* Not listed on this page are Heroes or Secondary Heroes themselves, or any attacking units they may spawn that do not have HP (Such as Cronan's Falcon, Oloch's copies or Margosa's Bat)

Kingdom RushEdit

Source Unit
Pedia tower Knights Barracks Barracks UKR Brk1 Militia
UKR Brk2 Footmen
UKR Brk3 Knight
Pedia tower Holy Order Holy Order UKR Brk4a Holy Knight
Pedia tower Barbarian Hall Barbarian Mead Hall UKR Brk4b Barbarian
Pedia tower Sorcerer Mage Sorcerer Mage UKR Elem Elemental
Sylvan Elves Sylvan Elf Hall UKR Elf Sylvan Elf
Sasquatch Sasquatch UKR Sasq Sasquatch
MiniLevel 0006 Citadel The Citadel UKR ImpG Imperial Guard
Pedia special Call Reinforcements Reinforcements RKR 1aRKR 1bRKR 1c Reinforcements
RKR 1aRKR 1bRKR 1c Well Fed
RKR 3aRKR 3bRKR 3c Conscripts
RKR 4aRKR 4bRKR 4c Warriors
RKR 5aRKR 5bRKR 5c Legionnaires
AlleriaSwiftwindSmall Alleria Swiftwind UHro WCat Wildcat
MagnusSpellbaneSmall Magnus Spellbane UHro MagC Magnus Mirage
IngvarBearclawSmall Ingvar Bearclaw Vikingancestor Viking Ancestor

Kingdom Rush: FrontiersEdit

Source Unit
TowSqr KRF Knights Barracks UKRF Brk1 Militia
UKRF Brk2 Footmen
UKRF Brk3 Knight
Pedia tower Assassins Guild Assassin's Guild UKRF Brk4a Assassin
Pedia tower Knights Templar Knights Templar UKRF Brk4b Templar
Pedia tower Necromancer Tower Necromancer Tower UKRF Skl1 Skeleton
UKRF Skl2 Skeleton Knight
UKRF Skl3 Death Rider
Tower Mercenary Camp Mercenary Camp UKRF Leg1 Legionnaire
UKRF Leg2 Genie
SCUMM Bar SCUMM Bar UKRF Pir1 Corsair
UKRF Pir2 Buccaneer
UKRF Pir3 Boatswain
Tower SpearHut Spear Maiden Hut UKRF SpMd Spear Maiden
Tower DwarfHall Dwarf Hall UKRF Dwrf Dwarf Soldier
Tower DarkForge Dark Forge UKRF Frk1 Flesh Golem
UKRF Frk2 Flesh Golem
UKRF Frk3 Flesh Golem 2.0
HintSqr RenforceKRF Reinforcements RKRF 1aRKRF 1bRKRF 1c Reinforcements
RKRF 1aRKRF 1bRKRF 1c Trained Volunteers
RKRF 3aRKRF 3bRKRF 3c Men-at-Arms
RKRF 4aRKRF 4bRKRF 4c Champion
RKRF 5aRKRF 5bRKRF 5c Sworn Blades
AlricSmall Alric UHro Sand Sandwarrior
CronanSmall Cronan UHro Boar Wild Boar
BonehartSmall Bonehart Wishbone Wishbone

Kingdom Rush: OriginsEdit

Source Unit
Ranger Barracks Barracks UKRO Brk1 Defender
UKRO Brk2 Warden
UKRO Brk3 Ranger
KRO TowerBox Bladesinger Hall Bladesinger Hall UKRO Brk4a Bladesinger
KRO TowerBox Forest Keepers Forest Keepers UKRO Brk4b Forest Keeper
KRO TowerBox Arch-Druid Henge Arch-Druid Henge UKRO Bear Runed Bear
KRO TowerBox AwokHut Awok Hut UKRO Awok Awok
KRO TowerBox DragonNest Dragon Nest UKRO Ashb Young Ashbite
KRO TowerBox Renegade Renegade Post UKRO Reng Renegade Elf
KRO Spells CallReinforcements Reinforcements RKRO 1aRKRO 1bRKRO 1c Reinforcements
RKRO 1aRKRO 1bRKRO 1c Skilled Defenders
RKRO 1aRKRO 1bRKRO 1c Green Wardens
RKRO 5aRKRO 5bRKRO 5c Moon Sentinels
CathaSmall Catha UHro Pixi Golden Pixie
RazzRagsSmall Razz and Rags UHro Chng Changeling
PrinceDenasSmall Prince Denas UHro Swrn Sworn Defender
VeznanSmall Vez'nan UHro DkPc Dark Pact Demon
DuraxSmall Durax UHro Durx Durax Clone I
UHro Durx Durax Clone II
BravebarkSmall Bravebark UHro Grn Greenling

Kingdom Rush: VengeanceEdit

Source Unit
ODen IV Orc Warriors Den UKRV OW1 Orc Warrior I
UKRV OW2 Orc Warrior II
UKRV OW3 Orc Warrior III
UKRV OW4 Orc Warrior IV
MiniBox Capn Orc Captain
DKnight IV Dark Knights UKRV DK1 Dark Knight I
UKRV DK2 Dark Knight II
UKRV DK3 Dark Knight III
UKRV DK4 Dark Knight IV
SMausoleum IV Specters Mausoleum MiniBox SMGarg Gargoyle
BFling IV Bone Flingers MiniBox Skel Skeleton
MiniBox SkelWr Skeleton Knight
MiniBox Bonem Bonem
EHarass IV Elite Harassers UKRV EH1 Elite Harasser I
UKRV EH2 Elite Harasser II
UKRV EH3 Elite Harasser III
UKRV EH4 Elite Harasser IV
MiniBox SpcHrs Berserk Harasser
GCemetery IV Grim Cemetery MiniBox Zombo Zombie
MiniBox Zombx ZombieX
RForest IV Rotten Forest MiniBox RotTree Evil Treant
DDReef IV Deep Devil's Reef MiniBox GreenfinI Greenfin
MiniBox GreenfinI Greenfin
MiniBox GreenfinI Greenfin
MiniBox RedspineTwr Redspine
WZep IV Goblin War Zeppelin MiniBox Zapper Goblin Zapper
Troll Mercenaries Troll Mercenaries MiniBox TrollMerc Troll Spear Hunter
MiniBox TrollChMerc Troll Axe Hunter
Spider Nest Spider Nest MiniBox Spling Spiderling
Caravan Caravan MiniBox MercBandit Bandit
MiniBox MercRaider Raider
MiniBox MercMarauder Marauder
Event Goonies Demon Goonies UKRV Gny1 Demon Goonies
UKRV Gny2 Trained Goonies
UKRV GTrd Hellion Tridents
UKRV GDmn Demon Guards
UKRV GPit Pit Lord
VerukSmall Veruk MiniBox Gobkin Goblin
MiniBox WMongr Warmonger
MortemisSmall Mortemis MiniBox Zombo Zombie
MiniBox RotGuard Rotten Bodyguard
DoomTankSmall Doom Tank SG-11 MiniBox Expend12 Expendable I
MiniBox Expend12 Expendable II
MiniBox Expend3 Expendable III
BeresadSmall Beresad MiniBox Golem Golem
JackOSmall Jack O'Lantern Minibox GhoulJOL Ghoul
KRV Shop Shop MiniBox Mummy Mummy
MiniBox Mumra Mummy Ra I
MiniBox Mumra2 Mummy Ra II
MiniBox Jugger Juggernaut

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