Unlike regular Melee Towers, Mercenary Towers are a limited resource that requires gold for continued use. Mercenary Towers recruit individual units for a fee (or in the case of Young Beresad a full map attack per purchase) and require re-purchasing should that unit die. Some Mercenary Towers require a fee to build or repair first before units can be purchased.

Kingdom Rush

Image Name Levels
Sylvan Elves
Sylvan Elf Hall Silveroak Forest
Fungal Forest
Sasquatch Icewind Pass

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Image Name Levels
Tower Mercenary Camp
Mercenary Camp Dunes of Despair
SCUMM Bar Buccaneer's Den
Snapvine Bridge
Port Tortuga
Tower SpearHut
Spear Maiden Crimson Valley

Kingdom Rush: Origins

Image Name Levels
KRO TowerBox AwokHut
Awok Hut Redwood Stand
KRO TowerBox YBeresad
Young Beresad Arcane Quarters

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

Image Name Levels
Troll Mercenaries
Troll Mercenaries Northerners' Outpost
Frozen RapidsI
Northerners' VillageH & I
Dragons' BoneyardH & I
Jokull's NestH & I

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