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The Heroic Challenge is a challenge for good players.


Hero Complete
In order to unlock the Heroic Challenge on a level, the player must have got all three Stars/points for the Campaign mode of that level. The player only has one life and has to withstand six large waves of enemies.

Upgrade paths have a set limit on each challenge, increasing for higher levels. In the first ten levels in Kingdom Rush and the first four levels in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, heroes are also not available. Completion of the challenge is rewarded with a Star; in addition, the flag of the respective area on the campaign mode map will gain golden wings.

In Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, there is no limit to available upgrades or the availability of a Hero. No points are awarded upon its completion, however, like all levels completed in the game, gems are awarded at the end.

Related Achievements

Kingdom Rush & Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Achievement Heroic Defender HEROIC DEFENDER Complete all Heroic Challenge stages in Normal difficulty.

Kingdom Rush: Origins

OrAchP5 14Heroc HEROIC RUSH Complete all Heroic Challenges.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

VAch Heroic FROM ZERO TO HERO (30 gems) Win all the Heroic mode challenges

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