Scenery MineTrain01

The Mine Train is a special construction found in the Kazan Mines, used for fast transport of mined goods, and for spawning enemies.

The Mine Train is also used by a few unwelcome guests, including Donkey Kong being chased by a Kremling, and Dr. Henry Walton, last seen escaping the Temple of Saqra.


Scenery MineTrain02
The Mine Train is inactive, but the sound of screeching wheels signals a pending arrival on it. A car will fly past at the back of the level carrying a small group of Dwarf Bruisers or Warhammer Guards. If the mine cart is tapped enough times before it reaches the other side it will be destroyed, however, if allowed to pass it carries along its path to the bottom of the level, where it comes off the track and spawns its enemies onto the path. The enemies that spawns from mine carts do give gold, but if the player tapped the mine cart enough times to be destroyed, the enemies in the mine cart won't give gold at all. 


Related AchievementsEdit

VAch Carts FINAL DESTINATION (30 gems) Destroy 3 mine carts before they reach their destination.

VAch DK MINE CART CARNAGE (30 gems) Help DK through the mines.

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