"You have my bow."

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Eridan the Ranger is a hero in Kingdom Rush: Origins. Eridan was the first hero to be revealed in a short pre-release trailer. As the first hero, he starts at level 1.


Eridan comes from a long lineage of magic wielders. He was outcasted by his eldest brother Arivan, for embracing the hard life of a ranger. Despite that, he became a legend for his outstanding archery and fencing skills. His Twin Blades ended many enemy incursions and numerous hordes of ravaging monsters have fell to his Rain of Arrows. Some whisper that his gallardy has impressed a brave elven princess.

Eridan is the first free hero available to players. He starts out at Level 1, and is unlocked on the fourth wave of Gray Ravens. He has a fast rate of fire and deals decent melee damage. Eridan is an good choice of hero, because not only does he deal huge amounts of damage with his bow, but his melee damage, fully upgraded, can destroy most enemies in a matter of seconds. Not only that, but his Nimble Fencer upgrade can make him very difficult to kill, along with Medium armor.


Eridan 1 ARROW VOLLEY ArrowVolley (active) (Cooldown: 10 seconds) (2/2/2 hero points):

Shoots a 3/6/9 arrow volley in quick succession, targeting enemies in range.

Eridan 2 PORCUPINE (passive) (1/1/1 hero points):

Deals 1/2/3 bonus damage up to a maximum of 3/6/9 for each consecutive arrow on the same target.

Eridan 3 NIMBLE FENCER Nimble (passive) (1/2/3 hero points):

Gives Eridan a 10%/30%/60% chance of dodging and countering melee attacks for 20-40 damage.
(It is bugged on mobile in that it gives him only 10%/20%/30% chance.)

Eridan 4 DOUBLE STRIKE DoubleStrike2 (active) (Cooldown: 12 seconds) (2/2/2 hero points):

Executes a twin-bladed special attack, dealing 40-80 / 70-140 / 100-200 damage.

Hero Spell

Eridan 5 ARROW STORM (active) (4/5/6 hero points):

Blankets a wide area with a volley of 17/21/25* arrows, each dealing 31/42/60* True Damage.
(*: The description on mobile is incorrect at level 3. The actual damage and the number of arrows are listed above.)


Level HP Heal Rate Melee & Ranged Damage Armor Respawn
1 220 20 8-12 10% 15s
2 240 25 9-13 15% 15s
3 260 30 10-16 20% 15s
4 280 35 10-16 25% 15s
5 300 40 11-17 30% 15s
6 320 45 12-18 35% 15s
7 340 50 13-19 40% 15s
8 360 55 14-20 45% 15s
9 380 60 14-22 50% 15s
10 400 65 15-23 55% 15s

Tips and Tricks

Eridan's main focus is Crowd Control, taking down large groups of low-health minions. His quick basic attacks are good for taking down groups of weaker, unarmored enemies, such as gnolls, very efficiently, making him a great hero in many earlier levels. But where he really shines are his diverse skills, which can help him excel at both melee and ranged combat.

His ranged skills, Arrow Volley and Porcupine, are best suited for when he is sniping at enemies from behind a line of barracks, allowing him to hold a choke point well. Arrow Volley has a very quick cooldown and can deal superb damage to a strong foe, or many weaker ones. Porcupine helps him take down stronger enemies even faster.

Eridan's melee skills, on the other hand, allow him to hold his own against powerful foes that lack an area attack, such as the Ettin. Nimble Fencer should be upgraded fully as soon as possible, since a 60% chance of dodging and countering attacks is useful against all types of foes. Double Strike should be upgraded if you plan to have Eridan face high-HP foes such as the Ettin.

Do NOT send Eridan up against an enemy with area damage, such as a Twilight Golem or a Bandersnatch; as his Nimble Fencer upgrade is useless against area attacks, he cannot tank effectively. He can, however, kite against other enemies, like Hoplites or Gnolls.

Regardless of whether you prioritize Eridan's melee or ranged skills, his Hero Spell, Arrow Storm, should be upgraded quickly because it is truly an amazing hero spell to have: on earlier levels in which you face hordes of weak enemies, a fully upgraded Arrow Storm is almost like having a second Thunderbolt. Its wide AOE and quick cooldown make it a very versatile skill.


  • Eridan is excellent at both melee and ranged combat, and is one of the few heroes that can do both equally well (provided, of course, that all skills are fully upgraded). This means that he doesn't need a whole lot of micromanagement - simply set him up behind some barracks, but keep him close enough that he can enter melee combat once in a while
    • If you can afford to move him around a little, then aggressively send him against the most powerful (preferably unarmed) foes without an area attack, such that he can hold and damage them
  • His heal rate is amazing, meaning that you can retreat him and put him back in as necessary. Luckily, he also has a quick respawn, which is nice if he does happen to die.


  1. Armored Enemies: Well-armored enemies, such as Twilight Avengers, can easily wade past him without taking much damage. He can still hold them with Nimble Fencer, but fails to deal much damage, since even his deadly Double Strike only deals physical damage.
    • Support him with advanced Mages, and Forest Keepers' Ancient Oak Spears to make up for this weakness.
    • Use Thunderbolt when too many armored enemies are present to avoid them running over Eridan.
  2. Too many enemies: Eridan deals fairly little damage with his basic melee attacks, so he is prone to being overrun by hordes that force him into melee, disabling his ranged advantage.
    • Cover him with soldiers so that enemies cannot run over him so easily, Forest Keepers' Eerie Gardener and Bladesingers' Blade Dance can both prevent enemies from overwhelming Eridan, and also back him up with Druids and other crowd control oriented towers, such as Wild Magus and Arcane Archers.


  • Scope: 430 in ranged, 150 in melee


  • You have my bow.
  • We must move on.
  • For Aredhel!
  • Selur Edihnori.
  • (Death) Keelah!


  • "Selur Edihnori"
    • Ironhide Rules in reverse. It is similar to the phrase Edih Nori spoken by Sha'tra.
  • "Keelah!"
    • A common Quarian phrase, from the video game trilogy Mass Effect, meaning "By the home world." They wander the galaxy after being forced into exile by their own creations.
  • Eridan's appearance suggest he was based on Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, or Eredan, a character in the video game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North.
  • According to the developers, Eridan and Arivan are brothers, and sons of a sorceress and a druid. Arivan followed the family tradition of being a wizard, but Eridan became a ranger, becoming a bit of a black sheep in the process. As a result, the brothers do not get along well.


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