KRO Spells MagicBlossom
Magic Blossoms
are magical plants that, upon being clicked, release 8 magic bolts to track down and damage enemies within a short range. Each bolt does 16-30 magical damage. Cooldown: 31 seconds


  • The Blossoms are highly effective against small groups of weak enemies, such as Gnoll Reavers, Gnoll Burners and Hyenas.
  • While each bolt's individual damage output is low, they can drain a large portion of a single enemy's health if no others are within range.
  • The Blossoms can serve as an extra source of magic damage, aside from the Mages, however, try not to rely on them too much - their slow recharge may put you at risk when large hordes of enemies come.
  • The Gnoll Blighters can disable Magic Blossoms and subsequently force them to recharge again.

Related AchievementsEdit

OrAchP1 10Magic GATHERING THE MAGIC Defeat 80 enemies with the Magic Blossoms.

OrAchP2 9GrdSng GARDEN SONG Activate 50 magical plants.


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