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Hero Spells are the third major spell in Kingdom Rush: Origins. The spell has different effects depending on the hero you use, resulting in varying cool-down times. Though the Hero Spell can be upgraded in the Hero Room just like any other skill, it can be used immediately in a level without any upgrades. This means each spell has four levels of strength; the initial base plus three additional upgrades.

The Hero Spell is available in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, however, it has been renamed an Ultimate Skill. It is still upgraded in the same way as other Hero skills.

Kingdom Rush: Origins

  • Eridan 5 ARROW STORM - Eridan: Blankets a wide area with a volley of 14/17/21/25 arrows, each dealing 24/31/42/60 True Damage.(Cooldown: 40 seconds)
  • Arivan 5 ELEMENTAL STORM - Arivan: Summons an elemental tornado that slows and freezes enemies, shoots lightning and deals 150/210/320/500 area True Damage over 5/6/8/10 seconds. (Cooldown: 80 seconds)
  • Catha 5 FAERY DUST - Catha: A quick spell that stuns all enemies in an area for 2/3/4.5/6 seconds. (Cooldown: 25 seconds)
  • RazzRag 5 CHANGELING - Razz and Rags: Transfigures up to 2/4/6/8 enemies into allied fighting Ragdolls for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 60 seconds)
  • Lilith 5 HEAVENLY CHAOS - Lilith: A 50/50 chance to summon Fallen Angels or a rain of fire dealing 300/400/800/1200 True Damage (Fallen Angels) or 440/880/1320/1760 True Damage (Rain of Fire). (Cooldown: 50 seconds)
  • Regson 5 VINDICATOR - Reg'son: Slays any single target. Deals 500/1000/1500/2000 True Damage to bosses. (Cooldown: 120/100/70/50 seconds)
  • Xin 5 PANDAEMONIUM - Xin: Calls 2/4/5/6 panda warriors that quickly attack enemies, each dealing 80/120/160/180 True Damage. (Cooldown: 30 seconds)
  • PDenas 5 SWORN DEFENDERS - Prince Denas: Calls 2/3/4/5 members of the Kingsguard to aid him for 25 seconds in battling the hordes of evil. (Cooldown: 60 seconds)
  • Lynn 5 FATE SEALED - Lynn: Does 240/340/520/700 True Damage in 5 secs to its target. Explodes dealing 100/200/250/300 area True Damage if killed. (Cooldown: 30 seconds)
  • Veznan 5 DARK PACT - Vez'nan: Summons a mighty demon to fight enemies for 30 seconds, dealing 30-50/50-90/65-115/80-130 True Damage on every attack. (Cooldown: 120 seconds)
  • Durax 5 SAPPHIRE FANGS - Durax: Summons sharp spikes over a wide area dealing 300/400/800/1200 True Damage distributed among enemies. (Cooldown: 45 seconds)
  • Bravebark 5 NATURE'S WRATH - Bravebark: Densely covers a wide area with 6/9/12/15 spiked vines, each dealing 30/40/50/60 area True Damage. Stuns enemies struck by it for 1 second. (Cooldown: 40 seconds)
  • Bruce 5 GUARDIAN LIONS - Bruce: Summons 2/3/4/5 Guardian Lions, each dealing 64/96/112/128 True Damage and disabling their target for 3 seconds. Deals 150/200/350/500 True Damage each to bosses. (Cooldown: 45 seconds)
    • This spell’s description is misleading, as the total damage is listed to be 540/840/1200 when in reality it is a much lower 128/288/448/640 max.
  • Phoenix 5 EMBER STORM - Phoenix: Sets an explosive egg that deals 20-65/55-105/120-220/200-400 area damage. (Cooldown: 18 seconds)
  • Wilbur 5 PEWPEW DRONES - Wilbur: Calls 4 drones that attack enemies dealing 64/128/192/256 damage for 8 seconds. (Cooldown: 40 seconds)
  • Faustus 5 DRAGON RAGE - Faustus: Calls 3 dragonlings that ignite the path, dealing 60/90/150/210 area True Damage each over 6 seconds. (Cooldown: 40 seconds)

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

  • Veruk HS ENTER THE WARMONGERS - Veruk: Calls a pair of trained warmongers to aid Veruk for 10 seconds in the battlefield. (Cooldown: 40 seconds)
  • Asra HS TOXIC RAIN - Asra: Shoots 12 arrows that poison all affected enemies, each dealing 10/15/30/50 True Damage in a small area (area: 90) for 2 seconds. (Cooldown: 50 seconds)
  • Oloch HS SEAL OF ISOLATION - Oloch: Moves a group of enemies (max 10) back. Further upgrades increase the distance (15/25/35/45 nodes) and reduce the cooldown. (Cooldown: 30/27/24/20 seconds)
  • Margosa HS BEAST FORM - Margosa: Margosa turns into a beast thirsty for blood. (Cooldown: 50 seconds)
  • Mortemis HS ROTTEN BODYGUARD - Mortemis: Summons a Zombie Behemoth that deals area True Damage and fights for 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 60 seconds)
  • Tramin HS BOMBAGGEDON - Tramin: Tosses a box on the road, 3/5/7/9 bombs will walk through it, dealing 80/120/170/200 physical damage each to enemies on impact. (Cooldown: 70 seconds)
  • Jigou HS ICE ZONE - Jigou: Creates a zone full of ice, slowing enemies by 15%/30%/40%/60% of their speed for 5 seconds and dealing 15/30/150/260 physical damage. (Cooldown: 55 seconds)
  • Beresad HS HELLFIRE SHOCKWAVE - Beresad: Summons a rain of fire, dealing 25/60/120/180 damage (1/3/6/9 True Damage per 0.2 second) over 4 seconds to all enemies on the stage. (Cooldown: 70 seconds)
  • Doom HS CALL OF THE VALKYRIE - Doom Tank SG-11: Calls a plane that tosses a napalm bomb on the road, burning enemies up to 40/60/140/240 damage (2/3/7/12 damage per 0.2 second). (Cooldown: 60 seconds)
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