice in Chains song "Them Bones" ("Gonna end up a big old pile of them bones")
  • The Skeleton War
    • Reference to the Skeleton War meme where people post various skeleton related media.