The Gnome Garden is a special tower that only appears in The Unseelie Court. It does not attack, but instead houses up to three gnomes that can do all sorts of tricks on enemies.


Blinking Gnomes ready for trickery!

The Gnome Garden is home to the gnomes, diminutive mischievous faeries that, every now and then, will teleport out of the garden to perform a trick on an enemy, briefly blocking it, then instantly teleports back to the garden before the target can react.

Initially, there's only one gnome that has two tricks–Pickpocket and Polymorph. The Gnome Garden can be upgraded for more tricks, as well as more gnomes.

The Gnome Garden is unavailable in the Iron Challenge.


Cream & Porridge

Icon CreamPorr Expialidocious!

More food, more happy Gnomes to play pranks and tricks!

Level Cost Number of Gnomes
1 250 2
2 250 3

Total Mischief

Icon Mischief Trick or Treat!

Adds more tricks to the gnomes' repertoire.

Level Cost Abilities
1 200 Poison
2 200 Teleportation
3 200 Disintegration

Trick List

  • Pickpocket: Steals 1-6 Gold from target.
  • Polymorph: Turns target into Bunny. (Polymorphed enemies give 7 gold upon death.)
  • Poison: Poisons target to take total 120 damage (not lethal)
  • Warp: Teleports a target back the road.
  • Disintegration: Kills target instantly.


  • It costs a lot of gold, but once fully upgraded, 3 gnomes can provide a little bit of crowd control as they can hold enemies for 1.6 seconds while doing tricks on them.