Your services are once more required, as evil forces are attacking the ancient stronghold of Hammerhold! It hasn't been attacked in a long time... and now it's again under siege by nomadic desert tribes!

Take command of the kingdom's forces, and defend us!

Hammerhold is the first level in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. Call Reinforcements is unlocked at wave 2, Heroes at wave 4, and Rain of Fire at wave 6.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Hammerhold's Story

The sun was almost setting over Hammerhold. Alric nervously paced around the palace hall. He was waiting for Malik; there was a topic of utter importance he had to discuss with the current leader of Hammerhold.

A few months ago, an emissary from the kingdom brought some disturbing news: Vez'nan was marching over Linirea, he had managed to gather an impressive army. King Denas requested all the available armies to join the impending war.

Malik knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Hammerhold had to help put a stop to this advance, but truth to be told, their armies were scattered over the map.

Half of the forces were stationed on the south shores under Blackbeard's command; they had to be swiftly sent there since the pirates from the islands had been increasing the attacks on the seaside villages. 

The desert tribes, on the other hand, had been fighting the scavengers' increasingly violent attacks and requested reinforcements be sent on their aid. 

Messengers were sent to both fronts with orders to put these attacks under control and return to the city as soon as possible, Malik was not going to leave the villagers to fend for themselves, and besides, King Denas also had a powerful army that could stall or even destroy Vez'nan's army efforts. The thought of  Vez'nan taking the citadel was almost absurd.

It took a few months to crush the pirates and scavengers' efforts as they seemed to be receiving reinforces from an unknown source, but once it was done, the armies marched back to Hammerhold as fast as they were able, carrying their prisoners with them. 

Orders were sent, troops and supplies gathered, and a plan was forged. Hammerhold was now ready to march in defense of the kingdom when the next sun arose.

On that fateful night, a messenger arrived. One of the soldiers found him wandering the sands as the poor creature had lost his way on the ever-changing dunes of the desert. The scorching sun and water scarcity had almost collected their prize when he was rescued from certain death and brought to the city.

After some rest his weakened voice demanded to talk to the leaders of the bastion, claiming he was in possession of some critical information about the fate of Linirea.

Alric answered the call and a secret meeting was arranged. Something unthinkable had happened: Vez'nan had conquered most of Linirea, The Citadel has fallen and its king, Denas, vanished.

Malik knew something was wrong as soon as he saw Alric's distressed face. The sand warrior's words struggled to come out as if he did not want to speak them. Vez'nan had played them, the Pirates and Scavengers had been receiving gold and reinforcements from him, as a means of distraction. The ruse had paid off, and now he was sitting on the palace's throne. 

Attacking the palace by themselves would have been a suicidal mission for an army, so it was impeding that the bannermen be called off and new plans created.

Malik heard the news, and his face turned pale, he stood in silence for what seemed to be an eternity. With a grim voice, he told Alric, "Tell the warriors to close the gates and reinforce the walls, Hammerhold, the kingdom's last bastion, must never fall!"

Campaign[edit | edit source]

Set-Up[edit | edit source]

Wave Composition[edit | edit source]

Wave Enemies
(North Path)
(South Path)
1 Desert Thug x3 Desert Thug x3 30
2 Desert Thug x4 Desert Thug x4 40
3 Desert Thug x7 Desert Thug x7 70
4 Desert Thug x11 Desert Thug x2
Dune Raider x2
5 Dune Raider x4 Desert Thug x14 134
6 Desert Thug x10
Dune Raider x2
Desert Thug x10
Dune Raider x2

At the end of wave 6, Lord Malagar appears, disables all towers and flies away on a cloud with Vez'nan's staff and the Hammer of Ages.


General[edit | edit source]

  • Always use barracks when unlocked at Wave 2!
  • Use Rain of Fire when the enemies are close to each other so that the meteors can kill more enemies at a time.

Upgrades and Hero[edit | edit source]

  • At the last wave, use Alric to fight them! He has fair amount of armor, health, and damage.

Towers[edit | edit source]

  • Mage are the best to deal with Dune Terror.
  • Artilleries are the best to kill hordes of enemies.

Heroic Challenge[edit | edit source]

Set-Up[edit | edit source]

Wave Composition[edit | edit source]

Wave Enemies
(North Path)
(South Path)
1 Desert Thug x6 Desert Thug x6 60
2 Desert Thug x7
Dune Raider x1
3 Desert Thug x8
Dune Raider x1
4 Desert Thug x6
Dune Raider x1
Desert Thug x6
Dune Raider x1
5 Desert Thug x12 Desert Thug x12 120
6 Desert Thug x5
Dune Raider x4
Desert Thug x4
Dune Raider x4


General[edit | edit source]

Upgrades and Hero[edit | edit source]

Towers[edit | edit source]

Iron Challenge[edit | edit source]

Set-Up[edit | edit source]

Wave Composition[edit | edit source]

Wave Enemies
(North Path)
(South Path)
1 Desert Thug x40
Dune Raider x3
Desert Thug x40
Dune Raider x3


General[edit | edit source]

Upgrades and Hero[edit | edit source]

Towers[edit | edit source]

Events[edit | edit source]


KRF Objective.PNG
Protect your land from enemy attacks.
Build defensive Towers along the road to stop them

Tower Construction
KRF TowerConst.PNG
Build towers on the Strategic Points
to stop the enemy hordes from getting through

There are four basic tower types available

Archer Tower
TowSqr KRF Archer.PNG
Good rate of fire

Militia Barracks
TowSqr KRF Militia.PNG
Soldiers block enemies

Mages Guild
TowSqr KRF Mages.PNG
Multi-shot armor piercing

TowSqr KRF Bombard.PNG
Deals area damage

New Enemy
Wave 1
Desert Thug
EnemySqr DesertThug.PNG These thugs are lowly mercenaries that enjoy pillaging.

  • Average speed
  • Low damage
New Special Unlocked Call Reinforcements
HintSqr RenforceKRF.png You can summon troops to help you on the battlefield. 

Reinforcements are free and you can call them every 10 seconds.

Reinforcements are very versatile, use them often.
Hero at your command!
KRF HeroIntro.PNG Heroes are elite units that can face strong enemies and support your forces

Heroes gain experience every time they damage an enemy or use an ability.

Experiment with different heroes to find the best for each level.
New Enemy
Wave 4
Dune Raider
EnemySqr DuneRaider.PNG Seasoned sellswords from the nomad tribes

  • Low armor
  • High damage
  • Average speed
Armored Enemies

KRF Armored.PNG
Some enemies wear different levels of armor that protects them against non-magical attacks. Armored enemies take less damage from marksmen, soldiers and artillery

New Special Unlocked Rain of Fire
HintSqr RainFireKRF.png Blast your enemies with fire from the skies!

Rain of fire is best saved to use on an emergency or a great opportunity since it has a very long cooldown..

Always aim a little bit ahead of your target.

Related Achievements[edit | edit source]

2.png AND SO IT BEGINS Complete stage 1.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The largest building in the top right corner of the map has a small boy standing beside it. The shadow he is casting is in the shape of something bigger. This is the teaser poster made for Star Wars Episode I, of a young Anakin Skywalker and the foreshadwoing of him becoming Darth Vader.
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