Mactans in the background of the Shrine of Elynie level.

Mactans is ome of the two overarching antagonists of the Kingdom Rush video game series. She is one of the Ancient Spider Queens and one of the two main antagonists of Kingdom Rush: Origins. She and Malicia are indirectly responsible for Vez’nan‘s rise as the ”big bad” and main antagonist of the entire series forward.


Mactans first appears in stage 11, The Unseelie Court. After Malicia is defeated and incapacitated, Mactans suddenly descends from the sky, wraps Malicia in a web, and brings her away to the elven First City.

Mactans is later encountered in Mactans' Retreat. At several points, she'll descend onto the map, webbing towers. She can be tapped on to stop her short of disabling towers.

At the Shrine of Elynie, Mactans is seen working with Malicia to break the shield around the Tear of Elynie, the priceless artifact that gave birth to the elves. Much like in the previous level, she will web random towers, but she can also land on a path, covering it with more web, laying Spiderbrood eggs (which do give gold), and webbing any nearby soldiers (identical to the ability of Webspitter Spiders), and will also taunt the player, along with Malicia. As before, she can be tapped to prevent her from disabling towers, but she will not fail to cover the path with web, deposit eggs, or web soldiers regardless of how quickly she is tapped.

After wave 15, the shield around the Tear of Elynie is broken. Both Malicia and Mactans jump at the Tear screaming 'Mine!', causing the Tear to become corrupted and fuse them into the Spider Goddess, the final boss of the campaign.

Related AchievementsEdit

OrAchP3 5Trap IT'S A TRAP! Prevent Mactans from webbing at least 8 towers.


  • (level start) It is good you made it this far...
  • I excel at pulling strings!
  • Strand by strand a web is spun!
  • If only Sarelgaz could see this!
  • I'm every nightmare you've ever had!
  • Was that a twitch on my web?
  • I'm your worst dream come true!
  • Don't think too much! You'll die either way!
  • Hizz...This is taking too long!
  • I'm everything you ever were afraid of!
  • Why didn't we do this earlier?
  • Mine!

Trivia Edit

  • Mactans' name comes from the scientific name of black widow, Latrodectus mactans.
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