"Until Ragnarök!"

Ingvar Bearclaw is a hero in Kingdom Rush. He is unlocked by buying the Premium Content (on Flash), by being purchased with $4.99 (on mobile) or by completing The Dark Tower (on Steam).


A warrior from the north, he commands the might of a bear and the aid of his ancestors!


Invar Stats


Level HP Melee Damage Armor Respawn
1 430 23-38 Low (20%) 15s
2 460 25-41 Low (20%) 15s
3 490 27-45 Low (20%) 15s
4 520 29-49 Low (25%) 15s
5 550 32-53 Low (25%) 15s
6 580 34-56 Low (25%) 15s
7 610 36-60 Low (30%) 15s
8 640 38-64 Low (30%) 15s
9 670 41-68 Low (30%) 15s
10 700 43-71 Medium (35%) 15s


Ancestor Call Ancestorcall

Summons Viking Ancestors who last for 10 seconds and work like Reinforcements. (Cooldown: 15 seconds, Attack rate: 1.0 second)
Ability Level Hero Level HP Damage Armor Units
1 2 100 2-6 Low (20%) 1
2 5 150 4-8 Low (20%) 2
3 8 200 6-10 Low (20%) 3

Bear Form Bearform

Ingvar turns into a bear, dealing more damage, gaining invincibility, regenerating 2 health points per second even while in combat and regenerating health faster, but cannot use Ancestor Call. (Cooldown: 20 seconds)
Ability Level Hero Level Damage Duration
1 4 20-40 10s
2 7 30-50 12s
3 10 40-60 14s
  • Ingvar's Bear Form attacks by slashing multiple times in a row, with a pause after 8 attacks.
  • Sometimes it will glitch and strike around 4-6 times without dealing damage, then reset and deal damage normally.

Tips and Tricks

  • While in his Bear Form, Ingvar is immune to all damage and gains a small regeneration, thus it is a good way to heal him in the middle of the fray. He also makes good meat shield for ranged enemies in this state, being able to absorb the damage they deal. Note this when you are faced with Troll Champions - those enemies possess very powerful throwing axes.
    • Bear form cannot resist Instant Kill attacks from Bosses such as Sarelgaz and Moloch and J.T. and demon form Vez'nan. However, bosses that simply deal hundreds of damage like Gul'Thak are still helpless against him.
    • Bear form helps Ingvar deal more damage total, but the lower damage of his slashes makes him less helpful against enemies who can dodge melee attacks, such as Bandits and Wulves.
  • Ingvar's Ancestors lack resistance and power, but can help the player hold more enemies at once, while some Artillery damage the group.
    • Barbarians offer good support to Ingvar: While he and his Ancestors fight the enemies, the Barbarians can use their axes to damage them from distance, and block them in case Ingvar is injured or killed.
    • When facing multiple enemies who would otherwise escape, Ancestors are extremely helpful. The Iron Challenge of Nightfang Swale is the best example of powerful enemies (in this case Lycans with speed who could much more easily escape if there were less units).
  • The player should avoid using Ingvar against enemies with Armor because he has only physical attacks. He will level up more slowly because he deals less damage to them and will generally be almost helpless against them.
  • Ingvar's attack rate is 1.5 seconds, which is the slowest among melee heroes.

Related Upgrades

  • KR Up Spiked Spiked Armor (3 Stars): When attacked, soldier's spiked armor return a percent of the damage received to the attacker. Spiked Armor also affects Reinforcements and Heroes. (~12.5% reflection of damage, dealt as True Damage)


  • Until Ragnarök!
  • Valhalla waits!
  • You won't like me when I'm angry.
  • Bear with me!
  • (upon death) Yahhh!


  • The name Ingvar comes from the Norse name Yngvarr, derived from the alternate name of the god Freyr, and combined with the word arr meaning Warrior.
  • Norse Berserkers were warriors able to enter an uncontrollable trance of fury and rage that gave them great strength. In regards to the translation of the old Norse words, and the writings of them in Norse legend, they wore bear pelts and would undergo shape shifting though more like shifting into the state of rage rather than an actual form change.
  • "Bear with me"
    • He turns into a bear.
  • "Valhalla waits!"
    • A reference to Valhalla (the Norse afterlife for fallen warriors) but also a line from the song Valhalla Awaits Me by Amon Amarth.
  • "You won't like me when I'm angry."
    • Said by Bruce Banner before he turns into the Hulk.
  • "Until Ragnarok!"
    • Another song line, this time from In Chains Until Ragnarok by Enslaved. Ragnarok, or Ragnarök, in Norse Mythology, is the end of the worlds.
  • Ingvar can kill a goblin in one shot even at level 1.


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