"I’m the one who knocks!"

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Durax the Elemental is a Hero in Kingdom Rush: Origins. He is unlocked by paying $4.99 as an in-app purchase and is unlocked on Shrine of Elynie on Steam. He starts at level 5.


As a crystal elemental that has seen his lands tarnished by the Ogres evil sorcery he vowed to destroy every single one of them. With powers that defy all expectations, a no-nonsense attitude and a penchant for retribution, you don’t want to be on the receiving end of Durax's onslaught.


Durax 1 CRYSTALLITES Duraxduplicate (active) (cooldown: 50 seconds) (5/5/5 hero points):

Durax summons a controllable copy of himself (1/1/2) to fight enemies for 25/50/75 seconds.

Durax 2 ARMBLADE DuraxArmblade (active) (cooldown: 22 seconds) (1/1/2 hero points):

Durax slices his opponent with his sharpened crystal arm dealing 60/100/180 True Damage.

Durax 3 LETHAL PRISM DuraxPrism1 (active) (cooldown: 22 seconds) (1/1/2 hero points):

Durax transforms into a pyramidal prism that fires 2/3/4 lightning bolts that deal 20-40 / 25-45 / 35-55 True Damage each.

Durax 4 SHARD LANCE DuraxShardLance (active) (cooldown: 26 seconds) (1/1/2 hero points):

Durax throws a crystal spear that that skewers a single enemy for 45/90/180 True Damage.

Hero Spell

Durax 5 SAPPHIRE FANGS (active) (3/3/3 hero points):

Summons sharp spikes over an area dealing 400/800/1200 True Damage. The skill can deal damage to either a single target or distributed among enemies.

(The damage description is incorrect on mobile.)


Level HP Heal Rate Damage Armor Respawn
1 280 23 8-12 None 21s
2 300 25 9-13 None 21s
3 320 27 10-15 None 21s
4 340 28 11-15 None 21s
5 360 30 12-18 None 21s
6 380 32 13-19 None 21s
7 400 33 14-21 None 21s
8 420 35 15-22 None 21s
9 440 37 16-24 None 21s
10 460 38 17-25 None 21s

Tips and Tricks

  • Durax isn't very durable for a melee hero, but using the Crystallites skill allows to mitigate this problem :
    • At lvl 3, Crystallites allows Durax to maintain 2 copies of himself active at the same time.
    • With at least two Duraxes, one can block an enemy while the other heals, then switch once the first Durax has recovered. This will keep an enemy in place for an indefinite amount of time, stalling even better than Prince Denas and Bravebark, but requires a lot of micro-management.
    • It also works well on levels with multiple, widespread paths with enemies that have consistently mediocre health and damage, namely the Hulking Rage levels which Durax was released alongside in the same update, making him tailor-made for this purpose.
  • Durax can't deal much damage by himself, but the combination of his duplicates can add up to a considerable amount.
    • The copies can use all of Durax's skills except for Crystallites, tripling his damage output if used well. All skills from all three used in a row allow you to deal 1500-1740 True Damage total.
    • You can either make Durax and his copies all attack a single unit or spread out to fight other enemies, dealing a lot of damage in both scenarios, but in a different way. Make use of this versatility to handle mobs and fearsome foes. It also allows you to reinforce more than one choke point, a valuable asset similar to that of Vez'nan's Demon and Prince Denas's Kingsguards.
  • Sapphire Fangs is versatile, just like Durax himself. The spell's shared damage means that it can be used to kill a crowd of low tier enemies, or to severely weaken/outright kill a single enemy; except on veteran difficulty, a Twilight Avenger will never have a chance.


  • I’m the one who knocks!
  • Durax don’t text.
  • Say crystal again.
  • Your doom is crystal clear.
  • (death) *shatters*


  • Durax bears a striking similarity to the Sorcerer Stones that are found in the ancient city of the Elves, especially when he is in his Lethal Prism form.
  • The basis for Durax has been explained by Ironhide on their official Facebook page. "Durax was a Uruguayan brand for glass made plates and cups that pride itself in making them very resistant. So when the time came for making a crystal made golem, we couldn't resist the joke. So there, now you know."
  • Durax may also have been partially inspired by the alien Diamondhead from the cartoon television series Ben 10. Diamondhead is a being of living crystal, able to shape his body into blades and throw projectile diamonds much like Durax.
  • "I'm the one who knocks"
    • A line spoken by Walt in the television series Breaking Bad. It is part of a monologue where he implies that he is the person behind the door with a gun, as opposed to the person who opens the door and gets shot. He isn't in danger, he is the danger.
  • "Durax don't text"
    • A slightly out of context quote (as 'texting' doesn't exist in the Kingdom Rush universe) but is from the 2010 Machete, where the texting ability of the titular character is often brought up.
  • Durax along with Karkinos and Saitam are the only heroes to speak their own names. He is also the only hero outside of Kingdom Rush Frontiers to do so.
  • Probably, the crystal Umbra was trapped in is made of the same material Durax made from.
  • Durax is the first hero to have a passive aura beneath him since the heroes of original Kingdom Rush.
  • Durax is the third hero in the saga who's able to copy himself after Magnus Spellbane and Mirage. But his copies have his same stats and abilities.


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