Let's rock... and roll!
The Menhir Circle is the level 3 Artillery Tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins. It's upgraded from the Boulder Circle.


"When the going gets tough, the tough get to throw Menhirs!"



  • Menhir Circle can instant-kill Hyenas, since their health is relatively low.
  • Menhir Circle is the best non-specialized tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins, since they can attack more than one enemy at a time, plus the most damage compared to it's previous Boulder level.

Level 4 Upgrades

Icon DruidArch Arch-Druid Henge

Icon DruidWood Weirdwood

Related Upgrades

  • KRO Upgrade D 01 Level-1 Hardened Boulders (1 star): Increases Druid attack damage. (33-55 damage)
  • KRO Upgrade D 02 Level-2 Sharp Splinters (1 star): Increases boulder explosion area.
  • KRO Upgrade D 03 Level-3 Earth Mastery (2 stars): Increases Druid attack range.
  • KRO Upgrade D 04 Level-4 Heavy Load (3 stars): Boulder explosions ignore physical armor
  • KRO Upgrade D 05 Level-5 Shocking Impact (3 stars): Boulder explosions slow enemies for a short time. (By 50% for 0.5 second)


  • Quiver and quake!
  • Like a rolling stone!
  • Let's rock... and roll!