CrossbowFortIcon"Time for target practice!"
The Crossbow Fort is an advanced Ranged Tower that appears in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It shoots farther and faster than the Tribal Axethrowers but deals less individual damage per shot.


"Trained under monastic discipline, these crossbow furies are masters of their craft."



Barrage "Be quick or be dead!"CFBarrage

Shoots bolts in quick succession that deal 30-40 damage each. It can change to a new target within a limited angle. (Cooldown: 6 seconds)

Level Cost Bolts
1 250 6
2 150 8
3 150 10


FalconerIcon "Aim through falcon eyes!"CFFalconer

Gains a chance to deal double damage and improves attack range of all towers (including itself) in its range. 

This effect does not stack. 

Level Cost Range Critical Chance
1 200 10% 5%
2 200 15% 10%
3 200 20% 15%



  • The Crossbow Fort is one of the most versatile advanced towers, and is useful in almost every situation.
  • Place it in key strategic points to allow its Falconer ability to buff as many towers as possible. On most stages you can buff up to 4 towers including the Crossbow Fort. The most towers you can possibly buff at once is 9 on Dusk Chateau.
  • The Falconer bonus does not stack with multiple Crossbow Forts e.g. a tower within range of two Crossbow Forts, one with Falconer Level 2 and one with Falconer Level 3, will only receive a 20% bonus to range from the higher-ranked tower.
  • Barrage is one of the most powerful abilities in the series due to its raw physical damage output. When upgraded to Level 3, it can output 300-400 damage with each use, and almost doubles the DPS of the Crossbow Fort.

Additional Stats

  • DPS: 30 to 46 (average 38)
  • Total Cost: 570 G (540 G with Lumbermill)
  • Cost Efficiency: 19 gold per point of DPS (18 with Lumbermill)
  • The Focused Aim and Accuracy upgrades increase base damage to 18 to 28, and the Twin Shot upgrade increases DPS by 10%: 39.6 to 61.6 (average 50.6)
  • Falconer Level 3 increases DPS by 15%: 45.54 to 70.84 (average 58.19)
  • Barrage Level 3 increases the DPS to 83 to 118 (average 100.5) | 97.47 to 136.8 on Steam (average 117.13)*
  • Total Cost with abilities fully upgraded: 1720 G (1690 G with Lumbermill)
  • DPS with max abilities and upgrades (single target): 87.95 to 125.7 (average 106.83) | 102.09 to 143.99 on Steam (average 123.04)

*Note: Barrage changes the attack pattern of the Crossbow Fort. In a 6 second cycle the Crossbow Fort can fire 10 bolts and 1 barrage on Flash and Mobile. However, it will fire 7 bolts and 1 barrage in a 4.5 second cycle on Steam. This difference is not documented but was discovered through playtesting. Over this period the average DPS is 106.83 on Flash and Mobile ((23×1.1×1.15×10+10×35)/6) | 123.04 on Steam ((23×1.1×1.15×7+10×35)/4.5).

Related Upgrades

  • Up KRF ImpAim Steady Hand (1 Star): Increases marksmen attack range (+10%).
  • Up KRF FocusAim Focused Aim (2 Stars): Increases marksmen attack damage. (Crossbow Fort's damage increases to 16-25.)
  • Up KRF Accuracy Accuracy (2 Stars): Increases marksmen attack range (+5% from Steady Hand) and damage. (Crossbow Fort's damage increases to 18-28.)
  • Up KRF TwinShot Twin Shot (3 Stars): Marksmen have a 10% chance of shooting two projectiles at the same time.

Related Achievements

8Hawk HAWKEYE Apply one Falconer bonus to 4 towers.

9Spears BOLT OUT THE SUN Have the Crossbow Forts shoot 10000 bolts.


  • Time for target practice! (main)
  • Be quick or be dead! (Barrage)
  • Blackbird, fly! (Falconer)


  • "Time for target practice!"
    • A line spoken by a Sniper in Dota 2
  • "Blackbird, fly!"
    • A line from the song Blackbird by The Beatles.
  • "Be quick or be dead"
    • A song by heavy metal band Iron Maiden.