GoldenLongbows"Shoot to thrill, ready to kill."

The Golden Longbows is a level 4 Archer Tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins, unlocked in stage 7, Grimmsburg. They resemble the Musketeer Garrison from the original game: firing slowly but very accurately, with high individual damage, from the longest range in the game. If the target is within short range (scope: 300), they shoot faster, while the damage is reduced to a third.


"Golden Longbows are accurate, disciplined archers that deal death from far far away."

Golden Longbows' attacks have a 6% (1% in short range) chance of dealing double damage, which deals True Damage. It is shown as CRIT.


Crimson Sentence

Icon CrimsonShot through the heart! CrimsonSentence

Every shot has a chance of slaying its victim. This is shown as Headshot.

(*The percentage is halved in short range.)

Level Cost *Chance of Instant-Kill
1 300 3% (3.3%)
2 300 6% (6.6%)
3 300 9% (9.9%)

Hunter's Mark

Icon HuntMark Bullseye! HuntersMark

Marks a target, causing it to suffer 200% (220%) damage from all sources. (Cooldown: 12 seconds)

Level Cost Duration
1 225 5 seconds
2 225 10 seconds
3 225 15 seconds



  • The Golden Longbow is specialized in single target sniping. His great physical damage and range balance for his uncomfortably low fire rate. It is advised to only recruit him later in the stage, once your defense has been stabilized by Arcane Archers and Wild Magus, and bigger, tougher foes are coming. Purchase Crimson Sentence early to kill off Twilight Avengers and Satyr Hoplites before they threaten your defense with their abilities, and begin saving for Hunter's Mark as the Twilight Golem and Bandersnatches come.
  • The Hunter's Mark synergizes very well with Arch-Druid Henge's tier 3 Sylvan Curse, dealing equal double damage to all enemies near the common target. Together these two towers set up a deadly choke points for spiders, able to wreck hordes of them at once. But this strategy depends on luck to proc on the same target and Weirdwood's Clobber is more cost-efficient.
  • Do not build Golden Longbow early without sufficient fire power support. The slow fire rate will put you at risk when floods of enemies come. 
  • There's a bug in which the damage done with or without the Obsidian Heads upgrade is not what is listed; this is a definite bug.
    • In the Steam version, this bug is fixed.
  • Golden Longbows would rather be placed in the back to fully utilize both abilities. It also works well in the middle of the map where it can make the best use of its wide coverage.
  • While Golden Longbow has a sufficient damage, the attack rate itself is slow, and has the worst crowd control, compared to fast attack rate towers.

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade A 01 Level-1 Master Shooter (1 star): Increases Archer attack damage. (48-63 damage,16-21 damage in short range)
  • KRO Upgrade A 02 Level-2 Treesinged Bow (1 star): Increases Archer attack range (by 10%).
  • KRO Upgrade A 03 Level-3 Obsidian Heads (2 stars): Archers deal maximum damage against unarmored targets. (21 damage in short range, 63 in long range. Mobile version is bugged in that the tower is not affected by this upgrade.)
  • KRO Upgrade A 04 Level-4 Elven Training (2 stars): Improves all Archer special abilities. (The chance of Crimson Sentence increases by 10%, and Hunter's Mark multiplies the damage by 2.2.)
  • KRO Upgrade A 05 Level-5 Bloodletting Shot (3 stars): Archer attacks have a 15% chance of causing heavy bleeding.

Related Achievements

OrAchP5 7Valar VALAR MORGHULIS Mark a total of 5 targets simultaneously.

OrAchP5 8Killtc KILLTACULAR! Crimson Sentence 10 enemies in a single wave.



  • The achievement, Valar Morghulis, is a reference to the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. The phrase means All men must die in the fictional High Valyrian language.
  • "Shot through the heart!"
    • A line from the 1986 song "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi.
  • "Shoot to thrill, ready to kill"
    • A reference to the song "Shoot to Thrill!" by the Australian rock band AC/DC.