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This article is about the enemy in Kingdom Rush and Legends of Kingdom Rush. For the tower in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, see Infernal Mage.

Demon Lords are resistant to magic and can cast damage-absorbing shields on other demons. They also explode and deal damage to nearby soldiers on death.


Demon Lords are red, demonic creatures. They have a pair of horns on the top of their head, and they have two narrow slits as eyes. Demon Lords have a frown with two downturned fangs. They wear golden armbands and a golden belt. Demon Lords also have some sort of golden pendant around their neck and they wear brown pants.


They lead their fiendish armies into battle, protecting their minions with infernal shields.

Demon Lords obviously fight supported by large numbers of other demonic enemies. Around every 7 seconds, Demon Lords will cast a spell that provides a shield only for Demon SpawnsDemon Hounds, Flareons, Demon Legions, Gulaemons, and Cerberus around them.

Each shield negates 4 damage instances before it breaks. It also nullifies any damage affliction (such as poison from Rangers Hideouts, the passive curse from Sorcerer Mages, and the Slow Curse from all magic towers). Afflictions applied before the shield will still take effect. When Demon Lords recast the spell, the damage-negating instance of all existing shields are recharged as well.


  • Demon Lords are not strong enemies by themselves, but by constantly casting their spells to shield damage around them, they can accompany swarms of demons to march through your defense unscathed. Even worse, they walk slower than other demons, making themselves safely protected from the firepower in the frontline.
    • Try either killing Demon Lords before they get surrounded by demonic meat shields, or eliminating the lesser foes first and leave Demon Lords alone.
  • Use archer and artillery towers against these enemies, as they are moderately resistant to magic attacks. In particular, Rangers Hideouts and Tesla x104 are superior against both the Lords and shielded demons.
    • Rangers Hideouts has an unmatched attack rate and two damage-over-time abilities, both beneficial to breaking the shields, enabling other towers to remove lesser demons and focus on Demon Lords.
    • The chain attack and Overcharge damage Tesla x104 can hit hard on Demon Lords, even without targeting them. Overcharge also allows Tesla to break shields on all demons around it.
  • Barracks and reinforcements can block Demon Lords, preventing them from moving with other demons and shielding them constantly.
    • However, unlike some other enemies with special abilities, Demon Lords will still cast the spell even when blocked.
    • These soldiers can also break the infernal shields with Spiked Armor.
  • It's good to reserve a Rain of Fire for them. When fully upgraded, it will dispatch them quickly and wipe out waves of demons with Blazing Earth.
  • Clear the area before these enemies die. Their infernal combustion does 200-400 physical area damage, easily wiping out low-level soldiers or even fully upgraded Reinforcements.
  • Focus your physical damage on entrances that Demon Lords appear from. Although they often appear alongside Dark Slayers, they spawn in a different entrance, allowing you to place magic towers at the other entrance.



These strong units command the battlefield with their array of abilities and are found in the later nodes of the Extradimensional Menace.


LokR NmeTr Fireborn.png Fireborn : This unit is immune to burning


Name Cooldown Type Range Effect
LokR Nme Fireball.png Flame Pitch 0 Regular 4 The Demon Lord's basic attack, deals [attack] 3-4 magic damage and applies burning for one turn..
LokR Nme Nethershield.png Nether Shield 2 Regular Self In a 2-Hex radius, adds 4 extra armor to all allies
LokR Nme DemonCall.png Demon Lord's Call 3 Regular 2 Summons a new Demon Spawn to the fight
LokR Nme CommandSacr.png Command Sacrifice 2 Regular 3 Forces a surrounded Demon unit to trigger Infernal Sacrifice.


  • Demon Lords should be taken out quickly before they can use all of their abilities, which can create a large problem for the player


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