DwarvenBastionIcon Let's get shooting!
The Dwarven Bastion is a Special Tower found only in The Dark Descent. It has two special abilities not unlike normal level 4 advanced towers. There are two Dwarven Bastions in Campaign and Heroic Challenge modes, and three in Iron Challenge mode.


Dwarven Bastions are very similar to the Musketeer Garrison of the original game: firing slowly but with high damage from the longest range in the game.

Explosive Keg is a simple area-of-effect damage ability. Similar to the Musketeer's Shrapnel Shot, it is quite reliable, especially against masses of enemies.

Full Mithril Jacket, on the other hand, when maxed, boosts the tower's damage by a whopping 90 points, making it more than double in power.


Explosive Keg

ExplosiveKeg "TNT!... and I'll win the fight!"

Throws an explosive keg that deals area damage. (Cooldown: 10 seconds)

Level Cost Damage
1 250 60-100
2 150 80-160
3 150 100-220

Full Mithril Jacket

MithrilJacket "Seven-six-two millimeter...!"

Increases ranged attack damage by 30 on each upgrade.

Level Cost Damage after upgrade
1 300 65-95
2 150 95-125
3 150 125-155



  • Upgrade Full Mithril Jacket when you have the chance. At full power, the tower kills faster than any other tower in Frontiers, greatly ease down the pressure on your choke points.
  • Explosive Keg is cost-inefficient and not worth upgrading. Moreover, it is not affected by Shock and Awe upgrade.


  • Lock stock and barrel!
  • Let's get shooting!


  • "Lock stock and barrel"
    • A figure of speech used when referring to 'everything'. The lock, stock and barrel are the effective portions of a gun, and therefore, everything.
  • TNT! ... and i'll win the fight!
    • A line from the song TNT by AC/DC
  • Full Mithril Jacket
    • A take on the name of a 1987 film Full Metal Jacket. Mithril is a metal mined by dwarves in The Lord of the Rings.
  • Seven-six-two millimeter..
    • A line spoken by the character Private Pyle in the film Full Metal Jacket