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The Dwarven Bombard (Bombard on the iPhone version) is the Level 1 Artillery Tower. It deals area damage to ground units. The range is the same as the Level 2 Ranged Tower's. The tower is the same in both Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, with only a change in appearance.


"Bombards ground enemies dealing area damage."

A two-dwarf team is all that's necessary to work this large cannon. Its rudimentary design allows it to only handle the most basic ordnances.



  • Dwarven Bombards are strong against most ground-based enemies, even those with armor, because their splash damage ignores 50% of armor. They are especially useful against hordes of Goblins, one Goblin can only take two hits from a Bombard, making them the cheapest yet effective option to counter these enemies.
  • The only units the Bombard is not effective against are Marauders (their health is too high), all air units, Dark Knights, and Dark Slayers.
  • It is not recommended to use them in later stages, due to their low damage output and long reload time, instead, they should be upgraded to Dwarven Artillery as soon as possible.
  • Using Artillery in combination with some troops (Barracks, Reinforcements, Hero or combination) will increase their efficiency. Holding a group of enemies at one place makes easier for the Artillery to hit multiple enemies.

Related Upgrades

Kingdom Rush

  • KR Up ConcFire Concentrated Fire (1 Star): Increases artillery attack damage (10% damage increase).
  • KR Up Range Range Finder (1 Star): Increases artillery attack range (by 10%).
  • KR Up FieldLog Field Logistic (2 Stars): Artillery construction and upgrading costs are reduced by 10%.
  • KR Up Indust Industrialization (3 Stars): Artillery special abilities costs are reduced by 25%.
  • KR Up SmartTar Smart Targeting (3 Stars): Artillery suffers no reduction of splash and chain lightning damage.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

  • Up KRF Smoothbore Smoothbore (1 Star): Increases artillery attack range (by 10%).
  • Up KRF Powder Alchemical Powder (1 Star): Artilleries has a chance of dealing maximum damage with no splash reduction.
  • Up KRF Ordnance Improved Ordnance (2 Stars): Increases artillery attack damage (by 10%).
  • Up KRF Gnomish Gnomish Tinkering (3 Stars): Reduces artilleries' special abilities reload times.
  • Up KRF ShockAwe Shock and Awe (3 Stars): Artillery towers have a chance of stunning their targets on every attack.


  • Want some, get some!
  • Hail to the king, baby!
  • Fully loaded!


  • "Want some, get some"
    • A line spoken by the character Kirk Lazarus in the 2008 film Tropic Thunder.
  • "Hail to the king, baby"
    • The final line spoken by the character Ash in the 1992 cult film Army Of Darkness, declaring himself to be a King in one way or another.