Jack O'Lantern is a pumpkin-headed dark horseman who appears only in Desecrated Grove. In the update description, he is also known as the Headless Horseman. He does not have an encyclopedia entry.


Jack O'Lantern appears at a random point on the path, announcing his presence with an evil laugh. He will then summon some Zombies and/or Ghouls, then either quickly disappear or continue to summon until killed. In the Heroic challenge, Jack has been observed summoning Ghosts. Jack will not proceed down the path, but the summoned minions will. He can also remove his head and throw it for a ranged attack, dealing area damage. 

Because Jack O'Lantern always summons an entourage when he appears, it is often not easy to isolate and kill him before he disappears unless the player is using a fast melee-capable hero like Dante or Kutsao. However, he should always be killed if possible because of his enormous bounty (200), and because he might linger up to four or five times during a full Moon, making him a very profitable (if a bit unreliable) source of gold.

Strategy Edit

  • Archmage Towers are very good at killing him, since they deal very high damage.
  • Although Rain of Fire kills him almost instantly, it might be a waste, since it may be needed soon after when there is a large group of enemies that can overwhelm the player's defenses.
  • Since Jack O'Lantern is considered a mini-boss, he is immune to all instant kill attacks.
  • For best results, the player should build more towers rather than upgrading a few so that they can concentrate on Jack O'Lantern.


Level Wave Times
Campaign Wave 2 2
Wave 6 2
Wave 9 3
Wave 12 5
Wave 14 4
Wave 15 4
Heroic Challenge Wave 1 1
Wave 2 1
Wave 3 1
Wave 6 2
Iron Challenge Wave 1 14


  • His appearance appears to be based on the Headless Horseman from United States folklore. It could, also, be a reference to the Dullahan from Celtic mythology. However, his actual head is not seen.
  • The Jack O' Lantern cannot be killed, if its HP reaches 0, it will leave the map prematurely while giving its bounty in the process.
  • It is possible that Jack 'O Lantern could be reference to the Ring-wraiths from J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" given how he is technically immortal and seems to be in command of other troops.


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"I will bury them!"

JackO BigPic

Jack O'Lantern, the Dark Horseman is a premium hero in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. Jack O'Lantern costs $2.99 and starts at Level 5.

Description Edit

Jack was a skilled knight, the leader of a mercenary band of great renown. He fought for the opposite side of what would be the first king of Linirea. In a battle, a cannonball hit him directly in the head, leaving his body lying among the roots of the Rotten Forest. Since then, he has tormented all humans who pass through his lands.

Fight for the fate of the kingdoms with the help of a new powerful melee hero: Jack O´Lantern.

The dark horseman is seeking revenge after he was betrayed and left to die by the infamous ghost kings.

Unleash his rage on the battlefield and watch him destroy his enemies with his flaming axe and teleport abilities.

With this hero on your ranks, the enemies will not stand a chance!



JackO1 EXPLOSIVE HEAD (active, cooldown: 4/4/4 seconds) (2/2/2 hero points):

Every 4 seconds, Jack throws his head, dealing 30/60/100 area damage, ignoring 50% of the enemy armor. (Affected by One Man Army upgrade)

JackO2 HAUNTED BLADE (active, cooldown: 16/8/4 seconds) (1/1/1 hero points):

Every 16/8/4 seconds, Jack reduces the Magic Resistance of the enemy to 0, dealing 50-90 magic damage.

JackO3 SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE (passive) (2/1/1 hero points):

Each time Jack receives damage, he accumulates 20/40/60% of it until he releases it in his next attack.

JackO4 THRILLER (passive) (3/2/2 hero points):

Every 30 seconds, Jack summons 2/3/4 Ghouls to aid in combat.
Level HP Melee Damage Armor
Minibox GhoulJOL 1 320 Melee 15-25 20%

Ultimate SpellEdit

JackOHS NIGHTMARE (active, cooldown: 50 seconds) (6/5/5 hero points):

Creates a stampede of fire horses, causing panic to enemies for the duration and up to 160/320/480 True Damage.



Jack can teleport to far places of the battlefield.


Level HP Heal Rate Melee Damage Armor Respawn
1 175 24 12-20 5% 20s
2 192 26 15-27 9% 20s
3 210 28 19-33 13% 20s
4 228 30 22-40 17% 20s
5 245 32 26-46 21% 20s
6 262 34 30-52 25% 20s
7 280 36 33-59 29% 20s
8 298 38 37-65 33% 20s
9 315 40 40-72 37% 20s
10 333 42 44-79 41% 20s

Tips and TricksEdit


Related UpgradesEdit

  • KRVUp Backto BACK TO BATTLE (1 upgrade point)
    • Reduces the respawn time of Heroes. (10% respawn reduction)
  • KRVUp Special SPECIAL TRAINING (1 upgrade point)
    • Thanks to a secret and intense training heroes level up faster. (25% extra XP gain)
  • KRVUp Oneman ONE MAN ARMY (2 upgrade points)
    • All heroes improve their base attack damage. (15% extra damage)
  • KRVUp Ultimate ULTIMATE POWER (1 upgrade point)
    • All heroes' Ultimate skills now have their cool downs reduced. (20% CD reduction)
  • KRVUp Will IRON WILL (2 upgrade points)
    • All heroes improve their maximum health. (20% HP increase)
  • KRVUp Shield SHIELD OF PROTECTION (2 upgrade points)
    • Every basic attack inflicted to a hero has a small chance of dealing no damage. (10% chance to trigger)
  • KRVUp SWind SECOND WIND (4 upgrade points)
    • Heroes now have a small chance of instantly respawning. (10% chance to trigger)


  • "It's hunting season!"
  • "This headache is killing me! Ha ha ha!"
  • "I will bury them!"
  • "Don't lose your head! Hahahahahahaha!!"
  • (death) "I can't die! Heehehehahaha!"


  • "Ghost Rider"
    • A reference to the Marvel Comics character of the same name, as is Spirit of Vengeance.
  • "Thriller"
    • A reference to the Michael Jackson song of the same name.


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