Special Towers are towers that only appear in certain levels. They cannot be sold or built on any Strategic Points other than where they are situated. Some towers have skills you can buy like the standard towers, others are Mercenary Towers where solider units can be recruited to fight, but will need to be repurchased if they die.

Kingdom Rush

Image Name Levels
Sylvan Elves
Sylvan Elf Hall Silveroak Forest
Fungal Forest
Sasquatch Icewind Pass
Sunray Tower Stormcloud Temple (Flash only)

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Image Name Levels
Tower LegionArch
Legion Archer Hammerhold
Sandhawk Hamlet
Tower Mercenary Camp
Mercenary Camp Dunes of Despair
SCUMM Bar Buccaneer's Den
Snapvine Bridge
Port Tortuga
Tower PirateCap
Pirate Cap Buccaneer's Den
Tower SpearHut
Spear Maiden Hut Crimson Valley
Tower DwarfBastion
Dwarven Bastion The Dark Descent
Tower DwarfHall
Dwarf Hall The Dark Descent
Darlight Depths
Tower PirateWatch
Pirate Watchtower Port Tortuga
Tower ShrineOfRegnos
Shrine of Regnos Storm Atoll
The Sunken Citadel
Tower DarkForge
Dark Forge Bonesburg

Kingdom Rush: Origins

Image Name Levels
KRO TowerBox AwokHut
Awok Hut Redwood Stand
Gryphon Rider
Gryphon Rider Gryphon Point
KRO TowerBox FaeryDragon
Faery Dragon Aerie The Crystal Lake
KRO TowerBox Gnome
Gnome Garden The Unseelie Court
KRO TowerBox DragonNest
Dragon Nest Arcane Quarters
KRO TowerBox YBeresad
Young Beresad Arcane Quarters
KRO TowerBox Renegade
Renegade Post Shrine of Elynie
Tower Bastion
Bastion Galadrian's Wall

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

Image Name Levels
Troll Mercenaries
Troll Mercenaries Northerners' Outpost
Frozen RapidsI
Northerners' VillageH & I
Dragons' BoneyardH & I
Jokull's NestH & I
Breaking the IceH & I
Into the MountainsH & I
The Frozen ThroneH & I
Spider Nest
Spider Nest Silveroak Outpost
Caravan Lightseeker Camp

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