Player stats

Gold along with the other player stats.

Gold is the player's primary resource in Kingdom Rush.


Every stage gives the player a predetermined amount of gold to spend on towers and upgrades. Heroic and Iron Challenge stages usually give more gold in the beginning. Every enemy gives different amount of gold usually depends on their strength and their HP.

All enemies killed will give gold. Exceptions to this rule are:

In Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, Corsairs and Assassins can have an ability to steal gold from enemies.

In Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, Machine Enemies like Chomp Bots and MechaDwarf MK.9s will only give gold when their disabled bodies break apart. Recruits promoted to Footmen by Troop Captains will give the same amount of gold as a Recruit.

Note that Skeletons and Skeleton Knights from the Graveyard do give gold.

In the Shop on the mobile version, a bag of gold can be bought for 850 gems (Kingdom Rush/Frontiers). When used, it gives 500 pieces of gold for the current stage. In Origins the shop offers the Hand of Midas for 750 gems that doubles the player´s gold income for a while.

The Premium Content gives a 30% bonus to starting gold if enabled. Captain Blackthorne has an ability to boost the gold bounty of enemies killed near him. Assassins with pickpocket ability upgraded has a small chance to steal gold from their enemies.