TwrIcon MFurnace "So hot right now."

The Melting Furnace is the second Artillery Tower to be introduced in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, and is unlocked at the start of Northerners' Outpost.


The peak of the dark army's smelting technology. The devastating shockwave from this humongous furnace damages and stuns enemies around it every time it hits.

Melting Furance's attacks deal physical damage, but ignore 75% of the armor.


Level Damage
(With Upgrades)
Fire Rate Stun Range Build
MFurnace I 1 5-7
4.0s 0.3s Average 110
MFurnace II 2 14-18
4.0s 0.4s Average 190
MFurnace III 3 25-31
4.0s 0.5s Average 240
MFurnace IV 4 41-50
4.0s 0.6s Average 300


Red Hot Coal

TwrSkill MF 1 "Perfect for barbecues."

Throws pieces of hot coal that burn the ground for 6 seconds, dealing damage to enemies standing on them.

(Cooldown: 15 seconds)

Level Cost Number of Coals Damage (per 0.2s)
1 140 (119) 3 5
2 180 (153) 5 8

Abrasive Heat

TwrSkill MF 2 "Double time!"

Nearby towers gain bonus† attack damage.

†: Does not stack.

Level Cost Bonus Damage
1 200 (170) 15%
2 200 (170) 30%

Burning Fuel

TwrSkill MF 3 "Pass me that log..."

Infuses itself with a powerful fuel that increases its attack speed for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 30 seconds)

With the upgrade, the tower alternates between 5 fast attacks and 5 normal slow attacks.

Cost Attack Rate Damage‡
250 (212) 2.0s 41-50

‡: Not affected by Master Architects or Abrasive Heat.


  • The Melting Furnace attacks similarly to the DWAARP from Kingdom Rush: Frontiers: after a short charge period, it damages and stuns all enemies in its range. It is important to note that the tower ignores 75% of enemy armor.
  • Compared to the Rotten Forest, another tower which hits everything in an affected area, the Melting Furnace has a higher burst damage, as well as being able to stun enemies. Compared to other artillery, the Furnace hits a larger area, but deals less damage.
  • Red Hot Coal is a low cooldown ability which allows the Furnace to deal even more area damage.
  • Abrasive Heat is a decent ability, significantly improving the damage of nearby towers. However, it should be noted that the range of Abrasive Heat is fairly short, so only buy it in an area where it will hit at least 2 non-barracks towers.
  • Burning Fuel is likely the most powerful of the Furnace's abilities, though it has a long CD. It significantly improves the damage of the Furnace, and its capability to stun enemies.
  • The Melting Furnace cannot hit flying units


Related Upgrades

  • KRVUp Guild GUILD OF MERCHANTS (2 souls): Costs of towers' special skills is now reduced. (15% cost reduction)
  • KRVUp Master MASTER ARCHITECTS (2 souls): All towers gain extra bonus damage. (10% additional basic attack damage)

Related Achievements

VAch Presto PRESTO LOGS (30 gems) Use the advanced burning fuel on your furnaces 88 times.


  • "Something's burning..."
  • "Hell's kitchen!"
  • "Smell the ashes."

Tier 4:

  • "So hot right now." (when built)
  • "Let's go nuclear!" (Abrasive Heat)
  • "The log is about to blow!" (Burning Fuel)
  • "Out of the frying pan!" (Red Hot Coals)


  • The Melting Furnace is not based on any kind of enemy seen so far in the Kingdom Rush series. It is based on the DWAARP tower seen in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.
  • Presto Logs
    • Presto Logs are artificial fuel for wood burning stoves developed from leftover sawdust in 1930. In the image of the skill and achievement, they have the appearance of the Presto Logs seen in the 1990 film Back to the Future 3 where they are used to accelerate the train.
  • "Hell's kitchen!"
    • A reality cooking TV series hosted by British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The series originated in the UK but became more popular in the US. It features amateur chefs competing to be Head Chef of a restaurant whilst facing the increasing pressures of the competition.
  • "Smell the Ashes."
    • part of a quote from the Half-Life franchise.
  • "So Hot right now."
    • Quote by Jacobim Mugatu from Zoolander.
  • "The log is about to blow!"
    • Referring to the aforementioned Presto Logs, when the Red Log reaches a critical temperature, Marty says "Doc, the red log is about to blow!"
  • "Out of the frying pan!"
    • A common phrase "Out of the frying pan and into the fire" used to indicate moving from one bad situation into a worse one.