Unlisted enemies do not have Encyclopedia entries within the games. The small icons and profile pictures have been created by a wiki editor specifically to include them in the same format as standard enemies.

Kingdom Rush

MiniBox SpiderHatch
MiniBox MutHatchling
MiniBox Sheep
MiniBox HobgoblinChief
MiniBox Placeholder-donotremove-
Spider Hatchling Mutated Hatchling Sheep Hobgoblin Chief

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

MiniBox Spiderling
MiniBox Savagebrute
MiniBox Poukai
MiniBox Shredofdarkness
MiniBox Gunboat
Spiderling Savage Brute Poukai Shred of Darkness Gunboat
MiniBox JackOLantern
MiniBox Anoobis
MiniBox ReaperLord
Jack'O Lantern Anoobis Reaper Lord

Kingdom Rush: Origins

MiniBox GnollCatapult
MiniBox Banshee
MiniBox Zealot
MiniBox Bunny
MiniBox Placeholder-donotremove-
Gnoll Catapult Scourger Banshee Zealot Bunny

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

Due to there being no encyclopedia in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, technically all the enemies in the game are Unlisted. However, they have not been included in this category due to the encyclopedia not being a feature, as opposed to them being missing.

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