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Dark Slayers are stronger versions of the Dark Knight, with the highest physical armor of any enemy (tied with Raiders and Bloodshells) in Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.


Dark Slayers are humongous knights in a full suit of dark armor. Their helmets have a pair of horns and a thin black visor, obscuring their faces. Dark Slayers appear to have several spikes covering their shoulders. They wield a giant serrated sword with a red hilt.


Claimed by darkness; slayers are the bane of anyone standing in their way.

Dark Slayers are virtually impenetrable to physical attacks; other than the Musketeer's Sniper Shot, nothing does more than scratch this hulking monstrosity. Non-upgraded Archer towers will deal little to no damage. The normal strikes of a Paladin are very weak [1], and the 500mm Big Bertha, ignoring half the armor level, barely damages it. Even a fully upgraded Rain of Fire can't kill one. Barracks troops quickly fall to the Dark Slayer's powerful strikes. Use the highest level magic towers possible, and Death Rays or the Dark Slayer shall surely live up to his name.

Dark Slayers almost always appear with many Dark Knights trailing behind them. Shadow Archers are also commonly seen with Dark Slayers.


  • High-level magic towers and/or instant kills are essential to punch through the Dark Slayer's armor. Use mages level 3 or 4, combine with Paladins to kill them. Do not use Barbarians to block the Slayers, as they will be killed very quickly and unable to inflict much damage through the Slayers' 95% armor rating.
  • However weak Reinforcements or low-level barracks are against the Dark Slayer, they are still able to stall it for a few seconds. More time standing in one place means more time exposed to magic towers. Since Reinforcements have a fast respawn rate, you can use them to keep a Dark Slayer in the range of a magic tower for longer.
  • Where feasible, one hit kills such as the Arcane Wizard's Death Ray are preferable. If you lack money for the upgrade, an Arcane Wizard is still very effective against Dark Slayers. One hit from the Arcane ray will drop its health by a visible amount. Teleport is also very useful, being able to stall Dark Slayers for incredible periods of time, especially with multiple Arcane Wizards.
  • Use the Sorcerer Mage's curse to reduce their physical armor, making them much more vulnerable to artillery and archers.
  • In Stormcloud Temple use the Sunray Tower as often as possible. Its high, concentrated damage will greatly reduce the health of the Slayer [2].
  • Reinforcements are only good for blocking Dark Slayers, as even with all reinforcement upgrades, their melee attack deals 0 damage. With the spiked armor upgrade, however; they can deal slightly more. Their ranged attacks only deal 1-2 damage per throw.
  • If you upgraded Spiked Armor on the upgrades, it can reflect damage back to Dark Slayers even though Soldiers can't reflect much damage to them.
  • Earth Elementals can hold them for a fair amount of time, but be sure to support them with high-level Magic Towers.
  • Paladins on Flash with holy strike can harm them very quickly. When fully upgraded they are even better, because of armor, healing light, and holy strike. This allows them to fight Dark Slayers for a long time. However, the backup will be required to take care of the Shadow Archers that often accompany Dark Slayers.



  1. Holy Strike, however, deals True Damage on Flash
  2. Unavailable on iOS and iPadOS

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