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Magic Towers or Mages are one of the four main tower types in Kingdom Rush, representing the more elusive side of Linirea's forces. They fire magic bolts that tear through armored enemies with ruthless efficiency. In-game; the terms mage, mage tower and wizard are often used to designate all magic towers.

Tower PropertiesEdit

Magic Towers share a number of characteristics:

  1. Attacks ignore creature physical armor, while being reduced by magical resistance
  2. High damage, the highest of all towers, but a slow attack speed
  3. Targets both air and ground units

These properties make mages very suited to deal with hard-to kill monsters.

There are five Mage Towers in the first three Kingdom Rush games:

  • Three non-specialized towers
  • Two specialized towers

The three non-specialized towers differ in each game but have the same purpose. Each upgrades a stage further before offering a split choice between two new towers with additional upgrades to further boost their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Tower SummaryEdit

Kingdom RushEdit

Damage Fire Rate Range Build
Pedia tower Mages Guild

Mages Guild
(Level 1)
1.5s 280
Pedia tower Adept Tower

Adept Tower
(Level 2)
1.5s 320
Pedia tower Wizard Tower

Wizard Tower
(Level 3)
1.5s 360
Pedia tower Arcane Wizard

Arcane Wizard
(Level 4.a)
2.0s 400
• Death Ray
• Teleport
Pedia tower Sorcerer Mage

Sorcerer Mage
(Level 4.b)
1.5s 400
• Polymorph
• Summon Elemental
  • Damage and cost values in parentheses are due to Hermatic Study (10% cost reduction) and Empowered Magic (damage increase) upgrades.

The Arcane Wizard trades a bit of firing speed for the highest maximum damage of any Kingdom Rush tower. It specializes in dealing with single, durable enemies. However because of this it is even weaker against hordes of enemies than other mages. The first skill unlocked by this tower is Death Ray, a guaranteed instakill that turns an enemy into fine dust, although for a significant cost and a moderately long cooldown. The other skill, Teleport, slightly makes up for the Arcane Wizard's lack of crowd control. Every ten seconds, it can teleport a few enemies back down the path. Compared to the other specialized mage tower, the Sorcerer Mage, the Arcane Wizard offers superior damage but worse crowd control.

The Sorcerer Mage focuses more on support than dealing damage directly, having similar damage per shot to the Wizard Tower. However, it has a unique ability - cursing attack. The curse deals true damage over time and halves enemy armor. This makes the sorcerer better at crowd control (dealing damage tu multiple targets at once) and stronger against magic resistant enemies than other mages, due to the curse's true damage. The first skill unlocked by this tower is Polymorph, a spell that turns an enemy into a sheep, halving its health and removing it's damage and abilities. Sheeps cannot be blocked, however, and can still escape if the player is not careful. The second skill, Earth Elemental, summons a durable golem-like creature to block and fight enemies, dealing area damage.

Kingdom Rush: FrontiersEdit

Damage Fire Rate Range L Specials
TowSqr KRF Mages

Mages Guild
(Level 1)
1.5s 280
100 None
TowSqr KRF Adept

Adept Tower
(Level 2)
1.5s 320
160 None
TowSqr KRF Wizard

Wizard Tower
(Level 3)
1.5s 360
240 None
Archmage tower

Archmage Tower
(Level 4.a)
1.5s 396
300 • Twister
• Critical Mass

Necromancer Tower
(Level 4.b)
1.0s 396
300 • Pestilence
• Summon Death Rider
  • Damage values in parentheses are due to Eldritch Power (10% damage increase) upgrade.
  • The following table shows the effects of Brilliance upgrade.
Number of magic towers built Mage Tower Adept Tower Wizard Tower Archmage Necromancer
2 11-20 28-51 47-87 70-139 24-81
3 11-20 29-53 49-91 73-146 25-85
4 12-22 30-55 51-94 76-151 26-88
5 12-23 31-57 52-97 78-156 26-91
6 13-23 32-59 54-100 80-160 27-94
7 13-24 33-60 55-102 82-164 28-96
8 13-25 34-61 56-102 84-168 28-98
9+ 13-25 34-63 58-107 86-172 29-101

Kingdom Rush: OriginsEdit

Damage Fire Rate Range Build
Mystic Dais

Mystic Dais
(Level 1)
1.5s 280
100 None
Arcanist Dais

Arcanist Dais
(Level 2)
1.5s 320
160 None
Edlritch Dais

Eldritch Dais
(Level 3)
1.5s 360
250 None
KRO TowerBox Wild Magus

Wild Magus
(Level 4.a)
0.3s 360
300 • Eldritch Doom
• Ward of Disruption
KRO TowerBox High Elven Mage

High Elven Mage
(Level 4.b)
1.5s 360
300 • Timelapse
• Arcane Sentinel
  • Damage values in parentheses are due to Empowered Magic upgrade.

Kingdom Rush: VengeanceEdit

Infernal Mage Damage Fire Rate Range Build
IMage I

Infernal Mage I
1.8s 300 100 None
IMage II

Infernal Mage II
1.8s 315 180 None

Infernal Mage III
1.8s 330 250 None
IMage IV

Infernal Mage IV
1.8s 350 300 • Affliction
• Lava Fissure
• Infernal Portal
Specters Mausoleum Damage Fire Rate Range Build
SMausoleum I

Specters Mausoleum I
1.45s 350 110 None
SMausoleum II

Specters Mausoleum II
1.45s 350 130 None
SMausoleum III

Specters Mausoleum III
1.45s 350 170 None
SMausoleum IV

Specters Mausoleum IV
1.45s 350 230 • Guardian Gargoyles
• Spectral Communion
• Possession
Orc Shaman Damage Fire Rate Range Build
OShaman I

Orc Shaman I
2.3s 370 130 None
OShaman II

Orc Shaman II
2.3s 370 190 None
OShaman III

Orc Shaman III
2.3s 370 260 None
OShaman IV

Orc Shaman IV
2.3s 370 320 • Healing Roots
• Meteor Shower
• Static Shock
Blazing Gem Damage Fire Rate Range Build
BGem I

Blazing Gem I
0.4s 320 130 None

Blazing Gem II
0.4s 320 210 None

Blazing Gem III
0.4s 320 240 None

Blazing Gem IV
0.4s 320 300 • Gem of Amplification
• Destructo-Ray
• Unstable Power
Wicked Sisters Magic Damage

Poison Damage
Fire Rate Range Build
WSister I

Wicked Sisters I

7 (7)
2.5s 250 120 None
WSister II

Wicked Sisters II

17 (18)
2.5s 250 160 None
WSister III

Wicked Sisters III

30 (33)
2.5s 250 200 None
WSister IV

Wicked Sisters IV

50 (55)
2.5s 250 250 • Froggification
• Hex Totem
• Froggification
Deep Devil's Reef Damage Fire Rate Range Build
DDReef I

Deep Devil's Reef I
1.5s 300 120 None

Deep Devil's Reef II
1.5s 300 170 None

Deep Devil's Reef III
1.5s 300 240 None

Deep Devil's Reef IV
1.5s 300 330 • Chosen by the Sea
• Net Throw
• Perfect Storm

Tower TacticsEdit

General TipsEdit

  • Magic towers have a low fire rate, making them unsuited to deal with speedy foes or large masses of enemies, forcing them to be dealt with one-by-one and giving them enough time to pass through. Soldiers can help to slow down enemies, giving the mages time to unleash their magical barrage.
  • While physical armor poses no challenge for mages, magical resistance can render creatures virtually impervious to magical attacks. Use physical attacks to break these enemies.
  • Magic Towers are the second most expensive to upgrade. However, their damage increases dramatically when this is done, making it money well spent.
  • Arcane Wizards focus more on destruction, making them very effective when dealing with single strong mobs. Sorcerer mages are more suitable for enhancing damage done by other towers and stalling the enemies. Thus, it often pays off to have 1-2 Sorcerers on the map to curse enemies and Arcane Wizards elsewhere to get rid of mobs quickly.
  • Also, Sorcerers have a higher fire rate than the Arcane Wizards, making them somewhat more suitable for dealing with multiple enemies than its counterpart.


Magic towers are generally strong against slow and/or heavily armored creatures such as:


Enemies with magic resistance, enemies travelling in groups and fast creatures should be dealt with by other towers, as magic towers do not have the fire speed or power to deal with these mobs, including:

Related UpgradesEdit

Kingdom RushEdit

  • KR Up SpellReach Spell Reach (1 Star)
    • Increases wizard's attack range (by 10%).
  • KR Up ArcShatt Arcane Shatter (1 Star)
    • Magic attacks destroy a potion of enemy physical armor on every hit.
  • KR Up Heremtic Hermetic Study (2 Stars)
    • Mage Towers construction and upgrading costs are reduced by 10%.
  • KR Up EmpMagic Empowered Magic (2 Stars)
    • Increases wizard's attack damage. (about 15%)
  • KR Up SlowCurse Slow Curse (3 Stars)
    • Magic attacks slow enemies by half their speed for a moment
      • (half a second, Arcane Wizard the whole one-second beam duration. Also disables Rocket Rider Turbo boost).

Kingdom Rush: FrontiersEdit

  • Up KRF Rune Rune of Power (1 Star)
    • Increases mages' attack range (by 10%).
  • Up KRF Penetration Spell Penetration (1 Star)
    • Mages' bolts have a chance to ignore magic resistance. (10%)
  • Up KRF Eldritch Eldritch Power (2 Stars)
    • Increases mages' attack damage (by 10%).
  • Up KRF Academy Wizard Academy (2 Stars)
    • Reduces mages' special abilities costs by 10%.
  • Up KRF Brilliance Brilliance (3 Stars)
    • For every mage tower built, each mage tower gets a bonus to damage
Number of mage towers built Damage increment of each mage tower
1 0%
2 ~5%
3 ~10%
4 ~14%
5 ~18%
6 ~21%
7 ~24%
8 ~27%
9+ ~30%

Kingdom Rush: OriginsEdit

  • KRO Upgrade M 01 Level-1 Crystal Focus (1 star)
    • Increases Mage attack range. (+5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 02 Level-2 Empowered Magic (1 star)
    • Increases Mage attack damage. (+17.5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 03 Level-3 Crystal Gazing (2 stars)
    • Increases Mage attack range (+5% from crystal focus)
  • KRO Upgrade M 04 Level-4 Unstable Magic (2 stars)
    • Mage attacks have a small chance of dealing triple damage.
      • (Each bolt gets 5% chance and it is shown as a "BLAST!".)
  • KRO Upgrade M 05 Level-5 Alter Reality (3 stars)
    • Mage attacks have a chance of teleporting enemies 20 node back down the path. (Wild Magus: 1%, High Elven Mage: 3%, the others: 10%)

Kingdom Rush: VengeanceEdit

  • KRVUp Runes RUNES OF POWER (2 souls): All mage towers have a slight chance of dealing double damage on each attack. (10% chance of double damage)
  • KRVUp Guild GUILD OF MERCHANTS (2 souls)
    • Costs of towers' special skills is now reduced. (15% cost reduction)
  • KRVUp Master MASTER ARCHITECTS (2 souls)
    • All towers gain extra bonus damage. (10% additional basic attack damage)

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