Invasion! is the third chapter of Kingdom Rush: The Comic . It is available for 0,89€ ($0.99) when the app is downloaded.


Comic WakeUp
King Denas is roused from his peaceful sleep by the yelling of Ern One Eye, who barges through the door of the King's chambers, declaring that the city is under attack. Led to a balcony, Denas overlooks a city in flames, with his proud paladins wrestling and fighting with the likes of goblins, orcs and marauders. Ern revels the attack was sudden and has affected not just the City, but the entire kingdom of Linirea. Denas reaches for a sword and calls for his generals to lead a counterattack, only for Ern to reveal communications are down. The kingdom is under attack from as far north as Otil, to the very coastline at Southport. Which is where we find the unlikely heroes Emett, Cathal and Orrin. Cathal is pacing back and forth wishing for something to happen to break the monotony whilst Orrin kicks back and enjoys the peaceful life as he fishes in a river.
Comic GoblinTrees
Emett complains that nothing ever happens in Southport just as a band of goblins and orcs appear out of the forest surprising the boys. A blast of magic sees them off as Magnus turns up to save the trio. The four hurry to Southport to ready the defences. Orrin preps the artillery, Cathal's archers draw their arrows, Emett leads an entire troop of soldiers and Magnus leads farmers and townsfolk in the rear defences should anything break through.
Comic LeaveBomb

The battle is fierce, with massive bombs shaking the foundations and blowing goblins up, soldiers engaging their enemies in one-on-one combat and archers laying down cover fire. As Emett faces a massive Ogre, he momentarily regrets ever enlisting, but some quick thinking from Cathal provides him a means to escape up a line of arrows to the top of an Archers Tower. Though both the archers and artillery are out of ammo, Magnus and his reinforcements arrive to force the remaining invaders out of the city. The goblins regroup in the forest, where Orrin arrives and kindly leaves behind a massive bomb, the goblins failing to realise what's happening until it's too late. 

Comic Meteor
As Southport starts to get back to normal, and the wounded are taken to a hospital, Magnus alerts everyone to yet another wave of goblins coming in fast.. Before they can react, a massive rain of fire falls over them, burning each and every goblin to cinders. Atop a nearby rock face is Krig Greatspell, summoning a meteor shower with his own hands. The young heroes thank Krig for his timely appearance, but Krig has bad news. Linieria is under siege, and if it hasn't fallen already, all anyone can do is go to its aid. "This is our darkest hour."