The Faery Dragon Aerie is a special tower that only appears in The Crystal Lake. It houses two dragon eggs that can be hatched into Faery Dragons to crystallize enemies.


Dragonlings with a crystallizing punch!

For a price of 150 gold, a Faery Dragon will hatch from an egg. Faery Dragons cannot be directly controlled, but instead, patrols a large area around the Aerie. Their attack deals no damage, but crystallizes the target for 1 second*, rendering it completely hapless. Thanks to their decent attack speed, they can greatly hamper big enemies' progress, but since they can't deal damage, they do not work so well against floods of Sword Spiders, Satyr Cutthroats or Redcaps, and they need to be backed up by other towers that can actually deal damage and kill enemies.


Hatch a Dragon

Icon Dragon Here there be Dragons!

Hatch a Faery Dragon to crystallize your foes.

level Gold Number of Dragons
1 150 1
2 150 2

Harder Crystal

Icon Crystal Stay put!

Improves crystallization duration. Requires at least one dragon to be purchased.

level Gold Crystallization Duration*
1 125 1.5 seconds
2 125 2 seconds

*: The duration are incorrectly described on mobile. The actual values are listed here.



  • This tower is an absolute MUST against powerful foes who don't have much ground to cover like Bandersnatch or Twilight Avenger.
  • It is advised to recruit two dragons early in the game, whereas the Harder Crystal upgrade is not immediately necessary and can be put off until you have enough gold.

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