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This article is about the enemy in Kingdom Rush and the companion/enemy in Legends of Kingdom Rush. For the tower in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, see Dark Knights.

Dark Knights are slow, durable, and heavily armored enemies. They are stronger versions of the Brigand, usually appearing as numbers just as often.


Full plated corrupted knights, almost impervious to damage.


  • Despite the description's comment, there's actually a good number of ways to acceptably damage Dark Knights, as they have only moderate HP and no magic resistance in tandem with low mobility. If the player used a decent mixture of tower types, the Dark Knights will eventually succumb.
  • Keeping Mages and Artillery up to speed is recommended, as they are the most casual way of bypassing the Dark Knights' heavy armor, with the former targeting the non-existent magic resistance instead and the latter ignoring half the armor rating.
  • Arcane Wizards are the most effective way of killing Dark Knights, due to their impressive damage output. The Sorcerer Mage is also useful for dealing with them, with the curse ability lowering the Dark Knight's substantial armor. The sorcerer's elemental can block a Dark Knight while the curse opens a way for more damage to be dealt.
  • Dark Knights are typically backed by Shadow Archers. Micromanagement of barracks is therefore crucial. Shadow Archers can also be wiped out quickly by a likely built Sharpshooter Tower and so shouldn't get out of hand whenever they get in front. It might be tempting to have the Rangers Hideout's Poison Arrows to bypass both armor stats as well as the Dark Knights' frontlining, but Poison Arrows has cost-effectiveness issues and so shouldn't be bought without consideration of the efficiency of your other defenses.
  • When dealing with both Dark Knights and Demon Spawns simultaneously, it's once again guaranteed that Dark Knights will be in the front. Dark Knights probably should be treated as the higher priority targets to be able to have free rein against the Demon Spawns sooner.



Deal struck.


Dark Knights are the backbone of the Dark army. Having traded their vitality for great unholy powers, they have resorted to wearing heavy armor to compensate for their poor constitution.

Dark Knight is the sixth Companion to be unlocked in Legends of Kingdom Rush. He is made available by unlocking the I Fought The Law achievement.


We came across a camper during our travels.

We realised the camper was a heavily armoured Dark Knight staring at the horizon. The Dark Knight turned around to face us and stared at us without saying a word. The Dark Knight simply nodded and walked towards us, mumbling unintelligible.



Level HP Armor Attack Speed Armor regen
1 4 7 3 2 2
2 5 8 4 2 3
3 6 9 6 2 4


DarkKnight Lokr Trait 1.png Armor of Thorns : Deals 1/1/2 retribution damage every time the hero receives a melee attack.

Fortify Lokr Trait.png Fortify : Gains extra armor until the next turn if the character ends their turn without using any skills

Affliction Lokr Fortify.png This unit has +2 armor for this turn.


Tier 1 Skills[]

Name Cooldown Type Range Effect Epic
DarkKnight Lokr Skill 1-1.png Dark Slash 0 Regular 1 Dark Knight's basic attack, deals [attack] damage. Applies Knockback to Weakened targets.
DarkKnight Lokr Skill 1-2.png Rupture 3 Regular 1 Deals [attack] +2 damage and applies Knockback and Bleeding to the target. None

Tier 2 Skills[]

Name Cooldown Type Range Effect Epic
DarkKnight Lokr Skill 2-1.png Impervious 3 Regular Self Fully restores armor and +4 armor for 3 turns. Remove Burning and Poisoned status. None
DarkKnight Lokr Skill 2-2.png Spike Reforge 3 Regular Self Fully restores armor and gains +3 thorns damage for a turn. None

Tier 3 Skills[]

Name Cooldown Type Range Effect Epic
DarkKnight Lokr Skill 3-1.png Soulstrike 3 Full action 4 Deals [attack] damage and heals HP equal to the [level] Deals True damage if the target is weakened.
DarkKnight Lokr Skill 3-2.png Porcupine Slam 4 Regular Self Deals [thorn damage] damage to all adjacent enemies. None


  • "" - Upon select
  • "" - Upon upgrade
  • "" - During combat
  • "" - During combat
  • "" - During combat
  • "" - When hurt
  • "" - When hurt
  • "" - When hurt
  • "" - When killed


The Dark Knight also appears as an enemy in Krum'Thak's Dominion. They appear in a unique challenge triggered by encountering a Dark Knight node on the map. If you do not have a member of Vez'nan's army in your party (Asra for example) they will attempt to pilfer potions from you, upon which you have options to fight them. Defeating them without any casualties unlocks the I fought the law achievement and the Dark Knight as a companion.


LokR Nme ArmorThorns.png Armor of Thorns : Deals retribution damage every time the hero receives a melee attack. Damage retribution: 1 LokR TrueDam Icon.png

LokR NmeTr Fortify.png Fortify : Gains extra armor until the next turn if the character ends their turn without using any skills


Name Cooldown Type Range Effect
LokR Nme Melee.png Dark Slash 0 Regular Melee Slashes an enemy with its sword



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