Caravan Icon Hire some mercenaries, my friend!

The Caravan is a special manually-controlled tower that appears in Lightseeker Camp. A rogue traveller offers you deals on hired thugs, than can be placed anywhere on the map to help for a short time. For a price.


The Caravan offers two deals; A Small Pack for 60 gold that recruits a Bandit and either a Raider or Marauder to aid you, or a Large Pack for 120 gold that adds an additional Bandit. As they can be placed anywhere on the path, the Caravan acts as a form of Call Reinforcements that you pay for if needed. A mercenary group will remain active for approximately 18 seconds.


MiniBox MercBandit HP Damage (0.6s) Armor
180 7-12 None


Bandit attacks very fast (0.6s and 1 extra hit after 0.23s).


MiniBox MercRaider HP Melee Damage (1.0s) Ranged Damage (1.5s) Armor
220 15-25 25-40 None



MiniBox MercMarauder HP Damage (2.0s) Armor
380 40-60 50%


Related Achievements

VAch Mercs SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE (30 gems) Hire 50 mercenaries.