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Heroes are special units in the Kingdom Rush Franchise of Tower Defense games. They are controlled by the player and can be commanded to move around the map, and will use abilities that differ between heroes. Unlike any other unit in the games, heroes will gain experience through battles to become more powerful.

Speculation and Release

Ironhide Game Studio revealed its first three heroes Gerald Lightseeker, Malik Hammerfury and Alleria Swiftwind on 8th February, 2012; 14th February, 2012 and 19th March, 2012 respectively. Following the announcement, many players believed the heroes seem to be based on certain advanced towers: the Holy Order, Barbarian Mead Hall and Rangers Hideout respectively. Many assumed that heroes for the remaining advanced towers would soon follow.

On April 5 2012, a retina display screenshot taken from the (then) upcoming iPad showed a mage hero (presumed to be based on the Arcane Wizard), and revealed features such as a health bar, a level system, and an experience bar.

On April 25, 2012, Ironhide released the Heroes update to both PC and iOS devices, starting with a 66% discount on heroes the following day before the Rotten Forest update for iOS devices.


Hero movement is controlled with the finger/mouse. You can either tap/click the hero directly, then tap/click where you would like to move them, or tap/click his icon, then direct them to any path. While the hero cannot stand off the path, they will move over the environment, skirting the edges of obstacles to make the movement from A to B as quick as possible.

Heroes have stats similar to enemies. HP, Attack, Armor and Speed. These statistics vary from one hero to the next, designed to give each hero advantages and disadvantages. Heroes are immune to the instant kill attacks of regular enemies (but not bosses or level hazards). When a hero is defeated, they immediately start to heal, and will re-spawn after a certain length of time.

In Kingdom Rush, Heroes begin at level 1 and gain experience during a level by attacking enemies, before maxing out at level 10. With each new level they gain a boost in their HP and attacking strength. When a level ends, the hero reverts back to level 1. Hero stats are rated on a scale of 0 to 8 in terms of Health, Attack, Ranged Attack and Speed. No defense is stated on the Hero page however fully detailed stats are listed when the hero is highlighted in a level. Heroes have two abilities, unlocked when they reach certain levels, and gain in power just as their other stats do.

In Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, the hero experience changes. They begin at different levels based on when they are unlocked, and while they gain experience and levels as before, they maintain their levels outside of the level. Once a hero is maxed out at level 10, they remain so with fully increased stats. Hero stats are more defined than in the previous game, with numbers for each stat. When a hero levels up they earn hero points that can be spent on five different abilities. Heroes gain extra XP (experience point) in stages where higher Hero Level is expected; Hero Level 5 for Buccaneer's Den, 6 for Nazeru's Gates, 7 for Snapvine Bridge , 8 for Lost Jungle, 9 for Temple of Saqra, and 10 for The Underpass.

Kingdom Rush: Origins reuses the hero system from Frontiers, with a difference: each hero, instead of having five abilities like in Frontiers, now only have four abilities, with the fifth being replaced by a Hero Spell that can be upgraded with hero points like normal, but can be used by the player at any time, with an individual cool-down like the existing Spells.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance uses almost the same system as Kingdom Rush: Origins. Four standard attacks and an Ultimate Spell (renamed from Hero spell due to the overall change in alingment). In addition, Heroes now have a passive ability that is in constant use from level one. This ability usually cannot be upgraded, but some Heroes do get an upgraded one upon reaching level 5 and 10. Heroes also have some fundamental differences that do not affect gameplay. Each hero has a unique death animation and always have a quote - as opposed to previous instalments, in which most heroes go out with a simple "Aah!" or "Noo!" In fact, the only Vengeance hero to have a simple scream upon death is Doom Tank SG-11 - in this case the Wilhelm Scream.

The Heroes

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush has twelve heroes. The first three are free, all others are Premium, only available through in-game purchases.

Sir. Gerald Lightseeker Alleria Swiftwind Malik Hammerfury Bolin Farslayer
Magnus Spellbane Ignus King Denas Elora Wintersong
Ingvar Bearclaw Hacksaw Oni Thor

The first six heroes are based on the six Upgrades paths. Gerald is for Barracks, Alleria is for Archers, Magnus is for Mages, Bolin is for Artillery, Ignus is for Rain of Fire, and Malik is for Reinforcements.

On the Flash version, Heroes are activated by paying 15 stars at the Hero Room on the World Map. Only the first three heroes are free, the others must be unlocked to be usable by purchasing the Premium Content.

On the mobile versions, the first three heroes are free and are unlocked by beating Pagras, Silveroak Forest and Coldstep Mines, respectively. The others can only be unlocked via in-app purchases:

  • $0.99: Bolin, Magnus, Ignus
  • $2.99: Denas, Elora, Ingvar
  • $4.99: Hacksaw, Oni, Thor

On the Steam version, all heroes are free and are unlocked by reaching certain stages:


Heroes Health (Casual) Heal Rate
Damage Attack Rate Armor Speed Respawn
Gerald 580 (696) 145 24-40 1.0s High (80%) 2.2 15s
Alleria 430 (516) 108 17-25 0.6s None 3.0 15s
Malik 720 (864) 180 29-43 1.0s Medium (50%) 2.0 15s
Bolin 670 (804) 168 23-38 M
23-38 *3 R
1.0s M
3.8s R
None 2.0 15s
Magnus 350 (420) 88 23-68 1.0s M

1.1s R

None Teleport 15s
Ignus 670 (804) 168 32-53 1.0s None 3.0 12s
King Denas 480 (576) 120 37-61 1.5s M
0.67s R
None 2.0 15s
Elora 450 (540) 113 34-101 1.0s M

1.8s R

Medium (50%) 3.0 15s
Ingvar *670 (840)*


175 43-71 1.5s Medium (40%) 2.5 15s
Hacksaw 600 (720) 150 18-54 1.2s High (80%) 1.8 15s
Oni 650 (780) 163 25-71 1.25s (IOS: 1.0s) Medium (60%) 2.7 18s
Thor 650 (780) 163 44-55 1.5s High (70%) 2.7 15s
Ten'shí 560 (672)) 140 32-49 1.35s Medium (50%) Teleport

2.2 (Iron Time)


Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Frontiers has sixteen heroes. The first four are free, while the others are only available through in-app purchases.

the Champion
the Assassin
the Beastmaster
the Voodoo Witch
Captain Blackthorne
the Corsair
the Grand Wizard
the Priestess
the Stone Giant
Icon Karkinos.png
the Skyhunter
the Warmaster
the Monk
the Hunter
the Warlord
the Monkey God
the Dragon
the Dracolich

Alric is usable from the start. Mirage, Cronan and Bruxa must be unlocked by beating Sape Oasis, Nazeru's Gates and Snapvine Bridge, respectively.

Other heroes must be unlocked via in-app purchases:

  • $0.99: Nivus, Dierdre, Captain Blackthorne
  • $2.99: Grawl, Sha'tra, Karkinos, Kutsao
  • $4.99: Dante, Kahz, Saitam
  • $6.99: Ashbite, Bonehart

In the Steam Version all heroes are once again free and are unlocked by reaching certain stages :


Heroes Health Heal Rate
Damage Attack Rate Armor Speed Respawn
Alric 560 74 27-40 1.0s High (65%) 2.2 20s
Mirage 300 38 16-23 R 1.0s M
0.6s R
None 3.84 15s
Cronan 550 46 (+9) 15-23 1.0s None 2.5 20s
Bruxa 350 44 17-52 R 1.0s M
1.5s (iOS: 1.8s) R
None 2.4 15s
Blackthorne 630 63 40-59 1.0s None 2.5 20s
Nivus 250 25 35-80 R 1.0s M
1.5s (iOS: 2.0s) R
None Teleport 18s
Dierdre 540 61 11-32 R 1.0s M
1.4s R
High (75%) Teleport 15s
Grawl 900 30 42-55 1.3s Medium (50%) 1.6 25s
Sha'tra 400 33 37-49 1.0s Medium (40%) 2.5 25s
Karkinos 500 25 34-62 1.2s Medium (35%) 4.0 20s
Kutsao 400 36 24-36 1.0s None 3.0 18s
Dante 500 45 46-68 1.0s M
1.5s R
None 3.0 15s
Kahz 550 39 34-62 1.0s Medium (40%) 3.0 20s
Saitam 400 40 (+9) 21-39 1.0s Medium (40%) 5.4 20s
Ashbite 600 30 34-50 1.6s (iOS: 3.0s) None 3.0 30s
Bonehart 650 26 20-59 1.6s (iOS: 3.0s) None 3.0 30s

In addition to these 15 heroes, three stages also feature heroes exclusive to that stage: Rurin Longbeard (The Dark Descent), The Black Corsair (Storm Atoll) and Lucrezia (Dusk Chateau). These heroes are used alongside the primary one in all three modes, always start at level 10 and have static stats and skills (like the heroes of Kingdom Rush).

Rurin Image.png
The Black Corsair Image.png
Rurin Longbeard The Black Corsair Lucrezia

Kingdom Rush: Origins

Origins has sixteen heroes. The first five are free, while the others are only available through in-app purchases.

the Ranger
the Elementalist
the Pixie
Razz and Rags
the Rag
the Fallen Angel
the Eldritch Blade
Prince Denas
the Noble Knight
the Panda Monk
the Hexblade
the Dark Wizard
the Elemental
the Ent Lord
the Werelion
the Eternal Bird
the Inventor
the Dragon Mage

Eridan is useable from the start. Arivan, Catha, Razz and Rags and Lilith are unlocked by reaching Redwood Stand, Rockhenge, Neverwonder and Shrine of Elynie, respectively. Other heroes are unlocked via in-app purchases:

  • $1.99: Reg'son
  • $2.99: Prince Denas
  • $4.99: Xin, Lynn, Vez'nan, Durax, Bravebark, Bruce
  • $6.99: Phoenix, Wilbur, Faustus

In the Steam Version all heroes are once again free and are unlocked by reaching certain stages:


Heroes Health Heal Rate
Damage Attack Rate Armor Speed Respawn
Eridan 400 65 15-23 1.0s M
1.0s R
Medium (55%) 2.5 15s
Arivan 250 17 11-20 M
19-57 R
1.0s M
1.5s R
None 2.8 20s
Catha 300 38 11-20 1.0s Medium (45%) 3.4 15s
Razz & Rags 575 38 19-28 2.0s M
0.8s R
None 2.0 15s
Lilith 420 42 17-25 1.0s M
1.2s R
Medium (55%) 3.0 18s
Reg'son 600 48 12-18 0.6s None 3.5 15s
Prince Denas 400 27 23-34 1.0s High (65%) 2.5 15s
Xin 600 40 25-40 1.5s Low (25%) 2.5 20s
Lynn 530 40 24-36 1.0s Medium (40%) 3.0 18s
Vez'nan 320 21 13-19 M
24-72 R
1.0s M
1.5s R
None Teleport 20s
Durax 460 38 17-25 1.0s None 7.5 21s
Bravebark 600 30 48-72 2.0s Medium (40%) Teleport 25s
Bruce 680 30 40-59 1.0s Medium (50%) 3.0 18s
Phoenix 530 27 41-61 1.5s (On IOS: 1.8S) None 3.5 5s
Wilbur 570 31 63-96 0.8s None 2.88 30s
Faustus 625 31 75-114 1.2s (On IOS: 1.6s) None 6.0 30s

Alleria Swiftwind, Malik Hammerfury, and Bolverk appear as secondary heroes in Royal Gardens, Blood Quarry, and Tainted Pit, respectively.

Young Alleria.png Malik 2.png Bolverk.png
Alleria Swiftwind Malik Bolverk

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

Vengeance has thirteen heroes. The first three are free, while others are only available through in-app purchases.

the Warmonger Leader
the Shadow Assassin
the Infernal Mage
the Vampire Mistress
the Eternal Lich
Jack O'Lantern
the Dark Horseman
the Mad Inventor
the Unstoppable Beast
Eiskalt Icon.png
Murglun Icon.png
the Abyssal Conqueror
Doom Tank SG-11
the Siege Tank
the Ice Dragon
the Magma Dragon
Dianyun Icon.PNG
the Storm Dragon
the Black Dragon

Veruk is useable from the start. Asra and Oloch are unlocked by reaching Clockwork Factory and Northerners' Outpost respectively. Other heroes are unlocked via in-app purchases:

  • $2.99: Margosa, Mortemis, Jack O' Lantern
  • $4.99: Tramin, Jigou, Jun'Pai
  • $5.99: Doom Tank SG-11, Eiskalt, Murglun
  • $6.99: Beresad

It would appear that, like in the first Kingdom Rush, there is a hero for each tower type (though none for Demon Goonies or Soul Impact). The heroes are Veruk for Barracks, Asra for Archers, Oloch for Mages and Tramin for Artillery.


Heroes Health Heal Rate
Damage Attack Rate Armor Speed Respawn
Veruk 564 47 (+6) 14-43 1.0s Low (30%) 2.5 16s
Asra 336 33 19-29 M
25-36 R
0.8s M
1.0s R
Low (15%) Teleport 14s
Oloch 342 28 9-16 M
28-52 R
1.0s M
1.8s R
None 1.8 16s
Margosa 516 31 39-57 1.2s Low (15%) 5.4 16s
Mortemis 360 30 21-120 1.8s None 1.8 14s
Jack O'Lantern 400 42 50-90 2.0s Medium (41%) Teleport 18s
Tramin 396 33 10-24 M
20-48 R
1.0s M
2.0s R
Low (24%) Rocket Jump 16s
Jigou 900 75 (+60) 67-102 2.0s Low (24%) 1.4 18s
Jun'Pai 534 44 34-50 1.0s M
1.1s R
Medium (30%) 2.5 18s
Doom Tank SG-11 480 40 101-188 3.0s Medium (60%) 2.5 22s
Eiskalt 630 49 66-98 2.0s None 3.0 22s
Murglun 654 49 59-110 2.0s Low (22%) 3.0 22s
Beresad 720 49 47-87 1.5s None 3.0 22s

Related Achievements

Kingdom Rush

Champion of Linirea.png DEFENDER OF GALAXY Train a hero up to level 5.

10.png LEGEND OF GALAXYTrain a hero up to max level.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Champion of Linirea.png HERO OF THE DAY Level up any hero to level 5.

10.png LEGEND (WAIT FOR IT) DARY Level up any hero to max level.

9sand.png SAND WARRIOR Complete a desert stage without the hero dying.

10tarzan.png TARZAN BOY Complete a jungle stage without the hero dying.

11cave.png CAVEMAN Complete an underground stage without the hero dying.

Kingdom Rush: Origins

OrAchP1 5Tail.png BRAVE LITTLE TAILOR Don't let the hero die against an Ettin on Stage 4.

OrAchP4 3Ding.png DING! DING! DING! Raise all 3 basic heroes to level 10.

OrAchP4 8Hero.png I NEED A HERO Complete 3 stages without the hero dying.

OrAchP4 9NotTdy.png NOT TODAY! Complete 7 stages without the hero dying.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

VAch Veruk.png CHAMPION OF THE ARENA (50 gems) Reach level 10 with Veruk.

VAch Asra.png MISTRESS OF SHADOWS (50 gems) Reach level 10 with Asra.

VAch Oloch.png MISCHIEVOUS DEMONS (50 gems) Reach level 10 with Oloch.

Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time

RiftHero Alleria.png
RiftHero Magnus.png
RiftHero Ignus.png
RiftHero Malik.png
RiftHero Grawl.png
Alleria Swiftwind Magnus Spellbane Ignus Malik Hammerfury Grawl
RiftHero Lynn.png
RiftHero Veznan.png
RiftHero Gerald.png
Lynn Vez'nan Sir. Gerald Lightseeker

Kingdom Rush: Elemental Uprising

UpriseHero Alric.png
UpriseHero Bruxa.png
UpriseHero Dierdre.png
UpriseHero Elora.png
UpriseHero Saitam.png
Alric Bruxa Dierdre Elora Wintersong Saitam
UpriseHero Regson.png
UpriseHero Razz.png
UpriseHero Phoenix.png
UpriseHero Faustus.png
Reg'son Razz and Rags Phoenix Faustus


Kingdom Rush
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Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
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Rurin Image.pngThe Black Corsair Image.pngLucrezia.png

Kingdom Rush: Origins
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Young Alleria.pngMalik 2.pngBolverk.png

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance
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