Hee-Haw the Wicked

Seems you are desperate enough... to come here and be squished by my warriors!!

Hee-Haw the Wicked commands the hordes of gnolls, spiders, and Razorboars in Valor's Rest, watching the battle.


Hee-Haw the Wicked is a fat, gigantic, Ettin-sized gnoll with an eyepatch. He taunts you with a grasp of the English language like no other gnoll or Ettin has. He does not cast spells, but has a variety of tools that help his minions and hinder you.

The first is a pair of improved Gnoll Catapults spawned in the fenced area between the two eastern entrances. They are similar in appearance to the ones used during the assault in Aredhel, but cannot be targeted and destroyed, and can be loaded with either one, three, or five rocks to cause small area damage, any of the same numbers of spiked balls which probably deal True Damage, bombs for wider area damage, and even barrels containing Gnoll Reavers, Gnoll Burners, or Gnoll Gnawers that give no gold when killed and come in larger numbers in later waves. By then, even Gnoll Blighters can be found in some barrels.

The second is one to two Net(s) shot out at your units from a cannon beside Hee-Haw's throne. The net is shot high into the air, and its shadow will appear over its intended target, becoming increasingly smaller during the few seconds it falls down. The net always targets the hero, unless it is dead or moving at the time that the net it fired. If it hits, it ensnares the victims for a few seconds.


  • Seems you are desperate enough... to come here and be squished by my warriors!!
  • Hi-Hi Enha sends his regards!
  • For the Horde! Attack!!!
  • Stay out of my territory!
  • You call that an army? This is an army!
  • I'll forge an Iron Throne with your swords!
  • Cry havoc and let slip the Gnolls of war!
  • That's entertainment
  • If you want blood, you've got it!
  • I will give you a war you wouldn't believe!
  • No more half-measures!
  • You have been *Gnolled*!

Before first wave:

  • You all will dieeeeee!!!!!
  • That will not save your pointy ears!
  • Need some advice?? Hi hi hiiiiiiiiiii
  • Don't think so much, you will fail anyway. Hi hi hi hi!
  • You know nothing, General




For the Horde! Attack!!!