This article is about the enemy in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. For the tower in Kingdom Rush, see Sorcerer Mage.

The High Sorcerer is the giant enemy featured in the final stages of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. Riding on Earth Elementals, they sport high stats, an area attack, low speed and the ability to polymorph soldiers into unblockable Sheep.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Tricksters that play with magic. They ride huge golems and are able to polymorph their enemies with a flick of their wrists.

Due to their size and polymorph ability, High Sorcerers are very dangerous enemies that require magic towers to combat effectively, as they can easily destroy your barracks defences and let other enemies through.

When the High Sorcerer dies, the Earth Elemental breaks apart, crushing the sorcerer under a pile of rubble.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Max-level magic towers are essential at taking these down as they have huge amounts of health and high armor.
  • The Specters Mausoleum deals magic damage that bypasses armor, and the Guardian Gargoyles can stall for a while thanks to good HP and armor. With the Possession Upgrade, it can turn the High Sorcerer against its allies, allowing them to deal high area damage to enemies, and even polymorph enemies into friendly sheep for you.
    • Friendly Sheep will stand where they are and will attempt to "engage" enemies but cannot attack. They will give the original enemy's gold when killed.
    • If a possessed High Sorcerer meets an enemy High Sorcerer and neither have their Polymorph ability on cooldown, both will turn each other into sheep, which removes two problems at once.
  • Instant Kills can instantly remove them, which makes them extremely useful against these.
  • Goonies can be used to make them waste their polymorph spell earlier and stall for a bit.
  • If using barracks, place an offensive tower near the exit to catch any enemy sheep polymorphed from barracks. Do note that recently-transformed sheep will not be targeted by attacks for a few seconds.
  • Asra's Quiver of Sorrow can remove their armor for your nonmagical towers to attack and her Onyx Arrows deal burst magic damage to soften them up. Spider Bite is also very effective against them.
  • Oloch is another good option as he deals armor-piercing magic damage and his Seal of Isolation will teleport them backwards. Due to their slow speed, they will take a while to catch up during which the cooldown will be mostly over.
  • Jigou can tank these for a very good thanks to high HP, decent armor, combat regeneration and Glacier Form's invulnerability, although you need to be careful of ranged enemies like Arcane Magus, Elven Ranger and Gryphon Bombardier while he is doing so.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • These enemies are the enemy form of the Sorcerer Mage from the first game, complete with both polymorphing power and elemental. They appear much older than their first appearance, sporting a grey beard rather that brown hair.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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