"Where be the treasure?"

Blackthorn Profile

Captain Blackthorne the Corsair is a hero in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, unlocked by paying $0.99. He is unlocked at stage 5 on the steam version.


Ahoy, me hearties! Move your sea legs to the deck and prepare everything to welcome Captain Blackthorne, the most fearsome man in the whoknowshowmany seas! He will board your ship, he will take your grog, and he will definitely plunder your booty!

Now smartly, go play that video and let's weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!




Blackthorn 1 SWORDSMANSHIP (passive) (1/2/3 hero points):

Increases Blackthorne's attack damage by 3/6/9.

Blackthorn 2 LOOTING (passive) (2/2/2 hero points):

Enemies killed close to Blackthorne yield an extra 10%/20%/30% gold.

Blackthorn 3 TOUGHNESS (passive) (1/1/1/ hero points):

Increases Blackthorne's health by 30/60/90.

Blackthorn 4 RUM AND BANG! CptKeg (active) (cooldown: 12 seconds) (2/2/2 hero points):

Throws an explosive keg that deals 48/84/120 area damage.

Blackthorn 5 RELEASE THE KRAKEN CptCraken (active) (cooldown: 15 seconds) (3/3/3 hero points):

Releases a kraken that traps up to 3/4/5 (4/5/6 on Steam) enemies while slowing others by 25%/50%/75%.


  • Blackthorne can shoot up to 1 enemy with his gun every 7 seconds.
  • Blackthorne has a 50% chance to steal 5-10 gold from enemies with each basic attack.


  • Values in parentheses show stats with health and damage upgrades.
Level Health Melee Damage Armor Heal Rate Respawn
4 300(480) 12-22(30-40) None 29(48) 20s
5 325(505) 13-25(31-43) None 32(50) 20s
6 350(530) 15-28(33-46) None 35(53) 20s
7 375(555) 17-31(35-49) None 37(55) 20s
8 400(580) 18-34(36-52) None 40(58) 20s
9 425(605) 20-37(38-55) None 42(60) 20s
10 450(630) 22-41(40-59) None 45(63) 20s

Tips and Tricks

  • Blackthorne, with his sword and health upgrades, has the stats to match up with the Bonehart himself (but still behind Tank, damage and support hybrid like Alric).
  • Because of his considerable damage, okay ability to tank, area attack, slowing capabilities, and ranged weapon, Blackthorne has something good/decent for everything.
  • Release the Kraken is helpful for stopping enemies in the Shadowmoon mini-campaign, especially Lycans because of their speed and Abominations because it may help in keeping them from getting close enough to blow up on your troops.
  • His decent melee stats help Blackthorne block tough enemies for a while, and he can deal considerable damage before retreating or dying.
  • Rum and Bang is a great area attack because it can halve the health of thick groups of mooks or finish them off.
  • Looting is helpful on levels with lots of enemies and waves, as the extra gold can add up to over a thousand by the end of the level.
  • Looting will be active even when Blackthorne is close to the killed enemies,so don't be afraid to move him where enemies with low health are.
  • He also have a large melee detection range, allowing him to detect enemies that he will melee from a distance away. This can advantage or disadvantage Blackthorne.
  • He starts from level 3 on the steam version.


  • I'll plunder yer booty! (Flash)
  • Ahoy matey!
  • Where be the treasure?
  • Drink up, me hearties, yo-ho!
  • Hoist t' colours!
  • (upon death) Yarg!


  • "Ahoy matey!"
    • The greeting used by participants of the International Talk Like a Pirate Day (19 September).
  • "Where be the treasure?"
    • A common pirate phrase.
  • "Drink up, me hearties, yo-ho!"
    • A common pirate phrase.
  • "Hoist the Colors!"
    • Said by the pirates (kicked off by Elizabeth Swan) at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End when they face the Queens naval fleet.
  • Release the Kraken
    • Featured in the second Pirates of the Caribbean film Dead Man's Chest. The Kraken is a giant cephalopod monster of massive size that appears in lots of sea or myth based media. It is also a catchphrase spawned by the movie Clash of the Titans, in which the Kraken was released.
  • Captain Blackthorne bears some notable similarities to the character "Gangplank" from League of Legends, particularly the pistol shot, explosive barrel, looting passive, and AOE slow ability. However, these similarities are arguably coincidental due to their shared pirate theme. Gangplank's current iteration was released in 2015, whereas Kingdom Rush: Frontiers was released in 2013. Gangplank's initial iteration, released in 2009, did not include the explosive barrel, though the remaining similarities hold true.


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