MechaDwarves MK.9 are dwarves clad in slow-moving but very tough suits of powered armor. They are first encountered in Clockwork Factory.


Siege powersuits operated by the best pilots of the empire. Capable of smashing whole armies with their strength.

MechaDwarves are armored dwarven walking mechs with drills and hammers. They are the first giant enemies (or second if you count the Stonebeard Geomancer's rock form) encountered in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance: slow but tough enemies with an area attack (80 physical damage, 12 seconds of cooldown). Fought in the first environment of the game, their HP is relatively low by the standard of giant enemies, but they're also very resistant to physical attacks, being made of metal.

Being mechanical enemies, when reduced to 0 HP by non-artillery or disintergration means, a MechaDwarf leaves behind a wreckage that can be repaired to 25% health by Smokebeard Engineers and lasts for a few seconds; their bounty is only awarded once enough time passes after their destruction for their wreckage to crumble, or when the Smokebeard Engineer repairing them is interrupted, causing the wreckage to immediately explode.


  • Magic towers work well against these enemies as they will ignore its high armor, and will be able to hit them a number of times thanks to the mech's slow speed.
  • Blazing Gem excels at dealing heavy damage to these and Destructo-Ray will instantly remove them while giving gold.
  • Defeating these with Artillery immediately causes them to break apart instead of becoming disabled. However, due to the low damage per second of most artillery, this is generally not recommended.
  • Instant Kills are very useful against them, especially those that completely remove them such as Blazing Gem's Destructo-Ray, or Beresad's Obliterate. This bypasses the disabled wreckage state, preventing Smokebeard Engineers from reviving them and immediately gives you the gold.
  • If using Barracks to stall them, make sure they are upgraded since the MechaDwarf has a damaging area attack. Having a magic tower nearby barracks is recommended.
  • Keep Smokebeard Engineers away from them at all costs, as they can repair a disabled mech to around 25% HP should their repair attempt be successful. Should they become a target of an engineer, it is vital to interrupt the engineer to immediately destroy the mech.
  • Consider using Asra for her Quiver of Sorrow's armor-breaking capability if your Archer towers are having trouble with these.
  • Jigou can stall them for a long while (indefinitely at max level) if not attacked by other enemies thanks to his Yeti Blood giving him high enough regeneration in combat.


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