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Crystal Demolishers are crystalline enemies. They are encountered in the Anurian Wetlands, the fourth environment of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, introduced in the Subaquatic Menace Mini-Campaign. They are one of the hardest-hitting enemies in the series.


A golem constructed with magical crystals all over its body. If they collect enough magic they become unstoppable creatures of mass destruction.

Crystal Demolishers are huge golems infused with pink magical crystals. They move slowly but hit extremely hard, even more than other giant enemies in the series and more than some minibosses. While they initially lack any armor, they will gain a stacking armor buff per nearby Anurian Channeler, making melee towers and barracks less useful against them. Upon defeat, they will crumble and damage any troops or heroes for 300 physical damage, finishing off most troops they didn't kill.

The biggest danger is their tendency to appear in large numbers. This can quickly and easily overwhelm barracks troops due to their numbers and damage.


  • Keep low-HP heroes away from these as the damage they deal can easily overwhelm them. However, due to their slow attack animation, faster heroes like Asra can be moved away before their attack connects.
  • If relying on Archer Towers to deal with these, make sure to keep them away from Channelers else their armor rating will increase per Channeler and make those towers useless.
    • Asra's Quiver of Sorrow will not be of any use as their armor will immediately be replenished as long as they are near a Channeler.
  • Even though their damage is incredible, Goonies can still stall them for a short while as their attack speed is slow.
  • The Blazing Gem is very useful against these as it targets the enemy nearer the back. Since Anurian Channelers are faster, it will often target the Golem. From there, the magic damage will pierce any additional armor and kill it quickly.
  • Instant kills are incredibly useful as with all giant enemies. Those that disintegrate such as Blazing Gem's Destructo-Ray or Beresads Obliterate are even better as it will not activate their area damage upon death.
  • Owing to both their numbers and the large numbers of accompanying chasers and wardens in later waves, it may pay off best to upgrade Orc Shamans with Static Shock and Meteor Shower. Infernal Mages have more reliable damage output, but Orc Shamans have more reliable crowd control.
  • Despite the high damage dealt by their death explosion, it can be somewhat negated by the fact that it can only hit up to 5 allied units. As such, some units may take no damage despite standing in the explosion's radius.


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