Gnoll Warleaders are large-sized Gnolls, slightly bigger than a Gnoll Gnawer, carrying two massive weapons that look similar to the Hobgoblin Chief's swords with which they whirlwind attack. They serve as minibosses in the Valor's Rest endless stage in Kingdom Rush: Origins.


These formidable warriors are seen decimating armies single-handedly!

A single Gnoll Warleader spawns every 10 waves in Valor's Rest. They are functionally similar to giant enemies, being big, slow, tough and possessing an area attack, but their stats are much higher, on par with bosses. In addition, they share all immunities with bosses, and take away 20 lives if leaked. They perform Whirlwind attacks in every hit dealing damage in an area around him like Barbarians & Spear Maiden.

By wave 60, the Gnoll Warleader's stats will have surpassed those of the Spider Goddess, making it the strongest enemy in the game from that point on.


Use strong melee heroes, like Bravebark, Xin, Prince Denas, Reg'son, Eridan, [[[Bruce]], and Lynn to slow them down while towers dish the damage. Do not use Defenders to block them, instead, use the soldiers to slow down following Gnolls. Thunderbolt or a strong hero spell could injure it. When using Prince Denas, he could stall the Base Warleader for a while. Celebrity could hold back the enemies behind it while the towers focus on the Warleader. Kingsguard is best to be used on enemies that managed to leak through. Reg'son's Vindicator spell at max could seriously wound a Gnoll Warleader, saving a lot of stress.


Wave HP
Damage Bounty
10 2000 2500 3000 50-80 250
20 4800 4800 7200 55-88 353
30 7600 9500 11400 61-98 497
40 10600 13250 15900 67-108 702
50 14400 18000 21600 74-119 1000
60 33881 42351 50821 82-132 1000
70 80660 100825 120990 91-145 1000
80 131387 161234 193481 100-161 1000
90 212415 265519 318623 111-177 1000
100 348608 435760 522912 122-196 1000
110 567846 709807 851768 135-216 1000
120 924961 1156201 1387441 149-239 1000


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