This article is about the tower in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. For the enemies in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, see Greenfin, Deviltide, Redspine, and/or Bluegale.

TwrIcon DDReef "We come from the deep."
The Deep Devil's Reef is a premium tower in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, available as an in-app purchase that costs $2.99. It functions as both a Magic Tower, by firing magical bolts at enemies, and a Melee Tower, by summoning two Greenfins (or Redspines, once upgraded to level 4) to block enemies.


From the depths of the sea, Bluegales emerge to zap enemies with their powerful magic while a couple of skillful Greenfins stop them in place.


Level Damage
(With Upgrades)
Fire Rate Range Build
DDReef I 1 4-12
1.5s Short


DDReef II 2 11-34
1.5s Short


DDReef III 3 23-68
1.5s Short


DDReef IV 4 40-120
1.5s Short


Level HP
(With Upgrades)
Melee Damage
Ranged Damage
Armor Respawn
MiniBox GreenfinI 1 50
1-2 - None 12 seconds
MiniBox GreenfinII 2 85
2-4 - None 12 seconds
MiniBox GreenfinIII 3 120
3-8 - 10% 12 seconds
MiniBox RedspineTwr 4 160
6-14 9-14 10% 12 seconds


Chosen by the Sea

TwrSkill DD 1 "We are the warriors of the deep." 

Improve the stats of the Redspines.  

MiniBox RedspineTwr Cost
(With Upgrades)
HP Melee Damage Ranged Damage Armor Respawn
11-19 14-19 25% 12s

Net Throw

TwrSkill DD 2 "Tangled."

Redspines can now toss nets to trap enemies for a short time.

Level Cost
(With Upgrades)
Trap Length Cooldown
1 150
2 seconds 14 seconds
2 150
4 seconds 12 seconds

Perfect Storm

TwrSkill DD 3 "Feel the Thunder."

Summons a cloud over an enemy that strikes 3 lightnings over 5 seconds. (Cooldown: 20 seconds)

Level Cost
(With Upgrades)
Damage per Lightning
1 180
2 180
3 180



Related Upgrades

  • KRVUp Rations WAR RATIONS (1 soul): With a full belly, Barracks units have improved health. (30% additional HP)
  • KRVUp Runes RUNES OF POWER (2 souls): All mage towers have a slight chance of dealing double damage on each attack. (10% chance of double damage)
  • KRVUp Guild GUILD OF MERCHANTS (2 souls): Costs of towers' special skills is now reduced. (15% cost reduction)
  • KRVUp Master MASTER ARCHITECTS (2 souls):All towers gain extra bonus damage. (10% additional basic attack damage)


  • "Sleep with the fishes."
  • "The sea is our anger."
  • "Drown and suffer."

Tier 4:

  • "We come from the deep" (when built)
  • "Amphibious assault." (Chosen of the Deep)
  • "No escape from the net." (Net Throw)
  • "Electrifying." (Perfect Storm)


  • The Deep Devil's Reef features three enemies first seen in the Rising Tides mini-campaign from Kingdom Rush: Frontiers; the Bluegale, Greenfin and Redspine
  • Sleep with the fishes
    • A phrase pertaining to gangster cliché. Anyone that was killed or had their body disposed of in a river, ocean or significant body of water was described as "sleeping with the fishes" as they were at the bottom of the waterbed, where the fish lived.
  • Deep Devil names do not appear to have any significant meaning or reference. Like the Orc Warriors Den, they are simple, two or three syllable names.
    • Vanarka
    • Irucza
    • Antha
    • Elhith
    • Etula
    • Midas
    • Rekar