"Time is mana!"
The Eldritch Dais is the level 3 Mage Tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It replaces the Wizard Tower from the previous games and is upgraded from the Arcanist Dais.


"Eldritch sorcerers cast bigger, meaner magic bolts of pink death. Get the party started!"

The appearance itself changes very little; only the borders become a bit bigger. However, the damage of the mage almost doubles becoming way more powerful and effective against armored enemies.



  • Even better upgrading mage. Any armor enemies enjoying themselves from getting damage will be slaughtered thanks to mages for ignoring armor.
  • Use it wisely if there are more magic resistance enemies than armored enemies. The mage can help destroying armored enemies and other towers can help finish them off.
  • If you do not have enough Eldritch Dais and needed mage, then buy the first level mage towers instead, although they are not as good as level 3 Eldritch Dais tower.

Level 4 Upgrades

Icon MageHigh High Elven Mage

Icon MageWild Wild Magus

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade M 01 Level-1 Crystal Focus (1 star): Increases Mage attack range. (+5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 02 Level-2 Empowered Magic (1 star): Increases Mage attack damage. (+15%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 03 Level-3 Crystal Gazing (2 stars): Increases Mage attack range (+5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 04 Level-4 Unstable Magic (2 stars): Mage attacks have a small change of dealing triple damage. (5%)
  • KRO Upgrade M 05 Level-5 Alter Reality (3 stars): Mage attacks have a chance of teleporting enemies back down the path. (10%)


  • I've got that power!
  • Wit beyond measure!
  • Time is mana!"