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Legendary Heroes are the main units in Legends of Kingdom Rush. They are split into Legends and Companions, and a party of one Legend and two Companions is required to take on an adventure. The Legends are all former Heroes from previous games, whereas the Companions are all based on former towers or enemies.

Lokr Icon Gerald.png
Lokr Icon Asra.png
Lokr Icon Oloch.png
Lokr Icon Bruxa.png
Gerald Asra Oloch Bruxa
Lokr Icon Regson.png
Lokr Icon Bravebark.png
Lokr Icon Ranger.png
Lokr Icon ArcaneWizard.png
Reg'son Bravebark Ranger Arcane Wizard
Lokr Icon Knight.png
Lokr Icon Bombardier.png
Lokr Icon Barbarian.png
Lokr Icon DarkKnight.png
Knight Bombardier Barbarian Dark Knight
Lokr Icon OrcCleaver.png
Lokr Icon WitchDoctor.png
Lokr Icon Sasquatch.png
Lokr Icon Zapper.png
Orc Cleaver Witch Doctor Sasquatch Zapper
Lokr Icon Sorceress.png
Lokr Icon SylvanElf.png
Sorceress Sylvan Elf


Both Legends and Companions fall into one of four classes. Each class has it's own unique secondary trait and defines the type of skills and traits the character has. Classes also have different roles to place in Dice Challenges; certain answers or options will be unavailable if a particular class isn't present in the party.

Lokr Class Mighty.png MIGHTY

Mighty units are generally tanks and melee characters. High armor, good attack but limited with movement and few ranged attacks. Mighty units share the Fortify trait.

Lokr Class Athletic.png ATHLETIC

Athletic units are generally fast characters, with good long range attacks or the means to apply varied afflictions. Athletic units share the Keen Focus trait.

Lokr Class Magical.png MAGICAL

Magical units are magic users. Generally weak to begin, with poor HP and armor, but more powerful with increasing levels and armor piercing attacks. Magical units share the Preparation trait.

Lokr Class Crafter.png CRAFTER

Crafters are the odd category, focusing more on creative attacks with varied effects. They often have a mixture of melee, ranged or magic attacks along with more obscure skills. Crafter units share the Lock 'N' Load trait.

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