And so it came to pass... Ironhide Game Studio is born!

January 26, 2010: On this day, 3 friends got together, left everything else behind and created Ironhide Game Studio from scratch.

"Founded in 2010 by three friends with a hunger for greatness and world domination ...just kidding :), the three of us shared a common passion for games, and only dreamed of being part of the industry, until we've got together and gave it a shot!
Fortunately, we are still in the race and we're very optimistic about our future :). Enduring whatever comes our way, we will use all of our mental power to make games as great as we can. Needless to say, the Schwartz is strong with us!"

Ironhide Game Studio began with only three members, but has expanded considerably in the few years it has been operating. Their first games, Clash of the Olympians and Soccer Challenge World Cup Edition 2010 paved the way for their defining game Kingdom Rush, yet it was only a team of three people that made these games. By the time Kingdom Rush: Frontiers came around, Ironhide had 11 members, and in the summer of 2014 a total of 18 members were confirmed. As of August 2015 the studio consists of 21 members, confirmed by the community manager.

The Founders

DevProfile 0000 Vanzen
Alvaro Azofra  [Vanzen] @alvaroazofra

"Legend has it that when a tsunami hits the coast of some exotic, distant land, it was merely him deciding what kind of socks to wear. Master of the Dark Arts, no opponent has been able to look him in the eye without perishing in the most unpleasant of ways. When everything goes straight to hell, his calm and serenity remain steady as senior surgeon."

DevProfile 0001 Lito
Pablo Realini [lito] @pablorealini

"The most fearsome man in the whole kingdom, his fists deliver waves of heavyweight nuclear explosions with deadly purposes. Imbued with unknown amounts of high voltage energy, his mere human origin is seriously questioned. His sublime mimicry skills roundhouse kicked the fearsome Shang Tsung out of the mirror spell ranks."

DevProfile 0002 Gonza
Gonzalo Sande [GONZASAN] @gonzalosande

"Wanderer from the most remote wastelands, he has walked through the valley of the shadow of the dead and emerged untouched. His ability to wormhole-travel with his mind makes him a dreadful enemy. In blackest day, in darkest night, you'll probably find him in some old school SCUMM style pub, enduring gargantuan amounts of Grog. Great Scott!"

The Rest Of The Team

Info portraits sc 0061

Juan Andrés Nin [bolin] @bolinuy

Lead Engineer

"The Bikeflyer".

Info portraits sc 0020

Agustin Mastalli [Agus] @agusmastalli

Lead Artist

"Father of Dragons"

Info portraits sc 0054

Gerson da Silva [Botch] @gers0ndasilva

Lead Game Designer

"Mad Hatter"

Info portraits sc 0069

Ariel Coppes [arielsan] @arielsan

Project Manager

"The Professional"

Info portraits sc 0060

Ruben Garat [Ruben] @rgarat


"The Fixer"

Info portraits sc 0033

Diego Lopez [Dilodart] @dilodart


"The Peacemaker

Info portraits sc 0008

Juan Pais [Pixelsoldier]

Lead Artist

"One man army"

Info portraits sc 0055

Esteban dal Monte [Esti] @esti_uy


"Combo Breaker"

Info portraits sc 0011

Gabriel Artus [Artus] @gabriel_artus

Project Manager

"The Planner"

Info portraits sc 0092

Guillermo Amorin [Guille] @guillermoamorin


"The Code Father"

Info portraits sc 0047

Matias Sniadower [Mati]

Lead Artist

"The Gigolo"

Info portraits sc 0088

Leonardo Clavijo

Project Manager

"the clasic´s herald"

Info portraits sc 0075

Leandro Mesquita [Colo] @leanmesquita

Game Designer

"The Half Leprechaun"

Info portraits sc 0052

Manuel González Larrauri @manugz95


"wolf in sheep's clothing"

Info portraits sc 0049

Guillermo Sotuyo

Game Designer

" Trasgo"

Info portraits towers 0014

Enzo Gaiero

Game Designer

"The Riddlemaster"

Info portraits sc 0006

Pablo Falero @kaizzum

Game Designer

"The Goblin King"

Info portraits sc 0081
Mariana Miralles [Nozomi]


"the cat lady"

Previous Members

Info portraits sc 0080
Bruno de Leone [delebru] @delebru

T​​​echnical Artist

"Jack of all trades"

Info portraits sc 0086
Juan Amorin [The_TaTs] @laktarsis

Community Manager

"Pizza Herald".

Info portraits sc 0088
Pepe Infantozzi [Pepinfa]



Info portraits sc 0011

Martin Chaparro [Chapa] @heavyinside



Info portraits sc 0005

Franco Zucchi [Pencil]



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