Spells are special powers of great potential the player can cast with no relation to situation on the level. Spells have recharge rates independent of each other and, in most cases, can be upgraded to increase effectiveness.

Kingdom RushEdit

Pedia special Call Reinforcements Pedia special Rain of Fire Lightningbolt KRF Shop
Call Reinforcements Rain of Fire Lightning Bolt Shop
  • Lightning is only available in the Premium Package of Kingdom Rush in Flash.
  • Shop is only available on Mobile, in order to make up for the lack of Premium Content

Kingdom Rush: FrontiersEdit

HintSqr RenforceKRF HintSqr RainFireKRF KRF Shop
Call Reinforcements Rain of Fire Shop

Kingdom Rush: OriginsEdit

KRO Spells CallReinforcements KRO Spells StrikeofThunder KRO Spells HeroSpell KRO Shop
Call Reinforcements Thunderbolt Hero Spell Shop

Kingdom Rush: VengeanceEdit

Event Goonies Event Impact Veruk HS KRV Shop
Demon Goonies Soul Impact Ultimate Skill Shop

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